Pokémon Wars: Chronicle One

Pokémon Wars: Chronicle One


See this is why I’m extremely suspicious of you as I didn’t say anything about you not trying to draw attention to yourself, rather I mentioned that you are likely pointing suspicion at others to divert their attention. And then of course, you failed to answer my question as to how I’m parotting as you said earlier. Unless of course, you have no reason as to why you said that, other than trying to divert attention?

Even though I’m extremely suspicious of GP, I’m not quite ready to vote yet. We were lucky the other day with a less important role being eliminated first, and we were lucky last night that no one was dead. And one of the mafia is dead. So if anyone has any leads, or had anything else happen to them last night speak up.

Also Desox, though I appreciate the defense, how are you assured that I am town? I just want clarification as that’s a pretty large statement there that goes beyond I believe or I’m confident.


Yeah no, absolutely nothing happened to me last night

I want to say that Desox’s four-way Lynch defense is VERY clever, because the only way it wouldnt hold up is if all of them were innocent, which we can’t prove. So although literally everything else out of their mouth is a red flag, I don’t think we should pursue that right now.

But I also don’t think we should treat it as particularly sound either

It’s obvious to me now what went down with EC- he was the backup assigned to the blacksmith, who is now dead, so we have another blacksmith. Which is GREAT news. We also still have the nurse which means the town has a pretty solid means of protection.

No offense, but Dedenne’s posts are a whole lot of fluff. I’m reading through trying to find something he said that was actually useful, but coming up dry. This isn’t meant to be anything more than an observation

Final thought is that gimmepie’s “I’m vocal so I’m town” defense is so flimsy. Only inexperienced mafia-sided players dip out of sight like that. Sometimes it works, but it’s far more effective to try to blend in with the town.


You literally said I’m trying to divert attention away from myself and onto you. Now you’re saying you never tried to divert attention away from myself… wait no apparently I am. You went from saying one thing, then to something else, then back to the first thing. Which is it?

You were parroting because right up to that post of yours you just quoted, literally all you did was paraphrase what other people had already said. It sounded good, and you’re being active, but ultimately there was a lot of style and no substance. That’s an extremely common mafia tactic. To post a shitload without ever saying anything new.

You’re not ready to vote me? You’re so suspicious of me though. Almost like you’re afraid to be aggressive in case it makes you look scummy. Avoiding aggressive moves like voting for people you claim to be very suspicious of? Also a common mafia tactic for those looking to blend in. I had a reason for not voting you yet: deciding between you and Desox. Then you follow that up with… a paragraph that just repeats things we already know before concluding with a request for other people to do the deductive work for you.

Even that last little bit towards Desox, it feels like you’re feigning being open to being considered mafia in the hopes that people will discount you actually being mafia because of that. Every post you have made in this game so far is good, but as a mafia sided player. They don’t add anything to the town side besides appearances. It all feels like textbook mafia plays for someone trying to blend in. They feel exactly like the plays I know I make myself as mafia (as illustrated by Johnny).

Now, Desox mounts a pretty solid defence. As a town-sided player, breaking a tie doesn’t make sense since it increases chances of hitting a mafia player out of the bunch. Mafia players need to ensure one of their own doesn’t get hit. If we assume he’s innocence, it makes it somewhat unlikely that a mafia player was one of the ones up for lynching (note I was the only one who voted Dedenne btw). Otherwise they’d break the tie if they were aware of it. It could also be that he’s mafia and just happened to mount a strong defence. For the moment though, I’m going to say I was wrong with my initial read.

So… EC and Zoska are confirmed as town. I’m townreading Johnny and Sam. I know that I am town. It’s not guaranteed but I think our mafia will be hiding among those who were not up for a lynch yesterday and who are not in the list I mentioned there either.

@Tyler, could we get a tally of the people who were up for lynching yesterday so nobody has to go back through and dig up the information?

[Eliminate] Dedenne throwing this here as well.


I didn’t give an “I’m vocal, thus I’m town” defence. I said that being this vocal would be a bad way to deflect attention from myself. I’m not saying I’m innocent just because I’m vocal, I was using that argument specifically to discount Dedenne’s implication.


Oh okay. I took it out of context, then. That’s good to know

I don’t really have anything further to say beyond what people have already said so I’m gonna just let this unfold for now.


Don’t know which post would be consider fluffed as all I’ve done is weigh in on my thoughts and ask a few questions? I haven’t really posted a huge analysis of my thoughts, mostly because I have either agreed with others here or had to defend myself against GP.

Yes adding nothing new of course, just giving my opinion. It’s my style is all, I post multiple times not giving a huge summary paragraph as you do because I tend to like to figure things out as they happen and not make assumptions immediately. I could agree to the parroting beforehand, but that would only be if you consider agreeing with others parroting. But, you said I was still, bolded still parroting right after that post? What other post would you be referring to? You just said it didn’t happen in that post yet it was the one right before yours. I think you’re trying to find a reason to your reasoning GP.

To clarify, I never said you were not trying to be noticed, I said it seemed like you wanted to divert attention to me, possibly from yourself. I say possibly because I have no idea if you’re mafia GP, you could just be a townie who has honed in on me for one reason or another. I’m not willing to vote immediately like those that either have leads or bandwagon or are impulsive. Of course, the mafia is fine with voting immediately on the smallest of things as they know who the town is, but with 2 cult members and 2 mafia members currently I think we need to be careful. Don’t see why being careful is a “mafia tactic”.

However, I now have a grasp on what is happening, or at least I think I do. I’m more sure that you are mafia than I am of Kiyotaka at the moment, and the third person I’m suspicious of I’ll either change my vote to or check out next day phase, as of yet I don’t need them coming and and trying to get with you to bandwagon, which may happen anyway.

[Eliminate] Glitter


A bit off-topic, but: if the gunsmith did give a gun last night and it’s among the people actively posting right now, gunsmith should out and say who they gunned, because it’s very likely that that person is mafia/cult. As I explained before, we’re very close to MYLO, and it makes sense for a minority to hold on to a gun and use it right before a win, that’s what I’d do.


Kiyotaka Ishimaru, Canas, Salzorrah and Glitter were up for lynching yesterday.


That suggests to me that the mafia at the least are probably among the group of Doof2, Chura, Canas and Dedenne.


That makes sense to me. We have an active town, so let’s not waste it. We’ve covered pretty much everything with the active people and if I had to choose one, it’d be Kiyotaka, but I really wanna see more of everyone, we’re at a crucial day phase and I don’t want to mislynch.

Gonna [ELIMINATE]Kitty for now.


Questions and some responses:

  1. How can you say that Dedenne wasn’t parroting?
  2. The four way lynch justification is solid, admittedly, but it only works if all four of them were innocent. That said, looking at that standpoint, I take back my remark, you couldn’t be the cult leader because you decided to not break the tie, unless if you were gunning for the 75% chance of Salzorrah not being lynched, which is very unlikely. However, it doesn’t remove the possibility that you’re mafia and purposefully abstaining to avoid taking responsibility for anything.
  3. You didn’t bother to comment about the insights of everyone else, especially about the remarks on Salzorrah. The lack of commenting made me think that you didn’t want to be in the crossfire or you wanted to just avoid the discussion altogether. With my remark in #2, I’d say this is scummy/mafia-like behavior.
  1. I’m not even being aggressive? As a matter of fact, I’ve simply been saying things at point blank, so this seems like a ridiculous accusation. You seem to be the one being aggressive in defense at this point.

  2. Exactly why are you scumreading me?

  3. What makes you confident Dedenne is town?


From this standpoint, the main reason you’re scumreading me is because I voted immediately right after the day phase or that I’m the first vote in the day. I don’t really see how that is scummy. In my opinion, it is definitely better to get the vote ahead of time rather than waiting to “properly observe everyone’s behavior”. We already have some level of data from the previous day and looking at the way people acted, we can make early decisions then make better decisions from the progression of the current day phase. Rather than simply idling and making a hasty vote only when the day is near to its end, I think it’s more preferable to get your points across early.


Right, let’s see how you respond to this…

[Vote] Kiyotaka_Ishimaru



I don’t get this vote at all? I’d like to ask your reason for this vote.

((Deleted the post because it didn’t quote EC’s post))


That is the main reason, yes, and you don’t have to “see it”, I explained why that makes you scummy in my eyes.

You don’t always have to find the scum first, if you find your partners, the town, you find the scum. It’s not that complicated, I said that from the “active” posters, I trusted you the least. I understand your reasoning for the hasty vote, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s what mafia would want to do in this situation.


Ladies, we have 3 hours left in the day phase and it’s completely quieted down, even though we have no idea what’s going on and almost everyone is just voting for the person who voted for them. In other words: the mafia is probably laughing their asses off right now.

Kitty, Canas, and Bidoof have been completely dead this entire phase. Zoska posted but never followed up. I haven’t voted because I’m an indecisive idiot.

Current standings:

Dedenne: Glitter
Kiyotaka: Desox
Glitter: Dedenne
Desox: Kiyotaka
Johnny: Kitty
EC: Kiyotaka

So as you can see, Kiyotaka is on the chopping block. I’m not voting yet, but I set an alarm on my phone so I won’t forget like last time. This is a crucial turning point and I’d like to hear any remaining thoughts. I’m not convinced Kiyotaka is the right choice.


I know Deddene’s standing.

Because as I said on D1, at the moment I was really confused with most of what happened and I knew trying to act as the tiebreaker wouldn’t help anything at all, as everyone looked like was going on their own trends.

Am I supposed not to move when I’m under the spotlight?

Literally for what you made the last question? You can also complement it with what Johnny wrote (I was writing at the same time Johnny was and posted and we had the same core reasoning, so I didn’t bother putting up everywhere because I knew that would be called as parroting). You’re being aggresive in a moment it is really convenient for the mafia to be.

My role. Having said that I’d like a vest thank you. Nurse would make my role completely useless otherwise.


Okay so Desox softed cop. If he’s telling the truth that changes everything

-The mafia could roleblock EC and then kill Desox

-The mafia could roleblock Desox and just continue on their merry way.

He’s essentially useless now as far as his role goes, imo. If he’s telling the truth and Dedenne is indeed innocent, that narrows the pool a little bit.


We could use some other cop results if you have them.


It was… Saws.