Pokemon Generations Mafia

Pokemon Generations Mafia


:game_die: 1


[eliminate] Toga


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


the bots have turned against me wtf


sorry b, it was discobot’s fault, but seriously, what are your reads?


i mean i don’t have much to go on either. gp and johnny’s argument made me a bit sus but i guess theyre always like that tbh


[Eliminate Dedenne]

I’m seriously struggling on reads atm. Everyone’s either neutral or given good responses to shit.


I don’t think we’re going to get much from killing the least active person here.


yeah so my only reads are GP as town because he’s trying to move things along and possibly also Johnny for reacting well to GP on D2

I forgot to vote yesterday so I’m going to randovote [Eliminate] Pecilia for now.

@Flower_Child saying that she finds GP and Johnny’s argument sus is…interesting, though. Like, you think one or both of them are mafia?


[Vote]Tealeaf OMGUS

No reads on my end either.


I have no idea who to vote for, Zoska targeted me of all people, but I just think we’re all grasping at straws right now.


It was a random vote, kiddo.


Vote Count 3.3

Lapostrophe Belle (1) - @Johnny
Toga (1) - @Salzorrah
Dedenne (1) - @Zoska
Pecilia (1) - @TeaLeaf
TeaLeaf (1) - @Pecilia
Not voted (4) - @Flower_Child, @Dedenne, @Glitter, @LapostropheBelle


Night Three

LapostropheBelle was lynched via RNG due to the 5-way tie. He was a vanilla trainer!

Night 3 has begun. You have 24 hours to submit your night actions.


Day Four

Salzorrah died. She was ???.

Day 4 has begun. You have 48 hours to discuss and lynch someone.


Sinnoh Region

Another region calls forth, its colder climate and mystical origins beckoning to you. Even the quiet lake of your quaint village holds a great mystery within. The world, once so small and limited, has grown more vast and unfamiliar and with it, more questions to be answered, places to be discovered, and dreams to be pursued.

The following Wonders can be visited in the Sinnoh Region. Please submit Visit Requests via PM, if you wish to do so.

Resort Area - The Resort Area is a town that attracts trainers who know of other way of enjoying Pokèmon other than battling. It is a place of relaxation and friendship. By visiting this Wonder, you earn Alliance. Upon visiting, you may immediately create a Resort with day & night chat consisting of three members, including yourself. Each night, you may choose to protect one player in the Resort from a single kill attempt.

Distortion World - The Distortion World is a place where the laws of physics are disobeyed. Time does not flow and space is irregular. By visiting this Wonder, you earn Distortion. If visited by a Trainer, at any time during the day, you may call upon the moderator to publicly confirm your alignment. If visited by an Evil Organization, once per game during the day phase, you may target a single player to make any build request they submit for that day automatically fail.

Great Lakes - Lake Verity, Lake Valor, and Lake Acuity are the three great lakes of Sinnoh, home to Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf, who are said to be the creators of spirit. By visiting this Wonder, you earn Soul. Each night, you will learn the identity of any and all players who visited you.

Eterna Forest - Eterna Forest is a place of mystery from the abandoned Old Chateau to the strange Moss Rock. It is known to be a labyrinth and trainers have been said to lose themselves in its clutches. By visiting this Wonder, you earn Mystery. Each night, you can target a player and all of their night actions shall fail.

Day 4 has begun. You have 48 hours to discuss and decide on whom you should lynch.


Vote Count 4.1

Not voted (7) - @Flower_Child, @Dedenne, @Glitter, @Johnny, @Zoska, @TeaLeaf, @Pecilia


O shit

Im ded rip

Jk im still here lmao

Id say all of yall vote Deeks for me, thats probably a start :x


dont lynch me just cause you had nothing to go on but rng kthanks.


Well considering that i died when I last voted you, you probably had something to do with it

Also, I’m gonna remind everyone that there are 7 of yall and there’s still 2 peeps left. I suggest everyone start revealing their actions