Pokémon Wars: Chronicle One

Pokémon Wars: Chronicle One


Phase over, post coming ASAP (currently trying to save my behind elsewhere so there will be a delay)


Annnnnnd with that, our first part of Pokémon Wars comes to an end! Thank you to everyone for playing, I hope you enjoyed playing it as much as I did hosting it. (: Phase post up shortly.

The Pokémon Wars
First Chronicle: Showdown in Kanto

Game Over!

The Indigo Plateau falls, it is apparent that this conflict has caused the Elite Four and Champion to abandon it, leaving it to the ruin of the surrounding Pokémon. Meanwhile, Mt. Moon had sensed the evil presence of Sabrina and had taken it upon itself to eliminate her once and for all.

The head Clefable, @Sam, had taken out a few key opportunities to take allies from both sides, assembling their own strong army to then take over. With the last member of the alliance killed, Sam decided that infact the region was not safe in the hands of humans and therefore took over the entire Kanto region; sealing it off from outsiders forevermore…

Dedenne has been eliminated. Canas was eliminated due to inactivity.

The Cult wins! Well done @Sam, @Johnny, @Salzorrah and @Bidoof! Very nicely done and unfortunately Desox your valiant attempts towards the end were too little too late!

Player List
Tyler as the GM

@Dedenne as Cinnabar Island, the Island of Deputies
@Kiyotaka_ishimaru as Vermilion City, the City of Watchers
@Sawsbuck as Celadon City, the City of Virgins
@Sam as Mt. Moon, the Mountain of Cultists
@Salzorrah as Pewter City, the City of Culted Blacksmiths
@Glitter as Viridian Forest, the Forest of Nurses
@Kitty as Silph Co., the Janitors
@Conos as Indigo League, the League of Leaders
@Desox as Fuchsia City, the City of Cops
@Bidoof as Lavender Town, the Town of Culted Hookers
@Zoska as Cerulean City, the City of Gunsmiths
@Johnny as Viridian City, the City of Culted Governors
@EvilChameleon as Pallet Town, the Town of Backup Blacksmiths
@jdthebud as Lavender Town, the Town of Fabricators




Not sure how to feel about this result.


Sam you did a great job I must admit! I would have never suspected you being the cultist hehe.

I didn’t realize how many members were culted by then, but I stood little chance against you guys once we lost so many. GG!


GG lads. That was some good shit


You did good, man. I think besides lacking a bit of experience and some more active partners, there was a major misunderstanding of the Janitor’s role. In a game with a cult, roleclaiming doesn’t account for much, and while you figured out a lot of things, you relied a lot on that. What I would’ve done differently as town, was to call for a mass claim immediately after the day start, and focus on the one counterclaim.

Before this day phase, it was just Sam and I and I thought of recruiting Bidoof because we wanted to get rid of the mafia, I thought that we’d recruit one mafioso, they tell us who the remaining mafia is and we could kill them. Somehow we knew who the two remaining mafia were :stuck_out_tongue:

When we recruited Bidoof he told us he had figured out who Kiyotaka was and that’s why they used Janitor on him, so Bidoof claimed Kiyotaka’s role, I convinced EC to shoot Kitty, who could’ve shot or exposed Bidoof, then we figured out Canas role by process of elimination, and Doof got us that last role we needed to claim in case we needed it, since Sam was the cultist and we needed an extra role.


Lmao did nothing to help anyone sorry queen i have failed u


It’s okay I kinda let u die on day 1

But either way I avenged you legend


To think I saw Sam visiting Johnny on N1 -_-


Tbh though Desox/Dedenne were acting more suspicious, so I’d still have gone for them even if I was alive despite the Johnny/Sam interactions also giving off a weird vibe that they were in cahoots with each other.


GG Cult, you deserved it. Especially Sammy. :slight_smile:


Town!Dedenne reads scarily like Scum!Glitter. Whoops.


Another failure of a maf game lol


can u don’t


There’s never a failure when someone always wins :smirk:

They def deserved it. Has me fooled the entire time ahaha


That ending was pretty intense, y’all put up a good fight and I think if you had realized how unreliable claiming was I think town could’ve definitely pulled away with the win.

GG All.


Excuse you? Considering the newer players and the content, this is one of the better Mafia games I’ve been a part of.

As much as town may have floundered a little, they did give it their due, it just happened to be a bit late which caused their downfall. Really smart plays across the board and glad to see most of you get stuck in.

So if you could take your absolutism elsewhere Saws, that’d be great.