Pokémon Wars: Chronicle One

Pokémon Wars: Chronicle One


Ah crap, that was my error then also. Noticing some parroting there from Dedennebut getting good vibes from Sam’s posts.


I didn’t actually read your original post tbh :3


Not even the bit I meant.


@jdthebud well, yeah, I always rather tackle down the cult first, specially considering they would reach the same size as the mafia faction next phase; they obfuscate the search for culprits and potentially deprive us of power roles.


I’ve got nothing. And I mean that in terms of a gun and in terms of an actual power role. Might be time to hop on a bandwagon here…


Not really a fan of this. The subtle pressing for a bandwagon while not actively suggesting targets makes it seem like you really don’t care who is lynched. I’m gonna go with

Scum/Cult reads - Dedenne and EC
Town - Sam and Johnny
Maybe town - jdthebud

At this point all others are null.

I’m going to go with

[lynch] Dedenne for now but this is subject to change.


Well, my role makes it so that I only get rewarded with random lynching.



Really, you’re looking for a bandwagon already? That’s not town behavior.


[eliminate] gimmepie :kissing_heart: missed me?

that’s like the lamest reason you can give for lynching someone on d1
it’s not even the one you sussed in your post >:0

also i also have a gun


That would be because they’re about different people.


wow that took you a minute to respond
so you chose the one that was “parroting”
and not the one you’re not really a fan of?

man i thought your choice of targets would be better than this


I mean, they both look fairly scummy for day one imo. Chalk the choice of Dedenne over EC up to gut.


Gotta lynch fast!


I agree with Kitty, that seems like quite the uninformed excuse to lynch me, also everyone due remember it’s:’

[eliminate] Gimmepie

Also I’ll have to come to EC’s defense here as that’s just how he has been regardless of him being town or mafia he tends to enjoy the bandwagons :eyes:


Hi ladies a lot happened so here’s my stream of consciousness

I don’t need to have played a lot of games to know that EC is just being EC so trying to lynch him based on him trying to push a bandwagon may just be grasping at straws more than anything

And he just softclaimed as something, even if I don’t really know what it is (probably Pallet town or Viridian)

And since it’s relevant my thoughts on Gimmepie: The arguments against EC are kind of weak, so it actually makes sense to me why you didn’t vote for him. I’m actually more suspicious towards jd, who seemed to take advantage of gimmepie’s reads to settle into an EC lynch, which was a VERY safe thing to try to pull off. It makes it even more awkward that he did this even after EC softclaimed as a town role.

I got sidetracked there but about Dedenne: Saying he’s parrot-y isn’t an unreasonable thought considering it’s one of the most common safe mafia plays you can make. Do I think Dedenne is guilty of this? Uh, no clue.

TL;DR I don’t know what the hell is going on yet so I’m not going to vote as of now

EDIT: This was too long so I cut a few irrelevant things out


Woo boy, am a little late to the party.

I can kinda see what Gimmepie was saying about Dedenne parroting and I understand the vote, but I don’t know if it’s enough to start a bandwagon on. I wanna wait a little longer to see what happens because I am terrible at Day 1 scumreads. If I had to choose anyone, I’d be more inclined on JD for the fact that he was quick to vote on EC through GP and didn’t take into account that EC also soft claimed a role. I’m don’t know how I feel on this grouped “it’s just EC’s usual play” defence, though. Yeah, it’s how he usually plays, but it’s not a great defence, so he just feels neutral to me atm.

[Eliminate] Canas just a random vote that’ll change if something else comes up.

The Pokémon Wars
First Chronicle: Showdown in Kanto

Oh no!

Noone knows exactly why or how, however screams could be heard from the far east, as all traces of civilisation - and thankfully ways to aid Saffron - were completely eradicated from Lavender Town.

jdthebud was eliminated. They were Lavender Town, the town of Fabricators.


Well, there it is!


Oh shit, I actually called something right for a change.


Nice, good start to this game.

And I may be inclined to change my vote if more information comes forward. I just find it weird that pie would accuse me right off the bat. If you really want to question people, where are Bidoof and Shawn?

Also our day phase is limited so any info or hunches would be greatly appreciated.