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Well, either the mafia was lazy or it’s safe to assume that one of us managed to nab the doc role during the previous day. That’s a good thing to an extent… the downside is that no death means we still have very limited info to work with. Technically we can afford another no-lynch but the longer this goes on the less I want to do that.

I notice that Johnny was unusually quiet yesterday, even day 1 he usually has more to say than that. It’s quite out of character for him to just quietly abstain and say nothing. Could be nothing given the circumstances of the post, but it’s worth noting.


I contributed as much as you and everyone else did :thinking:


I’d argue less than me, but I’m not comparing you to everyone else, I’m comparing you to the baseline you set for yourself. I won’t say it makes you scum, but I think anything unusual warrants looking into.


You could argue, but you’d be wrong. All you said was “I don’t like no-lynching, but it’s good now so let’s do it”. Between that and outright abstaining there’s no difference in contribution.


aaaaaand your reply to the other part of that?


I don’t know if it’s good or bad that nobody died, to be honest.




You can’t deny that it’s different to your usually behaviour. I think it’d be remiss not to mention it. Plus it generates discussion and gets a baseline for getting reads, added bonus.


I agree that in this situation, anything slightly unusual needs to be looked at more closely, and it’s true Johnny didn’t say as much as he would normally but…what could any of us say beyond what was said already? It was a Day 1 game start, nothing had happened yet and everyone more or less had vanilla roles.


Essentially we still know nothing, and it looks like abstaining is the best move again.


No one had anything to add yesterday, it was a day phase start there was no info to go off of. Also the same could be said for anyone today who’s a bit slow replying to what happened.

Anyways beyond whatever that is, does anyone have any other suspicions to contribute? I have nothing much at the moment.


My “usual” behavior is from games that start N0.
I can say the same thing about you.
Meta information means shit, you should know that by now.

Also, the discussion that is generating is useless because you’re not gonna accept that you’re wrong. Move on if you’re town.


Well it looks like we’re back to square one. No info, no deaths.

Honestly think GP’s clutching at straws going after Johnny, like others have said there was nothing much to be said on D1 other than “hey can we abstain, there’s no info yet so I’d like to abstain, oh also don’t share locations.” I kinda get that he wants to move the game along, but I’m not sure who I’d be comfortable voting for yet.

Speaking of lack of contribution though, where’s L’Belle at?


I’m just going to drop my abstain vote now, so I don’t forget. I highly doubt we’re going to get anything concrete today.



Mate… I can’t be wrong if I never necessarily suspected you. Overall I’m pretty happy with your responses.

Speaking of acting strange, EC was pretty eager to vote yesterday and today is all about abstaining. He’s not necessarily wrong, but I’d like to know why the change of heart.


I only voted at first yesterday because I didn’t know we could abstain. Once I learned we could abstain, and TeaLeaf would get lynched if I didn’t change my vote, I abstained. Simple.


Not suspecting EC, tbh. He could’ve easily played dumb and not change his vote from TeaLeaf.


I really wish people would stop giving satisfactory answers :’)


I’m actually confused at what GP is trying to accomplish here ngl. There’s literally no information at all about anything, not even deaths at the most. I get that all of us should start focusing on finding people out and all, but it’s hard to pin on someone when nothing has even done.

I’m not saying anyone is scumleaning, not even GP, it’s just that with little information to go off, there’s honestly no other play other than just abstain, and hope that someone has info to give.

EDIT: which btw I’m gonna go ahead and do [abstain]