Pokémon Wars: Chronicle One

Pokémon Wars: Chronicle One


Oh, Índigo Plateau. Back to square one we are. One is playing a dead role, I assume Kiyotaka then?


Hi yes, so how have you proved I’m guilty? Oh wait you haven’t? If anything you still fail to look at my roleclaim and debunk it as fake, and still only to answer to what accusations suit you. So I’ll just scrap the whole “innocent until proven guilty” thing as you aren’t following it either hehe.

And lovely, glad you roleclaimed buddy. But, this leads to quite the issue with Sam’s claim. That would mean that someone is lying or .we’re messing up quite a bit right now

Let’s see alive we have:
And Sophie

And then we have:
Sam claiming as Leader
Johnny as Governor
Bidoof as Watcher
Me as Deputy
Sophie as Blacksmith
EC as an innocent non power role that I never realized exactly what he is till now
And Desox as Cop

So um that leads Canas and Kiyoka was ??? And there is still the cult leader and mafia to be found out.

Now Johnny you’ve really just led us in circles as the town are the only active people here unless someone is lying.


Oh god, I was so confused by your post lmao. I should’ve made it more clear but I didn’t bother to go check what it was called in this game. I’m about to head to bed though cuz I can barely think but I’ll stick around for a few more minutes


I’ll be on for a bit, but it’s 1:30am here so not much longer. I’ve really said all I want to say, besides perhaps changing my vote to someone else. But really, I just think Johnny is a culted governor and will block if my vote wins either way. I can’t do anything to sway you guys, so the town will be bound to be at quite the disadvantage at least if you kill me. Let me know if I can help out in clarifying anything, otherwise I’ll try to stay out of Johnny’s useless back and forth here.


Yeah it’s 2 am here, I admit defeat until morning. I thought I really had it with doof but then Johnny and now this but we dunno Kiyotaka’s…



Even if Canas says anything, isn’t it the fact that there are no more town roles available? So he would have to be mafia or cultist? Or perhaps I counted wrong at this late hour.

Also Zoska was online, unsure of why she said nothing, strange.


I’m totally lost right now as well and I’m glad that i at least have all morning and afternoon to think about it because I know there’s something I’m missing here lol. The best possible thing that could happen for the town right now is canas showing up. I want to know what he has to claim because surely it’ll be a cc?


Dedenne oh my goodness, son. You need so much Jesus in your life.

I’m failing to see who the cult leader is, but I could override the lynch to either Canas/Sam since it’s a 50/50 chance that we’ll hit cult.

Sam’s been pretty helpful and I had a strong townread on him early on, while Canas could just be trying to achieve a sneaky win? I’m tempted to go for Canas if he doesn’t show up.

I’ll [ELIMINATE]Canas at least to get him talking.


If Canas is the Hooker then finally I’ll be able to investigate again and we’ll finally see some tangible information.


@Dedenne didn’t make a post earlier because it was 6am and I went back to bed.

Also, jesus, you guys have been active as hell while I’ve been unconscious. I’ve read through the posts a few times now, and there are so many good arguments coming from everyone that it was a struggle to decide what to believe. But what made more sense to me was Doof and Johnny’s arguments more than anything. I don’t really see too much of a point voting for Canas right now as he’s probably gonna be killed regardless if he doesn’t speak.

So for now, I’m gonna [ELIMINATE] Dedenne


Ah ok, and I also don’t see any point in voting for Canas Johnny, but I expected Sophie to vote for me either way. Sam and Canas, or rather Sam only, its your time!


Absolute chaos.

[UNVOTE] Bidoof
[VOTE] Dedenne


Oh dear, well it’s basically decided then unless more people change their votes. It’s been fun guys, but I’m afraid none of you are logically thinking about the cult here and how many roles are available, except perhaps Sam and then Desox knows I’m the Deputy so, I wish you all luck with handling it, hope you win~


Dedenne might be culted? Yeah, may I? If you want to believe that too. But what Dedenne isn’t is the leader, surely. So basically what it’s happening here is delaying the inevitable.
Now, EC’s vote change hopefully means Doof isn’t the one who’s lying here, so we can scrape him off the possible leader list. EC please confirm.

If Johnny isn’t culted yet, which I doubted all day, then please, use your power before you are. Because if you’re the next culted we’re in like… trouble. I like Johhny’s idea of overriding the votes this time because that’d also clear him, also because by elimination with canas dying by default, Johnny overriding to Canas would kill Sam, who would be the last unproven, and would’ve fake claimed a role, but… if Sam was claiming what Kiyotaka was, today’s voting would’ve been anonymous. So… what if, Canas isn’t mafia but Kiyotaka was a culted one, and because of Janitor we don’t know that? I know it’s a bit of a stretch, but just read Johnny’s/Sam’s/Bidoof’s claim. They all fit. But there is one role that should’ve died with Kiyotaka. Doof’s can’t be, because EC kinda confirmed it with his vote change? (I hope). Johnny’s wouldn’t make sense, because having claimed he was overriding today, the moment he didn’t we would figure out it’s him; or we would see Canas’ role when dying would CC Johnny by elimination. And Sam’s because of the above.

So, someone’s lying here, or is it Canas the leader? Only other explanation I’d find, is that Canas was indeed mafia, and Doof culted EC who is now helping him confirm his claim. But then, why did EC initially pile up on Doof? I don’t know, but if we’re still here tomorrow, seeing Canas’ role, if it doesn’t coincide with Johnny’s, I’d go Doof. Problem is, that if this is real, and Doof culted EC, assuming Kiyotaka was culted too, tomorrow we’d have three cult members, probably armed, against the townies (there’d be three but one’d be shot). RIP Town. And that’d be if Kiyotaka was culted, if he wasn’t we’d now be in a 4v4 situation, and we are already lost if we don’t change our votes or if Johnny is culted. So please Johnny, if you aren’t culted, please, take this in mind. If I were cult I wouldn’t be making such an effort of explaining the possible situations because I’d be winning either way, I wouldn’t be making such an effort. I know it’s based on a possibility, but please, it’s an actual possibility this time.

I’ll hold my Doof vote, and I’m sorry if I’m wrong but I’m not risking it.

And also please let’s keep in mind that if Canas isn’t the remaining mafia member, because he is basically dead now, that the Sam reveal leaves us vulnerable again. Said so, please consider the possibility of it and think who’d you vote next, so we may tally them up then.


It’s not decided because I can and will use my ability, we’re in MYLO.


Thank god we agree on this essential point. Please tell us what you think on what I said about Doof and EC. It might be wrong, but an insight would help lots.


I have a feeling Canas will get back online soon, and since Johnny roleclaimed earlier and though there’s a possibility he’s culted, I rather be sure that Canas dies today. Switching my vote to:


Not that it matters much as he’ll probably vote for me and I’ll still be in the majority :stuck_out_tongue:


Welp, approximately one, two hourse left and no signs or Canas. Nor any kind of new opinions.

RIP Town (May 12 - May 22)


Luckily I thought to set my trusty timer since I forgot this was happening. Thank god I did!

This is the easiest decision I’ve had to make all game tbh, and I make it in complete confidence.



Rip Town, by now I expect everyone knows I’m the deputy, but you’ll learn soon that I’m not culted. Good luck~