Pokémon Wars: Chronicle Two

Pokémon Wars: Chronicle Two


Fucking Nica :’)
I had everyone right where I wanted them but nooooooooo

is2g me being incredibly unlucky is a running theme atm lmao


I think desi just intentionally made himself inactive bc he knows it’s game over for him at the point

Also yeah props to nica but i feel like using town as the hex word of either a complete lie or an unfair thing lmao


tbf that was mostly my fault, I completely forgot about that part of the role in the PM so she wasn’t aware she couldn’t do that and by the time it was realised i swung towards allowing it as it was my error


:slight_smile: Yay.

Watch as gp kills me straight away next time as revenge.


A quick death is too kind for you.


My trusted vet partner died at day 1 to some random word luck.
My other partner used his infamous inactive style to blend in
That leaves poor me.
Even if I cced one of you and lead the lynch, you guys had me next day so it was lost cause.