Pokemon Generations Mafia

Pokemon Generations Mafia


Honestly that’s hard to believe with all the posts about wonders and the initial post, but since I am one who skim reads with those posts at times I kind of get it, and I’d be more suss of you if you actually ignored the question.

So with that I’ll just vote for my second suspicion, [Eliminate] Glitter. I’ve been trying to follow the entire conversation, but it just seems like both are circling eachother with defenses. However, Johnny actually role claimed while GP seems quite desperate to get out of the spotlight.

Strange you’d say that and go on to say that you don’t care which one gets lynched first. We have little to go on with Dakota, and when you actually casted your vote you gave it with no direct reason beyond “I’ve been leaning more towards a scumread.” Before that the only thing suspicious to you was her finding you and Johnny suss, which I’d say is warranted with all the defending you two have done based upon one accusation. But, again Johnny roleclaimed, you have not.


You contradicted yourself when you said that I was acting out of character, then called me out for doing what I usually do. I already explained this. You said it was unlike me to be quiet, then you called me out for putting a pressure vote, which is something I always do.

That contradiction is very clear. No matter how I look at your actions, all you seem to want to do is to cast suspicion on me. The only non malicious reason to want to do this is something way too elaborate to believe that is the actual reason behind your reasons, i.e casting suspicion on vocal players to make the mafia focus on somebody else.

I would’ve believed the above if you hadn’t voted Dakota.


He roleclaimed vanilla which is literally the easiest claim to fake in a game that is already supremely easy to fake a claim in and if I wanted to be out of the spotlight I’d stop walking willingly into it.

We have little to go on with Dakota because she’s not making any effort to defend herself beyond “lol I’m nilla” and I literally just covered why that’s not a great defence. She tried to stir the pot early on and hasn’t followed through with any kind of satisfactory defence or contribution.

Since apparently though, roleclaiming is a must for you. I visited the Safari Zone on Day One, so you’re welcome you didn’t die n1. I’ve not openly claimed my role until this point because as we’ve already stated claims don’t actually prove anything in this game and I didn’t think drawing attention to myself as doc was a great idea given that circumstance. Apparently though, I’m being left with no choice. The funniest part of all this though? I actually put my protection on Johnny last night because right up until that weird contradiction I’d been totally satisfied by his responses.


*correction to myself: the last person I protected was TeaLeaf, Johnny was before that.


On the first day you were acting out of character at first. You are normally one of the most dedicated and vocal scumhunters I play with. You literally left your vote and that’s all and may well have not said anything further without being pushed at. Then i left that particular issue because I found your responses when pushed satisfactory.

I have now come back to you because there was a contradiction. You claimed that we need answers (correct) but went for the vote least likely to produce them (bar abstinence). Yes, you like pressure votes, but pressure votes tend not to make much sense when there’s nobody around to be pressured by it. That being said, as I have said, I am aware that this is also a disparity in our playstyles which is why I’m voting for Dakota over you.

I have explained thoroughly my reasoning behind everything I’ve done and not once have I flip-flopped or made some sort of slip up. If that constitutes being scummy now, this game has changed dramatically.


I agree it is the easiest to fake, especially in this game with the possibility of failing to visit wonders and no roles given out. But, it was more to go off of than with you not claiming.

I didn’t think she could defend herself, I mean I don’t think I could defend myself to a dead person like Gunner, beyond saying my role, and though she claimed the easiest to fake, it is still a defense. None of us have had anything to contribute though, with our roles being found through wonders, and many possibly waiting to see what other roles come fourth. The only thing we have to go on is our suspicions and breaks in each persons argument, (which is what I based by above post on).

You haven’t flip-flopped, or slipped up, you have seemed scummy mainly because of how hard you are defending yourself, meaning it seems aggressive. Mainly the “you’re welcome you didn’t die n1” and the “That being said, I’ll gladly switch my vote to you instead if that’d make you happy.”. But, I don’t know that much about your playstyle. I find your reasoning satisfactory, but I’m still not sure who to change my vote to. (I will change it) With Dakota all I see is someone who didn’t read all the posts and forgot, who happens to have a dead person yelling at townies to eliminate her.

Beyond her my feel on everyone is,
TeaLeaf is Town
Pecilia is Town
Salzorrah was not town???
Johnny ???
Zoska ???

Edit: Yeah I have to sleep tonight so, [Eliminate] Toga. I don’t have any better leads.


Gunner was giving pretty townie vibes before her death otherwise I’d share your concern about her potentially being a maf ghost. I don’t think she is though… mind you I’ve been wrong before and we shouldn’t discount the possibility.


You said it yourself in the last sentence. I don’t have much more to add to this. Except that you’re wrong and your strategy sucks :fufu:

I’m gonna take my vote off of you, not because I’m suddenly convinced that you’re town, but if you really have that ability, mafia’s gonna target you (this may or may not be WIFOM, we’ll talk about it more in the next phase).

That said. I wanted to vote Zoska or Pecilia to get them to talk, but sadly I have to go to sleep and I won’t have time to get online before work and I want my vote to count for something so I’ll [ELIMINATE] Toga.

I don’t really have a scumread on Dakota, but voting GP is a waste and if he’s alive by the next phase, someone probably would counterclaim his role, and if no one does, it’d be safe to say he’s town, seeing as there was a no kill night.

Also, lynching Dakota will give us something to work on, regardless of her alignment.


Vote Count 4.2

Toga (4) - @Glitter, @TeaLeaf, @Dedenne, @Johnny
Not voted (3) - @Flower_Child, @Zoska, @Pecilia


Night Four

Toga was lynched. She was a Pokemon Trainer, who visited the Sky Pillar.

Night 4 has begun. You have 24 hours to send in your night actions.


Day Five

Glitter died. He was a Pokemon Trainer, who visited the Safari Zone.

Day 5 has begun. You have 48 hours to discuss whom to lynch.


Unova Region

The existence of more and more skyscrapers, the rapid production of new modes of transportation, the steady pace of modernization - these are the signs of the changing times. The lure of scientific and cultural advancement is the engine driving your realm forward. Now your challenge is to maintain the balance between Pokèmon and man, between nature and technology.

The following Wonders can be visited in the Unova Region. Please submit Visit Requests via PM, if you wish to do so.

Relic Castle - The Relic Castle is an ancient ruins located in the middle of Desert Resort. It possesses a glorious history buried in the sand as time passed by. By visiting this Wonder, you earn History. Each night, you may target a player to learn what wonders they have built, if any.

Pokemon World Tournament - The Pokemon World Tournament is a facility wherein the best of the best gather to battle and prove their prowess a trainer. By visiting this Wonder, you earn Challenge. Once in the game, you may target a player during the day or night and kill them. This kill will always go through, irregardless of protections.

Giant Chasm - The Giant Chasm is a large impact crater, home to various types of Pokèmon. Notably, it is the dwelling place of Kyurem, the Boundary Pokèmon. It is said that approaching this chasm will cause disasters to befall you. By visiting this Wonder, you earn Disaster. Each night, you can target a player and all actions affecting them will fail.

Join Avenue - (Available only to Evil Organizations) The Join Avenue is a place where people from various locales gather and meet. It is a place of connection in the modern region of Unova. By visiting this Wonder, you earn Relationship. Immediately upon visiting, you may loverize two players, unbeknownst to them. If one dies, the other commits suicide in grief. However, both of your targets become invalid targets for killing actions performed by any member of your faction.

Day 5 has begun. You have 48 hours to discuss and decide on whom you should lynch.


Vote Count 5.1

Not voted (5) - @Zoska, @Pecilia, @TeaLeaf, @Dedenne, @Johnny

It is now LyLo - Lynch or you Lose. Town must lynch correctly today.


@Tyler will be replacing @Pecilia.


Wait, it says Dakota visited a Wonder? Why did she say she was vanilla? :thonk:


Alright I think it’s a fairly simple decision as to who we got to vote for. [Eliminate] Zoska


Happy to vote her, but why is it such a simple decision? I think I’m missing something here.


Vote Count 5.2

Zoska (1) - @Dedenne
Not voted (4) - @Zoska, @Tyler, @TeaLeaf, @Johnny

It is now LyLo - Lynch or you Lose. Town must lynch correctly today.


Pecilia is the only other person I’d go for, and even then she’s even more inactive. TeaLeaf is probably Town in my head and so are you. I don’t see any other options.


Ah okay, I thought I missed something. So that just makes sense to you. I’ll put on a pressure vote, but seeing as we’re in LyLo, this means there are two mafiosos alive. Very likely Zoska and Pecilia. This isn’t set in stone, so I’ll vote for the other one [ELIMINATE] Tyler (He replaced Pecilia, right?)