One Night Ultimate Werewolf

One Night Ultimate Werewolf


It was only a 1/3 chance since you didn’t actually know, but I couldn’t explain how it worked anyways if I wanted.


Yeah, just so you don’t get confused in the future, you only need to be concerned about what role you got at the beginning, and the action you’re gonna do. Don’t mind the role swaps, even if it happens before you do the action. You won’t know your role got swapped in the first place, and this is a game thats meant to be played in real life, not on a forum. I just adapted it (which I might say I did a pretty solid job of it)


Nice job Werewolf! ALSO nice job to the people who called that XD


Yeah the minute Magi pegged me as Tanner I was fucked, he would’ve wall-of-texted me to death if I pressed further, attempted inciting him to vote/probe at my comment and therefore have others vote me out





Round 5

Send in your NAs if you have em!

@Specifice @Magipika @Shiny @Ho-Oh @Kitty @Zoska @Aldo @jdthebud @Johnny @Tyler



Round 5

You have about 24-48 hours to vote!

@Specifice @Magipika @Shiny @Ho-Oh @Kitty @Zoska @Aldo @jdthebud @Johnny @Tyler


So…anyone got any juicy info?


Well, I’m the Troublemaker. Magi and jd, what roles were you? :fufu:


Villager again fuck me


@Specifice Well, I was the Doppleganger, and targeted you, which meant I became the Troublemaker. I think I’m gonna wait to claim who I switched though. No reason to screw myself over if Robber did something weird or if Seer comes out with a bad result for me.


I got a message 12 hours ago that I was Troublemaker. One of the three of us is a DIRTY LIAR (I think)


Wait, lemme set the mood. I was Robber at first, then switched with JDthebud…then I became Troublemaker. So then Specifice is Troublemaker confirmed, JD is the robber and I’m the second Troublemaker?? Too bad this game makes more sense to me the final round.

Ignore my last statement though XD


So, I’ll take that as I’m the Troublemaker then, right?..


Why would you be TM


:thonk: Man I don’t know, let me make a timeline or something xD


I think JD meant you as in Specifice. What’s your original role or current?


I was the Minion, but I don’t feel like telling just yet :>


Haha I wouldn’t ask, nor expect minions to tell who the werewolves are, even if they’re not minions anymore XD


Timeline for the Chronologically Challenged

Doppleganger: jdthebud --> Spaget (Troublemaker) swaps me (Minion) and Ho-Oh (Tanner?).
Werewolf: Aldo
Minion: Currently jd.
Seer: Zoska, Villager and Werewolf in middle.
Robber: Shiny <–> jdthebud (DP Troublemaker)
Troublemaker: Spaget swaps me and jdthebud (Troublemaker).
Drunk: Kitty --> ?
Tanner: Ho-Oh --> jd --> Shiny
Villager: None? xD

Ending Roles?
Spaget as Troublemaker
Me as Robber
Shiny as Dopple-maker
Nica as Minion
Kitty as unknown Drunk
Zoska as Seer
Aldo as Werewolf
jdthebud as Tanner
Johnny as ?
Tyler as ?

Sneaky rolekeeping if nobody notices xD

I mean, I have no problem with spilling the beans eventually, but I’m still trying to figure out whether your situation checks out 100% and that one of you (or myself) isn’t now secretly a Werewolf. Primarily in doubt because of jd’s own doubt, but when the time comes I’ll say what I need to say. I will say there isn’t no Werewolves, though.