Pokémon Wars: Chronicle One

Pokémon Wars: Chronicle One

The Pokémon Wars
First Chronicle: Showdown in Kanto

It’s urban warfare in Kanto! A decade has passed since Team Rocket were defeated; all seemed well in Kanto, but a new threat has reared its ugly head…

Saffron City has started dabbling more and more into technology, harnessing Sabrina’s natural ESP talents to create devices which control Pokémon, allowing them to have built up a formidable army.

Their first stop was Lavender Town, where Pokémon were in abundance; with their influence over the radio established it is only a matter of time before the much smaller cities of Celadon and Cerulean are crushed. With that, Sabrina’s next target was…


Lt. Surge was not going to relinquish as easily as the others; hell he’d been through much worse than this back in the day. This was nothing. Firstly contacting Fuchsia City and then using Koga’s network, Surge has managed to enlist the remaining standing cities into an alliance against Saffron…but who will win in the end?

-All Mafia Hub and SZ rules apply
-Do not PM share of discuss this game outside of specified chats or this thread. Do not PM share.
-Day phase is 48 hours, night is 24. You may not post here during the night phase.
-If you are dead, you’re dead. You may post one death post containing no game information and then you are barred from the thread.
-Lynch format is [Vote] Username.
-All actions are to be sent either via PM here or to myself on Discord (Arcaneum#0001).

Player List
Tyler as the GM

Dedenne as
Kiyotaka as
Sawsbuck as
Sam as
Salzorrah as
Glitter as
Kitty as
Canas as
Desox as
Bidoof as
Zoska as
Johnny as
EvilChameleon as
jdthebud as

The Pokémon Wars
Game setup

This is a standard game of Mafia, running a Day and Night Phase. There is a small difference in that every player will have a special role/ability. Day Phases will run for approx. 48 hours and Night Phase 24 hours. For more information if you are a newer player, please refer to this post.

Signups will be done by posting in this thread to express interest.

When receiving your Role PMs etc, I will make sure to simplify it as best as I can for you!


* Vermilion City (Watcher) - Each Night Phase, this City will use its vantage point to watch another player, learning who they visit that night.
* Fuchsia City (Cop) - Using their immense spy network, Fuchsia can visit one player during the night, learning of their true alignment.
* Indigo Plateau (Leader) - Where the elite sit and test the mettle of any trainer before them, they are a strong lynchpin for the alliance. If removed, voting will be anonymous the next Day Phase.
* Pallet Town (Backup) - Home to Professor Oak, an extremely insightful individual who surveys the movements of friend and foe alike, everyone knows that he is a man of many talents, picked up over the years. As the Backup, Pallet Town will be randomly assigned a role at the start of the game. If that role dies whilst Pallet Town is alive, it will assume that role.
* Viridian City (Governor) - The Centre of Operations, Viridian is where plans are laid and set out. As the Governor, Viridian can choose to override a lynch during that day phase.
* Cinnabar Island (Deputy) - A crucial defence point at sea and with the natural firepower of its volcano, Cinnabar can choose to use this to anonymously destroy another City during the day phase. This will not reveal Cinnabar as the user of this action.
* Pewter City (Blacksmith) - Settled inbetween the natural forts of Viridian Forest and Mt. Moon, Pewter City utilises its natural resources to forge protective for the frontlines at Vermilion. Each night, Pewter can create one vest which will save another City from one attack.
* Viridian Forest (Nurse) - Viridian Forest has over the last few years gained a reputation as a place of spiritual healing, attracting visitors from all over Kanto to experience it for themselves. As a result, Viridian Forest can prevent one player each night from dying, however at the expense of blocking that person’s role as well.
* Cerulean City (Gunsmith) - Just on the other side of Mt. Moon an therefore close to the Blacksmiths in Pewter, Cerulean provide the offensive counterparts, giving one player a gun each night. These guns will reveal the shooter if used.
* Celadon City (Virgin) - A small innocent bystander in all of this, Celadon is caught up in one of the main avenues of attack between Vermilion and Saffron. If Celadon City is removed during the day phase, the Mafia cannot kill during the next night phase.

* Saffron City (Hooker) - Utilising its advanced technology and its leader’s psychic talents, Saffron can jam any city for one night, disallowing them from taking any action at all.
* Lavender Town (Fabricator) - As Saffron’s main equipment stronghold and with the ability to broadcast as Saffron sees fit, Lavender Town can produce fake guns or vests and give them to players. These vests will not protect you and any guns that are fired will instead kill the shooter.
* Silph Co. (Janitor) - Silph Co. based in Saffron City is the leading force behind the technological developments in the Kanto Region. Under Saffron’s control, Silph Co. can choose once a gam to dispose of their latest test victim, hiding their role reveal to everyone else other than Silph Co.

* Mt. Moon (Cultist) - Mt. Moon has started seeing more and more strange events happen as time has passed…some say that the few people that have braved its peak recently have yet to return and chanting can be heard. The cultists here can recruit one player into their cult each night. That player loses all their abilities and instead win if the Cult become the majority. If the cult leader dies then all cult members die.


I am posting in this thread to express interest in joining Pokémon Wars: Chronicle One


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