Pokémon Wars: Chronicle One

Pokémon Wars: Chronicle One


Did you just “no u” vote me


Nope I showed that I was getting more suspicious of you with your reasoning, also for someone who

You seem pretty adamant about replying to us without even replying to the accusations.


Dedenne, by backing out your vote you’re just giving cultists Johnny and doof a 50% chance to screw you because it’s now a tie.


I’m aware, and I’ll change back if I must to protect myself. But, I want to stand by my gut feeling and hold onto some hope that the rest of the town will realize what is happening here.


K Johnny let me make it simple. Assuming you’re inno, please count the number of roles. Kay, see how there are two roles less than the number of players alive? Cool, now are you claiming and waiting for doofs and Canas; or are you letting potential scum get there before you. It is so easy, claim. You don’t claim because you wanna protect doof, or… WHAT? Is it because if you claim your cult leader is in a bad position having to Cc? Because if this isn’t what’s happening, and you are thinking for the town, why don’t you claim already?


And before anyone claims Deputy because Dedenne didn’t on D1 makes it somehow valid… Prove it and shoot me if I’m cult. You can’t… because nobody was armed D1 as gunsmith said so only Deputy could’ve shot… and you are presented with the same dilemma put in front of Dedenne… Why didn’t you claim then eh?


Also, we know that the gun on D1 was shot by the deputy because it didn’t reveal the shooter. It’s confirmed by game mechanics anyhow. The only other gun in play other than EC’s was kitty’s and she dead now.


And just like that the Dedenne is leader with culted cop Desox covering up theory falls down brick by brick.



I mean to be fair, all we have to work on is convoluted theories as we have lost our main power players.

Anyways, hoping as Sam is, to see some activity from @Conos soon. And I expect to have to change my vote for protection coming up from another member, but had I not changed it before I would have fallen into the “why didn’t you change you’re vote then? Not changing your vote yet casting the focus onto someone else is a common mafia tactic!” area.

Also, I was the only one to mention the deputy btws


It seems we’ve reached an interesting part of the game.

I’m the watcher, got EC on no one n0, zoska on no one n1 (at first thought sophie was the deputy bc after the JD shot she said “oh shit I actually called something right for once” and thought it was a deputy soft, visiting no one the next night confirmed this for me but apparently I was just flat out unlucky on that and she turns out to be gsmith?) and EC on johnny n2.

If EC can confirm the n2 action that would be wonderful.


Nice seeing doof claiming. Maybe I was in the right area but pointing to the wrong player? Hmm… but that would make Johnny voting on culted jd D1 a rather interesting move, though not impossible, cos it looks certainly like a randomvote and Johnny didn’t participate in the discussion which built up to the shot.

EDIT: Oh boy it was Johnny all along? Mind a CC?


Yeah so though if I voted for Doof right now I could 100% save myself, but with the claim of watcher and the chance that he’s not culted and my belief that Johnny is cult, mafia, or cultist. I’m going to have to stand by my vote. Also @EvilChameleon would like to see a change in vote for you as it seemed random. Or at least a bit more thought added in.


Welp, we surely know not to believe Johnny until he gives a CC and even if he was not leader we can know where to point next if Canas turns town.

[Eliminate] Johnny


I will reply to your flawed arguments, to help the town realise them.

First, Desox: That still contradicts your argument because the you said that mafia was setting you up, but now you want to paint it like they yolo’d it.

Now, Dedenne: Did you ever hear the phrase “innocent until proven guilty”? It’s not my job to prove I’m innocent, it’s yours to prove I’m guilty. I’ve given plenty of reasons to backup my argument, something you haven’t done.

Now, if you were really town, you wouldn’t be trying to find a scapegoat, you’re going back and forth with your votes now.

Well, if we’re mass claiming, I’m the governor. Which means your votes against me are pointless because I’m gonna override the lynch if I have to.

That leaves only Sam and Canas left to claim, but there’s only one role left unclaimed, ideally I’d rather override the lynch to a counter claim, but I don’t see Canas showing up.


Even if one out of Desox/Dedenne have to be town, I don’t trust either of them, so I’m just gonna wait for the confirmed innocents to weigh in before deciding.


Okay, I can’t believe I’m still up but this has given me quite the adrenaline spike as im realizing how crucial it really is that we get this right.

I’m not gonna beat around the bush. Hi guys, I’m the leader. I was desperately hoping that ONE of you would claim it so I could swoop in and heroically cc, but no, I’m denied that pleasure lol

Canas, it’s your move sweetie. PLEASE for the love of god say something.


Wait what? Why would someone claim leader? Is it sleep deprivation, a joke? Why, when we’re literally infighting?

I’m now doubting what role I am even…


I mean, you called for a mass claim, what did you think it was gonna happen?


Cult leader and leader are two different roles, if I’m interpreting your post correctly.

Leader is essentially lightkeeper with non-anonymous discussion.


Someone to CC one out of us and ignite the complete mess we have been piling up for an hour?