Pokémon Wars: Chronicle Two

Pokémon Wars: Chronicle Two


Any reason?


They voted for zoska


I only voted because I didn’t know that she didn’t harm town. Though she could if she wanted to,

She does have a point that it helps mafia if I vote for her, so [Unlynch] Zoska I’m surprised you’re using that as enough of a reason alone to lynch someone though, Kitty


I mean consudering there’s one mafia left we can always roleclaim


I’m good to roleclaim. I’m Koga.


That matches the reads I’ve got. Which leaves Desi as the remaining mafia as nobody is CCing the soft claims.


So what are you again?



Not a lot has gone on so I will extend the phase for a further 12 hours, moving forward if players haven’t voted in upcoming Day phases they will be eliminated


As far as I know, Nica hasn’t claimed, either.

I’m gonna [Vote] Ho-Oh. Sorry if this doesn’t change, I’m gonna be at work during the game’s phase change.


Morty. I was the first one to call out gp. Notice how literally not long after he died from a Hex? That was me. I got the scum vibe from him straight away and I know Magi and others were saying oh that was dangerous. It wasn’t. I could tell straight away that gp was playing more suss than usual and I didn’t want us to waste our lynch on someone that to me was clearly scum. Aaron didn’t send me a list of rules so I just went with something simple like “town” and he let me get away with it. I didn’t submit a second action because I didn’t want to potentially fuck us over and Hex a town member.

Kitty has always soft claimed Bugsy, Fletch as Falkner and Shiny fits Koga more than my initial read of Bugsy. Saws and Zoska confirm each other.

However I do find it suss that Kitty said:
“I mean consudering there’s one mafia left we can always roleclaim”
Then didn’t actually roleclaim and just asked who I was. But then again, that’s how Kitty plays. So while gp did say she was town… she has been claiming all along and I’m willing to believe that.

I’m going too assume the last one is @Desinishon unless you have anything to prove otherwise, Desi?

For now though in case I forget:
[vote] Desinishon


Yep just checked PMs. It was “town”. gp used it 37 minutes after I submitted the action to Aaron. I had a plan to push him to mention the word if he didn’t before the day ended… but he used town anyway so it was all good lol


[vote] Desi




[vote] desi


I was slightly sus of Kitty just voting me and then not giving much of a reason behind it but then she offered up the roleclaiming option and I highly doubt mafia would even think of roleclaiming let alone being the one to offer it with so many townies still alive.

[Lynch] Desi

They haven’t responded yet, could be busy, if anything.


Well with an unintended extension…I’ll end it here.

Desinishon has been eliminated, they were Lance’s Dragonite.

And with that, the game is over! Well done to our Town faction AND to Zoska for surviving until the end!


What an interesting conclusion, seems we’re ending up with a lot more Town wins as of late but that’s alright :wobbhide:

I guess nobody died N2 because Desi was too busy, that’s unfortunate… well, I guess I’ll attempt to make a final post with all the roles because I can.

Ho-oh as Morty/Gengar
Specifice as Pryce/Dewgong
Zoska as Kimono Girl/Eevee
Sawsbuck as Will/Alakazam
Shiny as Koga/Venomoth
Dedenne as Jasmine/Steelix
Fletch as Falkner/Pidgeotto
EvilChameleon as Bruno/Hitmonchan
Glitter as Rival/Typhlosion
Desox as Clair/Kingdra
Magipika as Karen/Murkrow
Kitty as Bugsy/Scyther
Desinishon as Lance/Dragonite


Nica guessed correctly on GP, it it wasn’t for her I’d probably guess GP would have lived past d1 since nobody freaking believed my scum vibes smh.

Also I called myself being eliminated N1 hehe


Oh yeah, that reminds me of the other thing I didn’t realize; I thought that the Hex put on at the “beginning of the day” meant that it was made during the night phase, I didn’t realize that Nica made that decision after GP had the chance to make himself sus enough. Sorry for calling out Morty so much for that xD

I would’ve believed you, but I was late to the party ;3