One Night Ultimate Werewolf

One Night Ultimate Werewolf


Yeah, the Tanner winning means everyone else loses :dyinglol:


I claimed my role before you, there’s no way I could’ve known you didn’t visit me unless I was Insomniac.

[VOTE] jdthebud


Okay, so uh, we’ve got 3 hours to vote and between Tyler, Ho-Oh, jd, and Kitty idk who’s Werewolf, Tanner or Villager. ._.


Wait, actually, if someone is Tanner, it would be jd :thinking:


Why else would your purposefully claim a role then hide your action if not to piss people off?


Unless he’s werewolf and trying to not get lynched badly? Dude I don’t even know.

@jdthebud speak up yo


I don’t think he plans on it.

Listen, I know you can’t really trust me on everything, but this is my formal request. I can’t confirm what jd is anymore because of this Robber craziness, but I’d rather not lose to to the Tanner, so hear me out.

If he really were Town now, he’d have nothing to lose from claiming. So I know you’ve ruled that out. Now obviously he wouldn’t say who he actually visited, since then said person could immediately rat them out. But if he really were a Werewolf, I would expect he’d have just said “I visited Zoska” or something and then nothing would be of consequence, so if this is a play he’s not doing himself any favors.

Tanner’s goal is to get lynched, as you know. I don’t think that if jd were a Werewolf, he’d call out suspicions on nearly everybody, half of everyone (whoops, that was Ho-Oh) left who is actually trying to solve this, and tease everyone with his NA while blatantly refusing to put forth any sort of excuse. So I know that my logic might not be the most wanted, but I would like the Tanner to survive the day at least. Thanks…


So yeah, ending the phase in 2 hours, maybe more if I don’t get the votes needed.

@Specifice @Magipika @Shiny @Ho-Oh @Kitty @Zoska @Aldo @jdthebud @Johnny @Tyler


I’m gonna assume Tyler and Ho-Oh are the same role, either Villager or Werewolf, considering neither is calling the other out. Kitty claims Doppelganger and jd is most likely Tanner.

I wish we knew which roles were in the center deck, but I’m more willing to believe the two on them are wolves instead of townies.

[Lynch] Tyler?


Let’s leave it to chance.

[unvote] jdthebud


Wait, I just read the OP. If there’s a tie, all players who are on the tie will die. This way we’ll have better chances of hitting the Werewolf.

But also chances of hitting the Tanner :thonk:


[vote] Tyler

Because jd currently has 2 votes on him


I was gonna vote JD but then remembered thats Tanner’s goal. [Vote] Tyler


Works for me.

[Unvote] Johnny
[Vote] Tyler


[vote] tyler…?



The only way for lynching Tyler to be the correct action is if someone lied. Tyler, when switched with me, became the villager. Unless he wasn’t actually switched. Or unless he was switched afterwards.

I don’t know wtf I am but hopefully whatever I am wins? Lol :expressionless:


That’s why I think Johnny is the werewolf, actually…

[Unvote] Tyler


I have no idea what’s happening at this point. All I know is Magi is the Minion :dyinglol:


Vote for someone other than Tyler[quote=“Zoska, post:178, topic:2938, full:true”]
I have no idea what’s happening at this point. All I know is Magi is the Minion

Vote for someone other than Tyler


I mean, I voted for you because you won’t reveal your night action :eyes: