Pokémon Wars: Chronicle One

Pokémon Wars: Chronicle One


I honestly don’t think Gimmepie is scum since JD was so quick to support him and both are experienced players who aren’t likely to put all their eggs on one basket (or maybe they are like playing 5d chess while we are playing tic tac toe)

Also why kill Saws? Imagine if he had gotten his hand in one of the guns.


Cool. Well, now we know guns are legit from now on.

I get gimmepie’s motives but I don’t think the best move at this stage is to act on such little motive. I do not agree on “oh it’s because EC likes to play that way” argument neither. Weary of that kind-of claim too.

[Eliminate] Bidoof

It’s almost midday. Just as a failsafe until you comment, as I have no strong reads against anyone yet.


Not necessarily though? Couldn’t it also be the deputy?



I think it’s clear that EC is town at this point since Jd wouldn’t have voted for him if he wasn’t

But that’s obvious


Forget it, just gonna do a random vote here.

[Eliminate] Canas


Oh, yeah, what an idiot, I forgot the Deputy.


That’s a convenient vote you’re placing, there :woke:


Hi sorry still not back in the habit of checking mafia-related websites.

Anyways, unless I’m missing something what makes the vote “convenient”?


Most likely because EC said to start a bandwagon and then voted Canas as Sophie did


It’s very unlikely EC is mafia right now given jd went after them and didn’t need to at all if they were both mafia. I feel a bit more confident about Dedenne right now tbh. He clearly parroted. Once repeating what I said and once just repeating what jd said. Now he’s being very defensive and counter-attacking pretty hard for having a single vote on him. On top of that, jd went after EC and mostly ignored my Dedenne concerns. Why address one thing I brought up but not the other?

Gonna fix this since it might matter.

[Eliminate] Dedenne


I think I’m more confident on my vote for you as well. Seeing as though you’re trying to frame me for being defensive since I was suss of you. And yet, I clearly stated right then that I’d change it since there are more people to be suss of. And all I did is correct someone that guns perhaps aren’t fully ruled out yet.

I do hope no one else is foolish enough to accuse me with little evidence though.


It’s really awkward that people are still going after EC when he’s more or less proven not mafia and has done nothing but play as he always does

I’m undecided on the GP/Dedenne debacle though and that’s something I’ll give more thought on


Very active town, I like this. If you all take a breath and read at everyone’s posts, you’ll see solid reasoning everywhere. I’ve got a town read on most people actively talking right now, but knowing how these discussions tend to end up on D1, it’d be a safe bet for the mafia to stay quiet and let the town point fingers at each other.

Which is why I’m gonna go just vote one of the most quiet people, I think there are solid chances that the active people are town and while that doesn’t mean I’m definitely gonna vote mafia, I’d rather take my chances and possibly lynch a quiet townie/sneaky mafioso. Maybe this will make them talk, at least.


Now I’m gonna comment about everything that’s transpired. I agree with Sam about everything he said about EC, and while just being him doesn’t absolve him from being mafia, like Sam said, he did softclaim, EC’s done that before, I’m willing to believe he’s town, and in turn, that gives a huge townread on Sam.

Townread on GP and Kitty as well, both their points were reasonable and we know they’re willing to share and point fingers with actual reasoning, something you will rarely see mafia doing on D1.

Townread on Zoska for scumreading jd as well.

Not convinced about Dedenne, but I’m not ready to vote for him either. Slight townread on him.


Awkwardly, I was gonna vote on jd since he’s obviously scum, he didnt really gave any helpful leads and keeps on trying to incriminate EC just because he’s EC.

Definitely, I’d say EC is not scum. I wouldn’t pin jd as the type of person to incriminate fellow maf members for the plays.

Which leads me to my second scumread, GP/Dedenne.

Scumread on both GP and Dedenne
  • I can see him not knowing Virgins don’t work like that. I thought so too until I saw the post
  • Dedenne agrees with GP, parroting even
  • At this point, I find Dedenne scum more than GP. I feel GP is much more helpful here.
  • Obv GP’s list is flawed. EC is def in the clear, JD obvious scum. Agree with the others tho.
  • This is also the time Chura “defends” Dedenne, and votes GP
  • Idk Dedenne isnt still being helpful here.
  • This is where I’m starting to doubt GP a bit, and starting to trust Dedenne. I feel like the reasons for the Dedelynch is weak.

Now that I’ve read both points, I feel like this is a case of Inno v. Inno. Both of them are headbutting each other, and both arguments are flawed. If I had to choose from the two of them, I’d say GP is scum, mostly because of the list he gave. He saw jd as inno, and EC as maf. That was a bad read imo

However, the better choice to make here is leave them be. I don’t think both of them are scum at all, GP is still worth revisiting later, but looking at the odds, it’s mostly likely not them.

I was gonna vote Chura instead, but I forgot she had a gun. Imo the clear people here so far are Johnny and Chura, just because if they had the real gun, they wouldnt shoot it at a maf player. and if they have the fabbed gun, I don’t think jd is smart enough to give a fab gun to a scum player.

After all the reads I’ve analyzed. I think I’m gonna have to side with Johnny here, and [eliminate] Kiyotaka. Was considering voting for Canas or Zoska but I feel like atleast they’ve put effort to give off reads from themselves, and right now im still looking at them null, with a slight townread from Canas. Kiyo on the other hand hasnt posted anything yet, and odds are he might be laying low on a crazy d1


Smh I wasn’t updated that day one already started. I’ll read through things and share my thoughts.


IMO I don’t think that “lying low” would be defined as “not posting at all”. I find both Johnny and Salzorrah’s reason for voting me weak. Comparing both’s votes though, I find Johnny’s vote more believable as it seems like just a genuine pressure vote while Salzorrah’s seems more opportunistic or just sheeping on Johnny’s vote, really.

For this, I’ll go with [Eliminate] Salzorrah

As for other townies, EC is most likely obv town, Sam and Johnny are townleans, and lastly, Desox, though I was initially suspicious of them because of that cult comment very early on, I find that jd calling them out makes them somewhat town because I don’t think scum would call out fellow scum on D1, especially very early


I’m glad that you’ve finally spoken up. That said, I’m still not 100% convinced by you. Personally, I think voting “inactive” players is a valid reason to vote someone, especially in the case where there aren’t any good targets to choose from. Sure you may be inno, but an unhelpful one at that.

Instead of accusing us of voting you for valid reasons, why not vote someone else that you think is scum?

I find your reads very airy. I mean, there’s a high probability that jd did not out maf D1 but it’s still a possibility. I’m also calling you out on your read on Johnny. You accused Johnny of voting on you, yet you townlean him? Is it because Johnny’s words are more trustworthy and you rather have him at your side?

Idk thats just my observation. So far, you havent convinced me.


It seems you weren’t paying too much attention on what I said regarding Johnny. I did say that his vote is believable because it seemed like a genuine pressure vote. This is because this is the first vote on me. I find that your vote on me is uncalled for. Johnny already pressured me, so why is there a need for you to double vote on me? Voting an inactive player may be a valid reason in some cases, but double-voting when there’s already pressure and you stating that you have suspicion on other people makes it invalid and suspicious imo. This is why I’m voting you because I find you most suspicious amongst everyone at the moment.

Right now, the only ones that stand out to me are Dedenne and GP. In that regard, I think GP is inno. I find town!GP having the same behavior as what he’s doing now. On the other hand, I have a tiny scumlean on Dedenne, purely on tone because they seem unnatural, although I am unsure because I hardly know their play.


These are completely your words, not mine. And I’m failing to understand how you got that from this


I was referring to Salzorrah’s words on that note. Sorry if that wasn’t clear.