Pokemon Generations Mafia

Pokemon Generations Mafia


By the looks of it, he’s just trying to generate conversations by grabbing at anything he can, in case someone slips up, I guess? But it’s like everyone’s already said. There’s been no information save for a possible Doc intervention, but no one’s even claimed to be attacked.

On that note, I’m gonna [abstain], too.


I’ll just [abstain] for now, but mainly due to the lack of info we have. I hate to see two lynching chances be gone, always feels like we start behind then. But there’s nothing else to go off of so.


Yea, I had no idea Day 1 started yesterday. I’m going to [Abstain] as well, even though it doesn’t feel fun.


There’s no info, I’m making info. I really wish people wouldn’t take a chance to abstain as an excuse not to scumhunt. You grasp the tiniest detail and you build up. That way you can produce reads, at least you can if people keep talking.

[Abstain] Obviously since this is happening.


No deaths isn’t necessarily a bad thing in this game. Hopefully townies got some abilities from the visits, in the meantime, we can abstain one last time. [Abstain]


Vote Count 2.2

Abstain (7) - @Salzorrah, @Zoska, @Dedenne, @Glitter, @Pecilia, @EvilChameleon, @Johnny

Not voted yet (3) - @Flower_Child, @LapostropheBelle, @TeaLeaf

@Flower_Child and @LapostropheBelle - I need more activity from you.


sorry i will also [Abstain] since i’ve not got anything else to go on


I def agree with you there, but there’s literally no detail to grasp onto because no one has done anything wrong yet, because no one has died.


What if nobody ever dies? :thonk:


Look, if no one dies next day, I’m gonna randvote


Night Two

No one was lynched!

Night 2 has begun. You have 24 hours to submit your night actions.


@EvilChameleon @Flower_Child @TeaLeaf @Zoska @Johnny @Glitter @Salzorrah @Dedenne @LapostropheBelle @Pecilia


Day Three

EvilChameleon died. He was a vanilla trainer!

Day 3 has begun. You have 48 hours to discuss and lynch.


Hoenn Region

You have visited great wonders and seen Team Rocket rise and fall in the lands of Kanto and Johto. Soon you will stand upon the abundant grounds of the region where land meets water. That is where your story will be written. Just as the young trainer continues to battle and train, so shall you grow to understand your place in this world.

The following Wonders can be visited in the Hoenn Region. Please submit Visit Requests via PM, if you wish to do so.

Mt. Chimney - Mt. Chimney is the great volcano of Hoenn, home to the continent Pokèmon, Groudon. It is partly responsible to the abundant nature of the land in the region. By visiting this Wonder, you earn Overheat. Each night, you may target a player and cause all of their actions for that night to fail.

New Mauville - New Mauville is a place of research and innovation, where new information is constant and prevalent. By visiting this Wonder, you earn Investigation. Each night, you may target two players to learn if they share an alignment. You may not target the same player twice with this ability.

Sky Pillar - The Sky Pillar is a place where the land connects with the sky and from here, you can observe the whole region. By visiting this Wonder, you earn Observation. Each night, you may target a player and track whom they visited.

Mirage Tower - The Mirage Tower lies in the desert and appears from time to time to unsuspecting wanderers. By visiting this Wonder, you earn Disappearance. Each night, you may hide behind a player. If you hide behind a mafia or a trainer who possesses a killing ability, you will die. If you hide behind a regular trainer, only actions affecting that trainer will affect you.

Seafloor Cavern - (Available only to Evil Organizations) Seafloor Cavern is found in the depths of the ocean of Hoenn, home to the sea basin Pokèmon, Kyogre. It is partly responsible for the great waters in the region. By visiting this Wonder, you earn Tidal Waves. Factional kills you perform will not flip any information except for the player’s name. Instead, you will be given this information privately.[/b].

Day 3 has begun. You have 48 hours to discuss and decide on whom you should lynch.


Vote Count 3.1

Not voted yet (9) - @Flower_Child @TeaLeaf @Zoska @Johnny @Glitter @Salzorrah @Dedenne @LapostropheBelle @Pecilia


I will have my revenge on you yet, evil doers. :fist:


That answers that question, we had a doc save and not a lazy mafia. Less good is that I was the only one to really interact with EC the last day so we’re not going to glean that much from his death.


Vote Count 3.2

Not voted yet (9) - @Flower_Child @TeaLeaf @Zoska @Johnny @Glitter @Salzorrah @Dedenne @LapostropheBelle @Pecilia


We really need shit to happen. [ELIMINATE] LapostropheBelle


Oof yeah.

Ok so my reads so far is GP being town. He’s been very helpful, and despite being very pushy this game, I know that he really meant it in good will.

Everyone else is just null.

I know I’ve said I’m gonna randvote if no one died last night, but there’s still no info, and I’d rather have to push for someone to talk than to abstain at this point.

If discobot rolls this number, I’ll vote for em. I didn’t include GP, because I find him town:
1 - @Flower_Child
2 - @TeaLeaf
3 - @Zoska
4 - @Johnny
5 - @Dedenne
6 - @LapostropheBelle
7 - @Pecilia

@discobot roll 1d7