Pokemon Generations Mafia

Pokemon Generations Mafia


I believe so, though Pecilia was @ed :thonk: @Kiyotaka_Ishimaru?

@TeaLeaf also need your vote in here


Vote Count 5.2

Zoska (1) - @Dedenne
Tyler (1) - @Johnny
Not voted (3) - @Zoska, @Tyler, @TeaLeaf

It is now LyLo - Lynch or you Lose. Town must lynch correctly today.

I will extend the phase by 24 more hours.


I was hoping someone would have some more concrete information by now. If anyone’s wonder has given them any information now is the right time to come out with it.

Given the lack of information at this point in time though, I’m happy to go along with one of these votes. I’ll go for [Eliminate] Zoska I think.


Not received any info so Iguess I’ll go read how the game works etc and go from there…


Whoooaa, okay, I completely forgot about this game, I’m so sorry. :holyhell:

Also seeing I have 2 votes against me, probably not the best thing if town wants to live today so I’m just gonna go ahead and claim. I visited Whirl Islands day 2 and earned Redirection, I swapped around GP and Dedenne Night 2, but I haven’t done anything since then…cause, y’know. Whoops.

I’ll [eliminate] Dedenne. I don’t know how it’s such a “simple decision”, I don’t think a mafia would go inactive for so long.


I mean, it’s a simple decision for him because by process of elimination, you and Aaron remain.


I still have no idea what I am, so I’m not voting until I’m aware of at least that much. @Kiyotaka_Ishimaru oi


Vote Count 5.3

Zoska (2) - @Dedenne, @TeaLeaf
Tyler (1) - @Johnny
Dedenne (1) - @Zoska
Not voted (1) - @Tyler

It is now LyLo - Lynch or you Lose. Town must lynch correctly today.

I will extend the phase by 24 more hours for the sake of Tyler.


Okay, why the hell do I think its Dedenne and Johnny now?


Gunner you’re dead omg. But, weird that you’re suss of me and johnny, yet you convinced everyone to kill of Dakota who could have been a valuable asset right about now.


First of all, I’m dead, but hell I’m gonna use my role effectively.

Second, Deeks was way suss of me and she did not, and I repeat DID NOT claim to have gotten a role. Yes, she could’ve been an asset, but she didn’t trust us enough to say that she did infact claim a role, and just said that she was a vanilla. So that’s on her. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t get why you two are so prominent to the point that you’re probably controlling the whole game at this point. It really feels like you do coz you got GP outed, where I definitely believed that GP was wholeheartedly town. I’m def getting huge scumvibes from Johnny at this point, and scumlean on you too.

If only I could vote for you guys, I would. But I’m dead so there’s that.


I can agree to scum!Dedenne for outing GP, but honestly, at this point I cannot see Dedenne being Mafia, simply because he’s been at least vocal, and vocal players help the town in one way or another, while silent players do not. My gut feeling kind of agrees with Gunner, but that aside, logic and probabilities say that there’s at least one scum between Zoska and Tyler, so I’m gonna stick to my vote.


This is the issue I’ve been debating over with myself - as much as there are definitely some more vocal players and those vocal players generally tend towards town, it’s exactly that reason as to why it could be that at least one of them are scum. I feel that at least one of Johnny/Dedenne are scum in this instance, with Zoska being the other (though mostly this is down to activity concerns like the others mentioned); Dedenne’s play seems rather similar to when they were last scum and as much as I normally hate meta, I am for once going with my gut because every time I go against it I make the wrong decisions. With those two being scum, it almost makes sense to me that one is so vocal and pushing to be inno and as a result distance themselves away from their partner as much as, logic being that polarised means surely they couldn’t be working together.

At least this might also bring out the other scum if they vehemently defend against my vote…

[Vote] Dedenne


Sorry I haven’t really been around much this day phase, been helping my soon-to-be ex-flatmates move out and one of my soon-to-be new flatmates move his stuff in over the past couple of days. :sweat:

Anyway, I do kinda like Tyler’s reasoning about one scum being active and the other not - if they were both inactive I think we’d be seeing a few more no-kill nights than we did. Problem is I’m finding it difficult to see Johnny or Dedenne as scum now. Not that I’ve been keeping up with recent points, which might have changed things if I had read through them properly instead of skimming when I had time :P. I feel my current vote is a safer bet than going for one of those two, so I’ll stick with it. Yeah Zoska claimed but we can’t tell whether someone is town or not from what they claim in this game - for most abilities, either side could have them.


Vote Count 5.4

Zoska (2) - @Dedenne, @TeaLeaf
Dedenne (2) - @Zoska, @Tyler
Tyler (1) - @Johnny

It is now LyLo - Lynch or you Lose. Town must lynch correctly today


Game Ends!

It was a two-way tie between Zoska and Dedenne. Dedenne was lynched. He was a Pokemon Trainer who visited the Power Plant.

Tyler was endgamed. He was a vanilla Pokemon Trainer.

Zoska was endgamed. She was a Pokemon Trainer who visited the Whirl Islands.

TeaLeaf won the game as a Leader of the Evil Organizations. He visited the Dragon’s Den.

Johnny won the game as a vanilla Leader of the Evil Organizations.


tfw my hunch was kinda right but I gunned for the wrong person out of the two, balls




OH MY GOD MY HUNCH WAS RIGHT! I also found it interesting in hindsight where Johnny threw Dedenne under the bus lmao, and as I said, Johnny killed GP.

Honestly, good game.


GG, was so sure it was the other way between GP and Johnny, and I don’t think anyone suspected TeaLeaf