Online Streaming Services

Online Streaming Services


Hello all, for those who watch various tv shows, anime and the like, I feel like we all tend to have a streaming service of some kind. We most certainly rarely watch shows as they air, and Idk about you but I like to binge rather than watch one by one.

So what online streaming services do you use? And which ones do you pay for? Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll Premium, Amazon Prime, etc. And do you plan on getting any in the upcoming year when various companies release their own streaming services?


I used to have Hulu before I got rid if it for financial reasons, and my bf has Netflix, so I don’t have to pay for that either. :dyinglol: Crunchyroll probably gets the most use from me, since it’s completely free if you don’t mind ads, which I really don’t tbh.


Does HBO count? That’s about the only one my family pays for.


I have Netflix and Amazon Prime, I rarely use both. My family uses Netflix sometimes though.


I have Netflix and Crunchyroll (all though my payment has lapsed on the latter whoops). My family still has paid TV but we’re thinking we might not renew our contract and just subscribe to multiple streaming services since it would end up being significantly cheaper while providing similar, if not better, variety.


I use Netflix and Amazon Prime. Used to pay for Hulu too but it wasn’t worth paying so much for each streaming service. Although my main source of entertainment using streaming is Netflix predominantly.


I use Netflix and occasionally Amazon Prime. I plan on getting Disney+ 100% when it launches next year, sight unseen.