Pokémon Wars: Chronicle One

Pokémon Wars: Chronicle One


That’s up to the masses to decide. We can take out two mafia members today.


I feel that I’m not suspicious of (for mafia) :

And I’m unsure of (for mafia or Cult):

Hmmm :thonk:


Well I’d like to know what the others think, because really, my only two scumreads up to now where indeed Glitter and Kiyotaka. I’d like to say I suspect doof, but that is based on my own gullibility last day and not something tangible.

  • Zoska was an attempted kill so not mafia, but not excempt from cult accusations.
  • EC notified Zoska’s survival before any of us knowing about the vest, and was voted by jd, so not mafia either
  • We know Dedenne was innocent up to yesterday, but may be culted now in a nice WIFOM based on such premise.
  • Johnny looks townish to me.
  • Same for Sam.

Canas and Kitty talked JUST ON DAY ONE. We can’t succesfully pinpoint the badguys if part of the possibilities aren’t even up for scrutiny. It doesn’t help one bit.

I’d like if we try and force the inactives to talk a little bit. Pull a 1-1 draw between Kitty and Canas to see whatever they think, unless others have any kind of leads, at least hunches on someone else. What do you think about that?


There’s definitely at least one mafioso between the inactives. We know Zoska isn’t, and I can kind of see Canas going inactive, but Kitty is a mod, designer and other things in this forum.

Besides jd being gun killed, we’ve been killing each other, and makes sense for the mafia to let us keep doing that. I say @EvilChameleon shoots Kitty.


Another day another slay.

I really hate the janitor. This really puts us in the dark in several ways.

Based on the flavor text, the cult now has three members. Even if it’s misleading- we should assume the worst anyway. This isn’t good news.

We can also SOMEWHAT assume that the mafia still had two members last night, because the janitor went into effect, and desox claims he was roleblocked. The latter isn’t foolproof, because desox could be part of the cult and tricking us into believing the hooker is still a threat. But again, assume the worst.

You all know my feelings towards Kitty because I wanted her to die yesterday. Glitter being lynched was a major blunder. On top of this, Kitty’s ONLY post was to attempt to start a bandwagon on Glitter… who we now know was the nurse.

I have to say I’m dubious of Bidoof, but PARTICULARLY suspicious of Desox as a possible culted cop. He quickly bandwagon’d at the last minute to take out Glitter, and my vote wasn’t enough to stop it, sadly. Not to mention he only gave us one report.

I’m with Johnny here. It’s very likely that either the mafia or the cult has a gun now, so take someone out before it’s too late. My vote is Kitty.

Speaking of guns, I don’t have one. Anyone else?


I’m all for getting rid of Kitty, also as this:

As to this you shouldn’t even force them to be active as voting is now mandatory hehe.

Also I don’t have a gun btws


Kitty also got sick for the past few days.
So yeah sorry. x:

Honestly am lost because of that. I always vote glitter on d1 though if that’s something haha. It just so happened that he seemed scummy for me on that day and I didn’t manage to see anything else.

Also, random thought I had when sick but is it possible that the cult leader is someone who you ( I can’t say me because where was I ) all have been townreading?


Hey, I’m gonna claim now seeing as there are two active guns floating about and a third fabricated. I’m the Blacksmith, I gave a gun to EC last night and I gave a gun to Kitty night 0, so the gun Johnny has is the fabricated one. No one received a gun night 1.


The picture is slowly becoming more clear.


Shoot her. I forgot she had a gun. From the people that have spoken, the general consensus is that we should get rid of her. I don’t see why not, so shoot that gun before she shoots hers.





The Pokémon Wars
First Chronicle: Showdown in Kanto


Evilchameleon shoots Kitty. Kitty dies; Kitty was Silph Co. the Janitors.



BOI! Now we just need to find the last mafia. Assuming Kiyotaka was culted N1, that means cult would be our only menace with two members.

Out of the possibles, Canas and Doof are the only ones for me, with Canas having a worse standing for not saying anything D2. Now, Canas not voting in the next 24 hours means death, and probably also means not caring on survival for being mafia. In that case, TO ME, Doof would be the bad one, given the points I wrote before.

Then, for the cult, I think we should try to pinpoint the leader instead of wasting time in who is culted or not, cause the culted are dying anyways. By elimination, we know:

  • Dedenne can’t be the leader cos of my read.
  • I can’t be either cos I’m cop.
  • EC is Blacksmith #2.
  • Zoska is Gunsmith

That’d leave us, if I eliminated correctly, with Sam, Canas, Doof and Johnny. Out of those, I’d leave the chances of leader in the order Canas~Doof>Sam~Johnny. Which… isn’t really helpful for me to determine, sincerely.

  • Sam tried to reverse the gp bandwagon I fell into provoked by Doof, which wouldn’t really be convenient for a cult leader really, so… I’ll eliminate Sam.


  • If Canas doesn’t comment and dies, there are two chances: he either was mafia or town, because it wouldn’t make sense for such an active cult leader not to comment once in four days and have made all those efforts in vain.

Then, we have P(cult leader)=Doof>Johhny. If Canas pulls mafia, which I’m not really confident with, I’d personally go for Doof, who pinpointed someone as leader, really convenient. But… if Canas doesn’t, then it’s easy, our enemies are Doof & Johnny.

Following this reasoning, by which I hope I’m right…

[Eliminate] Bidoof

If Canas isn’t mafia but town, I really encourage you not to comment as you’d help more dying (sorry) by letting us determine this.

EDIT: Johnny voted jd, culted, first. Also he had a gun. ¿Did he shot him? If so, let’s just eliminate Johhny. In that case, there you’ve got it. Doof and Canas.


Laptop died as I was typing this a couple hours ago :confused: here it is:

This bothers me.
Dedenne actually has a reasonably high possibility of being cult leader FMPOV, because although you are uncc’d cop, you could easily have been culted n1 and could be faking the n1 report to clear the cult leader (Dedenne). I’d like to believe that you are town, but I also think that because of how suspicious Dedenne is we can’t simply clear him, because we can’t really tell if you’re telling the truth as cop or if you’re lying to cover.

Like you said, Canas is likely dying of inactivity. Which leads me to a consisgently suspicious player since d1: Dedenne He’s been parroting forever, and even when you softed cop he pressured you to reveal further, likely because your posts weren’t stopping the onslaught of suspicion from Glitter and others.

With that: [Eliminate] Dedenne


@Conos friendly poke - need activity today or you will be removed from the game


lol Doof is the leader guys


I think Doof’s theory makes sense and without forgetting that Desox hammered GP, leaves me to believe that either Doof made an honest mistake as town and Desox seized that opportunity to take down an innocent (and the nurse, not less) or it could also be that Doof is mafia, but like everyone already knows, cult is a priority and if mafia doesn’t hit the cultist soon or we don’t lynch them, we’re screwed. It’s a safe bet, I know mafia wants to take down the cult as well, so whether Bidoof is town/mafia is irrelevant.

[Eliminate] Dedenne