One Night Ultimate Werewolf

One Night Ultimate Werewolf


The word certain speaks to me that you’ve sort of skimmed over what I had to say. I specifically acknowledged that the situations I mentioned were all possibilities; especially since many of them cannot exist simultaneously, but I felt they covered practically everything I could think of.

I wouldn’t be one to complain about a murky game, when your ambiguity has not only confused those present, but gotten yourself voted for as well. “Cmon Minion, what you got” doesn’t contribute much to efforts, if you’ve noticed, and you purposely held off your claim while not responding to accusations towards your own behavior.

I don’t think I need to remind you about what happened the last time you skimmed over and ignored present evidence. You might want to take a look at a few of them more carefully and see what they really imply, of course unless you never intended to, but if you think I’ll add a vote to you in retaliation if you don’t, then you are highly mistaken.


The lack of switches makes it harder to figure out who the werewolves are.

[Vote] Zoska


I don’t buy the abstain as robber claim. [VOTE] Specifice


I was still a bit confused on why Johnny wouldn’t be informed of his role despite being switched from Drunk, so that leaves me to be a lil sus of Zos but only a tad.
I’m gonna BW a vote and go with [Vote] Specifice since that’s more likely than the Johnny/Zos thing.

Wait because there hasn’t been a CC :thonk: Even with the tiny chance that it’d be in the deck in the middle…
[Unvote] Specifice
[Vote] Tyler


I think it’s because only the original Insomniac gets notified. It says in the description that they get notified if they are the same role or not. For it to not be the same role, it has to be switched.


@Shiny don’t vote Tyler, I’m pretty sure he’s the Tanner.


Hmm, damn it back to square 1 again, then. [Unvote] Tyler


You could vote Magi and leave a tie with him and Specifice if you’re not sure about her. We still stand to win. Magi is definitely not the Tanner

Or Sophie, since she has a vote as well.


Yeah, sure. I could see Magi putting himself in the list of suspects to try and appear not sus, [Vote] Magipika


The vote’s actually at a three way tie, so I don’t mind if you lynch me as long as the vote passes through. jdthebud and I voted for Zoska, Aaron and Shiny voted for me, and Johnny and Nica voted for Spaget. And Aldo’s vote for Aaron, but I still don’t trust that.

Balanced, as all things should be. :fufu:


I think out of all those scenarios Zoska is the one I’m more willing to believe, although the Aldo/Kitty thing is still iffy to me too.

[Lynch] Zoska

It’s the only role with an abstain option so I figured there must be a play that goes with it (plus I really didn’t wanna become wolf or Tanner again lol,) which I think is ultimately everyone claims and we look for any CCs. Because dealing with role priority is annoying tbh. So in this case I’d love to hear a claim from Kitty, since it seems pretty clear that Tyler is Tanner and we won’t need a claim for that.


Wat, do none of you understand how Insomniac works? I asked Johnny for his original role because I needed to know if he really was Drunk, because, y’know…

That’s what I became.

[Vote] Magipika


I don’t even know what the current votes are, it’s a struggle to read through all that text.



Zoska was the Drunk

Magipika was the Villager

Starting Roles

Specifice as Werewolf
Magipika as Villager
Shiny as Troublemaker
Ho-Oh as Villager
Kitty as Minion
Zoska as Insomniac
Aldo as Seer
jdthebud as Villager
Johnny as Drunk
Tyler as Tanner

Role #1 was the Doppelganger
Role #2 was the Robber
Role #3 was the Werewolf


  1. Doppelganger - There was no Doppelganger in the round.

  2. Werewolf - Specifice was the only werewolf, she checked Role #2.

    • Role #2 was the Robber.
  3. Minion - Kitty knows that Specifice is the only werewolf.

  4. Seer - Aldo checks Kitty.

    • Kitty is the Minion.
  5. Robber - There was no Robber in the round.

  6. Troublemaker - Shiny swaps Zoska and Johnny.

    • Zoska is now the Drunk; Johnny is now the Insomniac.
  7. Drunk - Johnny swaps roles with Role #1.

    • Johnny is now the Doppelganger.
  8. Insomniac - Zoska knows that she became the Drunk.

Ending Roles

Specifice as Werewolf
Magipika as Villager
Shiny as Troublemaker
Ho-Oh as Villager
Kitty as Minion
Zoska as Drunk
Aldo as Seer
jdthebud as Villager
Johnny as Doppelganger
Tyler as Tanner


@Specifice @Magipika @Shiny @Ho-Oh @Kitty @Zoska @Aldo @jdthebud @Johnny @Tyler




I woke up just a minute too late to see my tie vote devastated, I had the power to switch my vote to Spaget at the last second if I really wanted to but I didn’t know what to trust and I only got four hours of sleep so I didn’t see any earlier ._.

Apologies to Zoska, but in my defense weird Drunk jank did happen in the game without someone’s knowledge, it’s just that Johnny was the one who changed roles after he became the Insomniac, which means we should’ve been lynching him? I don’t know man, I checked the game manual to try to understand that weird stuff and it doesn’t explain anything xD

smh, Spaget you sneak :zoomeyes:


Ngl I’ve been like, waiting for you to fall asleep Magi :dyinglol: I saw your last post with the tie vote and I was like “Okay, there’s still 4 hours left in the phase so if I put in my vote like right when it’s supposed to end then I should be in the clear.” Talk about addiction. ">.>

I latched onto that Zoska vote so hard lmao, I’m just glad she didn’t see me as sus after.




I did. But it was between you and Magi, you were both super sus in my eyes.