Our first promotion!

Our first promotion!


it’s been like 2 days since the site launched, so time for our first promotion! welcome @Nina to her new role as (global) moderator! she’ll be focusing on the creative media section primarily :blush:


omg thank thank, I will be art momerator again and u better ready to be coddled so hard in art


Congrats! I know you’ll do fantastic. <33


Congrats Nina!


congrats! happy to see this!


Yay, congratulations Nina!:smiley:


It’s cool Nina! :smiley:


Congrats Nina!


Congratulations dear, you deserve the heck outta it! n_n;




Oh, I hadn’t seen this! Congratulations for the promotion, and do the best work you can!


Congratulations @Nina !
Im sure you’ll make the Creative Media section more awesome.


Work it gurl! You’re going to do lovely! (:slight_smile:


Congrats Nina! This was deserved, one must only look at the official threads to see how much work you’ve put in already! ^^


Congrats Nina :wink:


Congratulations, Nina!~ <3


Has it really been only 5 days.