One Night Ultimate Werewolf

One Night Ultimate Werewolf


Spill the beans y’aaaaalllllll!


Alright, I think I’m okay but I’ll keep waiting for a bit to see who else claims.


I was the drunk but now i have no idea


Aldo, Tyler, Johnny, Zoska, whatcha got on roles? :eyes:


May as well claim seeing as I didn’t check a player. I’m the Seer.


I checked for roles that aren’t in use, and the two that came up was Werewolf and Villager. So there’s only one or maybe not any Werewolves, and there can only be two Villagers floating about.


It would be interesting to not have any werewolves the last night. :thinking:


Since Mr. Minion Magi was switched, he should be Town now. <n< Where are those deats boooiiiiii


We’ve still got a beans shortage and a trust shortage despite everything, but I’ll do it then.

[Vote] Aldo


Works for me, didn’t switch Aldo.

[Vote] Aldo



Well, we’ve either won or it’s impossible to win by now, but luckily it’s out of our hands so let nature take the wheel~


Fuck it, I’ll vote with Magi. Slightly squinting since he could still try to help the WWs win but that’s okay if that’s the case.

[Vote] Aldo


I think it’s not Aldo.

So going to go with [vote] Zoska


Alright, Tanner.

The only reason I held off so long was because I was waiting to hear the information of our last switch. If there’s anyone you shouldn’t trust, it’s the person who, if all of the information was true, may have realized what their real alignment is and withheld something longer than they should have. There’s no way to prove anything though, so unless they miraculously come clean it’s all up to them whether we win or not.


@Specifice @Magipika @Shiny @Ho-Oh @Kitty @Zoska @Aldo @jdthebud @Johnny @Tyler

Extending the phase for another 10-12 hours or so, it’s the middle of the night, and I’m too tired to end the game right now.


@Magipika Fine, I switched you and Ho-oh. Shiny then switched with me, and I was switched with you via OG Troublemaker. Which I think means you ended up as Robber and I am a villager, and Ho-oh is now the Minion.

Either way, the lack of defense by Aldo doesn’t help his case.



[Lynch] Aldo


That’s a lot more optimistic than I had expected, actually, although I have a suspicion that Nica may have been the Tanner, just maybe… :thonk:


[vote] aldo

Suspicion on what


Maybe I am the Tanner maybe I’m not.

You’ll see very soon.

Zoska’s the werewolf though imo.


Wait a minute, Ho-oh was Tanner? Haha.