Pokemon Generations Mafia

Pokemon Generations Mafia


The OP doesn’t say anything about abstaining :thinking:


I thought this sounded familiar…:eyes:

Anyway, if we can’t abstain…who wants to get lynched first? :smiling_imp:


Thanks for volunteering!

[Eliminate] TeaLeaf


oh darn, you got me, I walked right into that one, it’s all over now, I didn’t want to play mafia anyway… /s


o damn u got caught lmao rip

but srsly @Kiyotaka_Ishimaru can we abstain?


I’m weary about rushing to abstain generally, but not going to lie I think it’s a much more valid option on a day one start. It basically allows us to get some convo in and then have the night start that works better for us after. Especially since we’ll hopefully have some roles then.


Vote Count 1.2

TeaLeaf (1) - @EvilChameleon
Not voted yet (9) - @Salzorrah, @Flower_Child, @LapostropheBelle, @Zoska, @Dedenne, @Glitter, @Pecilia, @TeaLeaf, @Johnny

Abstaining is allowed.


Gonna abstain i don’t have anything to go on


Well, I’ll keep my vote, as I don’t like to change like a madman.



[abstain] nevertheless.

I’m actually wondering if we should openly state where we are visiting, but I guess that would eventually have some consequences later on :thinking:


Alright, let’s [abstain] for now.


I hate abstaining d1 since it always feels like we’re one step behind, but it can’t be helped with the day phase being first and no leads to go on.



[Abstain] for the reasons already given. I don’t think publicly claiming visiting choices is a good idea, the mafia could use that to their advantage since they visit the same as we do.




[Abstain] There’s not really much else we can do at this point. All aboard the abstain train.


so I asked Kiyotaka over DMs if the majority abstain vote means that I don’t die and that is not the case.

so can we not kill me for no reason kthnx.


Abstaining from voting is the best move for today, after all.


Oh it’s one of those then? Alright.

[UNVOTE] TeaLeaf


Kanto Region

No one was lynched!

Night 1 has begun. You have 24 hours to submit your night actions.


@EvilChameleon @Flower_Child @TeaLeaf @Zoska @Johnny @Glitter @Salzorrah @Dedenne @LapostropheBelle @Pecilia


Johto Region

From humble beginnings, you have shown remarkable growth. Now, young trainer, you must continue your journey in Johto - the land of elegant and mysterious culture. Bask in its history hidden behind its landmarks and develop a greater love for Pokèmon.

The following Wonders can be visited in the Johto Region. Please submit Visit Requests via PM, if you wish to do so.

Bell Tower - The Bell Tower is one of two towers in Ecruteak City built to foster friendship between Pokèmon and people. By visiting this Wonder, you earn Conversation. Immediately, you may target a single person and have a permanent neighborhood (private chat), which can be used at all times.

Ilex Forest - Ilex Forest is a place of serenity and silence, where nature has been best preserved by the time travel Pokemon, Celebi. By visiting this Wonder, you earn Rewind. Once in the game, you can visit another Wonder from the past generations. If they have been already visited, you take away the ability within from them. You may not visit Wonders of the deceased, however.

Lake of Rage - Lake of Rage’s ecosystem was once damaged by radio signals which caused local Gyarados to be filled with rage. By visiting this Wonder, you earn Rampage. Once in the game, you can target a player at night to kill them.

Dragon’s Den - The Dragon’s Den is a hidden area in Blackthorn City where young Dragon trainers are tested and challenged. By visiting this Wonder, you earn Strength. You become immune to the first kill attempt on yourself.

Whirl Islands - The Whirl Islands are a set of islands located south of Olivine where persistent whirlpools disallow trainers from entering sacred Lugia’s dwellings. By visiting this Wonder, you earn Redirection. Each night, you may target two players - a base and a receiver. All actions towards the base will only affect the receiver.

No one died!

Day 2 has begun. You have 48 hours to discuss and decide on whom you should lynch.