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Pokemon Generations Mafia

Since the establishment of the Pokèmon League, millions of youth began their journey throughout the Pokèmon world as Pokèmon trainers. Traversing past caves, braving the thick forests, and sailing the waters, their journeys took them to lands far and unknown.

As they battled Gym Leaders who tested their capabilities, those young Pokèmon trainers were able to strengthen their bonds with their Pokèmon and set out to accomplish greater things. In their journey, they developed a better understanding of themselves and discovered their inner desires.

Now, young one, it is the time for you to embark on your own journey and travel through the wonders of the Pokèmon world.

The Pokèmon Trainers (8)

The Pokèmon Trainers are the uninformed majority of the game. In the beginning of your journey, you have no special abilities, but as you journey through the world, you will discover a new strength. Together with the other trainers, you must defeat the nefarious organizations terrorizing the world.

The Evil Organizations (2)

The Evil Organizations are the informed minority of the game. Likewise with the Pokèmon trainers, you start off without strength nor renown, but you will grow stronger in time. You must equal or outnumber the Pokèmon trainers to accomplish your goals.

All famous Pokèmon trainers and Evil Organizations start from humble beginnings as vanilla characters.

In the start of each Day Phase, the players will start their journey in a new region, starting from Kanto until they reach Alola. A list of Wonders corresponding to the region will be presented. Players may submit Visit Requests at any time during the day as well as modify these request before the day ends via PM.

Players will be informed if they succeeded or failed in visiting a Wonder. If they succeed, they earn an ability which they can use to support their respective faction. If they fail, they earn another chance to visit a wonder in other regions.

By default, players may only visit a maximum of one Wonder. The Evil Organizations have an additional ability - Ruin. If activated, they can destroy one Wonder per game, nullifying its use to any player. This can be used in conjuction with a Visit Request.

All players have been privately assigned a priority value which they are unaware of. This value determines who successfully visit a Wonder if multiple people submit a Visit Request for the same wonder.

If a player opts to submit no Visit Request in a specific region, they will be moved to the top of the priority list.

If multiple players opt to submit no Visit Request in a specific region, the one who was previously highest on the list will be moved to the very top, and so on.


(1) The Safari Zone rules apply here.
(2) All Player Discussion must be kept in the thread; mandated special private chats may also be utilized. Other forms of contact outside of these such as Private Chats without the Host’s permission, IRL contact, and other methods are not allowed.
(3) Day Phase lasts for 48 hours. Players must make at least 3 posts. Failure to fulfill the post requirement for one phase will result in a warning and if the inactivity persists, the player is subject for replacament or modkilling.
(4) Voting is done in the format: [Eliminate] Player Name or in similar formats. Changing of votes may be done in this format: [Unvote] Player Name. All votes must be placed in bold or they are not counted.
(5) Night Phase lasts for 24 hours. Players are not allowed to comment in the thread. Violation of this rule will result in warning (1st offence) and disqualification (2nd offence).
(6) Sharing of Role PMs – through screenshots, verbatim copying, or other forms – to other players is illegal. Consequences will be given to violators.
(7) If you are eliminated in any way, you may have a final post, that will not reflect critical game information such as night actions and the like.
(8) Actions – day or night – should be sent to me via PM (Forums) or DM (Discord).
(9) Editing of posts is discouraged. If you have minor corrections, you may do so, but if you wish to have additions, you must make a new post or quote your previous post if you wish to highlight the addition.
(10) Respect the host and other players! Have fun!
Kiyotaka Ishimaru as the Pokemon Master

(1) Salzorrah as ???
(2) Toga as ???
(3) LapostropheBelle as ???
(4) Zoska as ???
(5) Dedenne as ???
(6) Glitter as ???
(7) Pecilia as ???
(8) TeaLeaf as ???
(9) Evil Chameleon as ???
(10) Johnny as ???


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This sounds great. I’m in. Good to see this section get some activity again.


9 players currently. Sign-ups will remain open until 24 hours from this post.


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Earlier than 24 hours, but I’ll be sending the Role PMs in a while. Day 1 will start soon after.


Kanto Region

From the simple, quaint town of Pallet… to the dark passages of Mt. Moon… to the modern city of Saffron, you have accomplished many. Young trainer, embark on your greatest journey: from this grassland region of beginnings onwards to the stars.

The following Wonders can be visited in the Kanto Region. Please submit Visit Requests via PM, if you wish to do so.

Power Plant - The Power Plant provides electricity to the citizens of Kanto and it also once housed the great Electric Pokèmon, Zapdos. By visiting this Wonder, you earn Conduction. Each night, target a player. The first time a killing action targets you, that action will be redirected to your target.

Pokèmon Tower - The Pokèmon Tower is the mystical burial place for dead Pokèmon, an area with a strong connection to spirits. By visiting this Wonder, you earn Medium. Once you perish, choose a player. You will earn a private chat with them, where you can converse until the game ends.

Silph Co. - Silph Co. is the most advanced technology-developing company in the Kanto Region, which has produced tons of innovations. By visiting this Wonder, you earn Developer. Each night, you may select a player and form a neighborhood (private chat) with them; this lasts for the next day and night phase.

Safari Zone - The Safari Zone protects wild and exotic Pokèmon from the harsh environments of the outside world. By visiting this Wonder, you earn Protection. Each night, you may protect a player from a single killing action.

Rock Tunnel - The Rock Tunnel is a spacious cavern where even light cannot penetrate, yet one must traverse it to continue the journey. By visiting this Wonder, you earn Persistence. If you die, no information will be released (alignment and role). Instead, you become a treestump and can continue to post in the thread. You remain dead for all other purposes.

Day 1 has begun. You have 48 hours to discuss and decide on whom you should lynch.


Vote Count 1.1

Not voted yet (10) - @Salzorrah, @Flower_Child, @LapostropheBelle, @Zoska, @Dedenne, @Glitter, @Pecilia, @TeaLeaf, @EvilChameleon, @Johnny

An additional mechanic to Wonders has been added (Mafia’s Ruin ability). If you haven’t received a Role PM yet, assume you’re vanilla.


I always enjoy a game that starts during the day instead of the night. What’s done in the dark should always be done in the light.


Honestly, a day start also means we have far less to go on though. It’s better to start at night so you have info going into the day discussion.


Interesting wonders, will be interested to see who says what and how we go about determining who to lynch d1.


O snap, hello, didn’t understand why the game started during the day until I remembered everyone’s roles are literally useless right now.

Ayy, and we get a vote counter afiesta_parrot

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Can we abstain from voting? That might be the best move for today.