Pokémon Wars: Chronicle Two

Pokémon Wars: Chronicle Two




Dewgong isn’t a birb, try again Specifice


Should have gone with a Pokémon meme @_@

Looks like some people missed their NA. Why you guys changing phase now, I must sleep it’s 5 am here.


So… that’s very much not good.


So we basically lost our doc? What a lovely start…


Come on people really? Night Zero and almost nobody actually did anything? How are we meant to win if everyone just sits on their asses -_-


Damn, so many people had the same “Wait a night” mindset, then…


[lynch] Dedenne

Maybe this will get the ball rolling.




Mmm, I don’t think it works as well to get the ball rolling if you announce that’s why you made that vote in the first place, even if you do have good intimidation tactics GP ;3

I’m definitely going to have to sort through the roles to figure out what Pokemon correspond to which ones, but as it’s been said, I see that we basically lost our Doctor first night. So not a great beginning, but not the worst possible situation. From what I can see from the flavor text, it looks like we at least know some people who DID use their NA:

The ‘defences’ line sounds like Jasmine/Steelix/not as good Doctor using Iron Defense, but guess they didn’t use it on Spaget then (or maybe Spaget’s dying action, but doesn’t match the flavor text as well.) ‘Winds’ sounds like it could refer to either Lance’s Hurricane or Falkner’s Gust, but sounds more like the Gust move being used since ‘no avail’ implies it didn’t have any effect, while Hurricanes are presumably blanket effects. I’m not sure what ‘restless’ is referring to, though, and to be honest I’m too tired right now to figure it out. Maybe knowing what roles did what might be of some use to the Investigative roles, but for now I’m going to sleep on it and see if I can figure anything useful out by tomorrow morning.

And dangit people, use your NA’s, none of the flavor text ones sounded like the Investigative ones at work, and if we’re not using those to our fullest capacity, then that’s just a huge setback for all of us. And perhaps let’s get even more balls rolling xD

[Lynch] Kitty


I’m not about to take it off him without getting something good. :stuck_out_tongue:
No need to make up some flimsy excuse.

Anyway, that’s a solid analysis from Magipika there and it’s also got some stuff there I think is probably along the right lines. I’d say they’re a strong town lean for the time being.

I’m a lot more iffy on people who haven’t said anything yet.


I love the 2 clicks on that link… lmao

Magi I think is definitely correct about NAs used, seems reasonable to assume to was gust over hurricane.

There’s also no need to throw around the “iffy of people who haven’t said anything” because the only person who’s said something of substance off of what little info we have in Magi in the first place.


To be honest the only roles that we really want being used at this stage are Jasmine, Will, Bruno, Karen, Kimono - Espeon and Meganium. They’re probs the safest ones right now until we get a better “who’s suss” vibe otherwise we risk accidentally killing town.

Clair, Lance and Falkner role descriptions confuse me so I don’t know if they would be useful currently.

I don’t like how aggressive you are right now gp. I know it’s your playstyle but only half those roles we want people to use N0 otherwise we can have something like vigilante effectively killing town within the first 24 hours. A lot of those roles ARE dangerous. We should go by what we actually know.

From the above way things are written it looks like:

Gp submitted a NA.
Desi didn’t submit a NA.
Shiny didn’t submit a NA.

EC and Dedenne’s posts seem very minimal - maybe worth investigating them tonight?

Kitty IS being oddly quiet but she could just be busy. Town read on Magi for now.

Not certain about anything else yet other than dangerous roles should be used with caution. There’s no reason for those NA’s at the top not to be used though (although Meganium should be careful later in the game) so hopefully if only a few were used it comes down to inactivity being the issue only.


Some roles definitely shouldn’t sure but some should and given what I know about the people playing such a lack of actions just seems… odd?


Yeah im just a bit busy tbh
Im gonna reread the op bc i dont remember all the roles
Lets roll the ball though

[Lynch] ho oh


Idk about lack of nas

From what i read most of them are single use?
And some of them can be used day or their choice of night/day; benefit of the doubt that theyll be using it today.

Agree on the gust hypothesis although for some reason my mind keeps going to the worst possible outcome that hurricane person did his 1/2 hurricane only to have no roleblocks happen that night or something lol

Defenses were raised - iron defense i think than stealth rock.

Restless thing - sounds like a murkrow thing, since idk restless == stalking the entire night? Not sure


What ball are y’all rolling here. A nonsensical one down the route of a random lynch that I’m pretty sure most of us by this point know is so utterly pointless anyway?

I guess it’s just not realistic anymore to expect smarter plays from… experienced players.

town reading magi for a substantial pro-town post (albeit I don’t understand the vote), town reading ho-oh for proactive analysis and scum reading pie. I just don’t get it lol. Kitty… I don’t get either, but at least there’s an attempt to offer something else than a randomly plucked out of the air vote.

[lynch] Glitter.
change my mind.


I’m very much the busy right now so sorry if I’m short with my words when we had nothing to go on.

Rare to see when someone tries to start a bandwagon.

Also perhaps it’s good if we wait to use some night actions… I rather the protective and investigative roles use their NA’s but why are we outwardly asking for action with no reason to them that will end up with random kills?

And a lot of roles can only be used once, what do you want people to use their roles immediately or something and lose all power?

I’m not one to random lynch without evidence, nor am I one to counter. But you’re acting suspicious Glitter. And you’re probably the most likely scum who’s spoken so far.

[lynch] Glitter


The fast to lynch crew is here, it seems.


getting the “ball rolling” I guess