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Pokemon Generations Mafia


@Flower_Child @Dedenne @Glitter @Johnny @Zoska @TeaLeaf @Pecilia

the 5 innos that are in there, you have to get your shit together jeez


why am i being pinged by a spooky ghost angery


because i told u so smh


Honestly, I actually could see Daks as maf. That comment about finding me and Johnny suss didn’t make much sense to me.

I’m also feeling quite iffy about Johnny’s contradictory lynch choice from before. He said we needed information so he voted the most inactive person in the game. That doesn’t make sense to me. Meanwhile my only solid townreads are TeaLeaf and a dead person.


wow gp im hurt, but same reads actually…

so far Deeks has been one of my strongest scumreads atm, and without the others giving their input, this makes our job much harder


I’m starting to get scum vibes from you. First the “inactivity” because it didn’t line up with how I usually play, and now you think it’s suspicious that I’m doing what I usually do? I.e random vote to get people talking? If anything, you’re the one contradicting yourself here.

Also, when you want people to talk, it makes sense to vote the silent ones.


You’re welcome to your scum vibes. I think that voting someone quiet can potentially cause them to talk in reaction, but I don’t think L’Belle has posted even once here. That says to me they’re not very invested in this game and probably are not watching the thread. It seems unlikely to me that they’ll even see your vote to respond which leaves us with nothing to go on but an additional dead townie.

You make it sound like I have done nothing but come after you but there was an entire day in the middle there where i was buying you as a townie for the most part. It’s only as of that recent play I’ve been leaning more towards a scumread.

[Vote] Toga

That being said, I’m aware that our playstyles often differ greatly. I’ll vote for my other scumread first and give others some time to weight in on this one and a bit more time to consider for myself.


That’s one possibility. The other is that they’re mafia and are trying to go inactive as much as possible. If it’s the latter, it’s working out for him, seeing as you don’t think he’s scum. My theory is… I don’t know, which is why I want him to talk, hence my vote.


I can definitely agree on an [Eliminate] Toga, that sus comment has still gone unexplained. It’s my only real scumread atm tbh.

Not sure on GP/Johnny atm. It looks like we weren’t going to get any information out of L’Belle whether we voted him or not, but if he remained that inactive he would’ve been booted from the game eventually, leading to the same result - an additional dead townie (not that we knew he was a townie at the time, and the only way we would find out is lynching him or outing whoever has an investigative ability). Might as well at least attempt to get a peep out of them. Besides, it’s not like Johnny was trying to convince everyone else to vote L’Belle so that he’d show up - his vote held as much weight as the random votes on that day. GP’s argument doesn’t make much sense to me, but does that make him scum? Right now, I don’t think so. I think he’s still acting in a town way by pressuring information out of his scumreads (although the arguments have all been GP vs Johnny because Toga hasn’t decided to respond in the same way Johnny has), and he is also aware that his scumread on Johnny could be a town vs town misunderstanding so he’s not voting on it yet.

Questions for @Glitter:

  1. If somebody had voted for L’Belle on that day stating it was a random vote (instead of Johnny’s vote), would you be grilling them about it now?
  2. If somebody else had died in the 5-way tie on that day, would you still be grilling Johnny about voting L’Belle? Even if he decided to vote for somebody else today?
    Just trying to get a better understanding of your point of view :smile:


me saying i find the arguing sus means i’m scum? o.o
not that it’ll be all that convincing, but i’m vanilla. probably gonna die now either way


ok Deeks I call bullshit on that. You had 3 chances to get a role, but despite that, you claim nilla? I’m sorry, but am I the only one around here who chose a role in the first place?

@Flower_Child @Dedenne @Glitter @Johnny @Zoska @TeaLeaf @Pecilia

I need y’all to claim right now. We’re going nowhere with this, and none has decided to step up and do something about it.

I still think voting Deeks is the right thing to do, and if we’re wrong, we should still have one more day before we totally screw up. Unless role shenanigans happen.

  1. I would be annoyed by the random vote but it would come off as scummy to me. It’s what I feel is an inherent contradiction in Johnny’s words and actions that I find off-putting.
  2. It honestly didn’t factor into my thoughts. Should it have?

Mafia can’t get those roles too then, right? If they can claiming won’t help. I’ll confirm I did get a role though.


I got a role D1, I’d be surprised if all townies didn’t try to claim a role, so @Flower_Child why are you vanilla? Did you try and fail? And if not what’s your reasoning for not visiting a wonder?

I don’t see the reason in any of us claiming our specific roles, it would just put targets on people’s backs.


I am vanilla as well and I don’t know how claiming is gonna help anyone, seeing as the roles are there for the taking. You could very well be mafia and pick those roles, so? Gonna **[ELIMINATE]**Glitter

You contradicted yourself and your whole reasoning that I’m acting out of character falls flat, because I was doing exactly what I always do and I already explained it to you. And the fact that you vote Dakota despite how you “feel” about me makes no sense. I’m fairly certain that Dakota is town and Gimmepie is not.


I’m vanilla, but I didn’t visit any wonders because I couldn’t decide and ended up forgetting.


There was an entire day phase between me saying you were out of character and my finding your actions contradictory. My reasoning changed because, as I said, I actually found your responses on Day One satisfactory. I only started legitimately scumreading you today and I’ve been pretty open about that.

I hardly think I’ve contradicted myself when I’ve been pretty clear I’m scumreading Dakota as well. The only difference is you’ve been going out of your way to respond directly to me and defend yourself while Dakota hasn’t. That being said, I’ll gladly switch my vote to you instead if that’d make you happy. I don’t really care which order we lynch the two of you in.


There are 12~ more hours until the end of this phase.


ok I’m still pretty confused by this entire situation, so I’m going to let it unfold some more before I form a more solid opinion than I did earlier.

I’m not sure claiming roles is going to help, although the number of people claiming vanilla at this point in the game is surprising. I guess I’ll say that I have visited a Wonder, but I’d rather not reveal which one. It’s not anything malicious, I promise.


I’ll still give Daks some time to answer my questions before I decide who exactly to vote for. But, I may have to edit this post before I sleep tonight. If anyone missed it I have visited a wonder, just want to make sure everyone is on the same page here.


i forgot you could do that until now tbh
get roles via pm that is