One Night Ultimate Werewolf

One Night Ultimate Werewolf


Slight problem with that. I was the Drunk so I don’t know what role I might’ve changed to.


Ohhh, okay. Yeah, Shiny’s claim checks out. I was changed to the Drunk, but I could be anything else after that.


Pretending to claim Troublemaker and switch people is actually more helpful for Town than anything, even if it were a bluff, at the beginning of the game because it makes people more willing to give up information. So it all seems to check out for now.

If you became Drunk after you were switched, that means you must still be the Drunk because you wouldn’t know you became the Drunk until after the Drunk’s turn, and since the Insomniac learns their role last then that makes it certain.

Still waiting on Aaron :eyes:


While theres the slight, slight chance you’re both werepuppies, I’ma [Unvote] Zoska


Kinda risky to claim two roles right out of the bat. Risky for a werewolf, don’t you think?


I don’t know if that necessary works this time around, because Shiny switched my role, not the Drunk. I lost my ability to see what my role is after that action.


I thought if you started as the Insomniac, then by the end it would tell you what you were after all the switching. It’s hard to tell because the Insomniac’s never been switched before, but the way I see it, you wouldn’t have been told you became the Drunk at all if you didn’t end on it.


Nah, Magi is right. It says in the description that they will know their role even after they are switched.


Ahh, okay


Phew, okay, I’m outta work so I can finally respond to this. I shoulda been more clear in my first post but:

I abstained from stealing anyone’s role, if I had forgotten to do my action then the Night phase would’ve lasted much longer.

So all the switching roles have been called for, right? Besides Doppelganger, I mean.


I think so? The only points of contention so far might be if Zoska somehow automatically got switched with a center deck role and became a Werewolf without telling us, or if you actually did rob someone’s role but don’t want them to know what you did. Or if one of us two aren’t really a Villager. Of course, none of these are provable, but there’s still four people left so guess we’re waiting on Aldo, Kitty, Aaron, and Nica. One of whom was here, but said this?

Who knows what that means.


I’m a villager unless I’ve been switched.


I believe Tyler’s hinting the Minion of their alignment. Speaking of which, that would be Kitty. I’m hardclaiming Seer.

[Vote] Tyler


Well, not exactly hinting, but perhaps a way to say Minion should sneakily reveal their identity to him?


Well, that was oddly uneventful… so that means we’ve got, for claims anyhow:

Villagers: Magipika, jdthebud, Ho-Oh
Minion: Kitty
Seer: Aldo
Robber: Spaget
Troublemaker: Shiny (Zoska <–> Johnny)
Drunk: Johnny --> Zoska
Insomniac: Zoska --> Johnny
Aaron?: Who knows

Honestly, pretty uneventful. I find it hard to believe we chanced upon no Werewolves this game, but since there weren’t very many switches there’s a lot of individual lies that could have been told… but nobody’s really making guesses beyond their claim, this is just a whole mess of possible scenarios. Fortunately, since there’s not much else to read I guess you won’t mind a wall of text this time around.


  • Well, first and foremost, one of the Villagers is lying. It’s the easiest way to do it, but there’s only been three and nobody’s tried to refute it, so we’re in the dark there.
  • Spaget actually switched to something bad but isn’t saying? It’s a safe roleclaim, but despite you saying switches mess everything up, they do overall benefit the Town. But now we only have your word to go on for that case.
  • As the Drunk, Zoska actually automatically switched roles because roles are weird. With both Werewolves supposedly in the middle, being Insomniac means you would know what you became, but you seemed oddly confused in a way that makes me doubt your actual final role. I’ll roll the evidence.

You were the Insomniac, so you know you were switched. Sure, Troublemaker claims may be false, but if you knew you were switched this round and Shiny seemed to confirm this, why did you say that Shiny might be the Werewolf in a situation where Troublemaker wasn’t used? If it really were a false Troublemaker claim, then Robber would have been the only way you could change roles, and in that case you would know you were the Robber, so that wasn’t it either.

You then used this doubt as grounds to ask Johnny for his role so you could see if Shiny was lying. Is this because you weren’t sure what he would say? Because it doesn’t make that much sense in this context, but there is one where it does; hypothetically, if you knew that you ended up as a Werewolf without knowing it was because of the Drunk, you might have wanted to know if Johnny would rat you out as the original, but when Johnny claimed you realized what really happened.

The other explanation for this would be that you just didn’t know how the Drunk and stuff worked, and admittedly, this possibility indeed all hinges on the same amount of doubt of whether the Drunk would kick in whether you could control it or not. Hence, why this is another possibility and not confirmed.

  • Back to our later claims. Aldo’s hard claim of Seer is believable, but the problem is it came so late that it might well be another one of those claims based on process of elimination of what’s left. On the off chance that he’s lying, this would yield a situation where he’s the Minion himself making Kitty as a Werewolf seem like a risk, and yet one not worth lynching and instead making the decision to get Aaron lynched. And Kitty’s been pretty quiet for a Minion, is that just because she’s busy or trying to be sus by not claiming or what?
  • But if we do choose to believe the claim, can we even tell what Aaron is? Just from what he said, he could be bluffing as the Werewolf, or he could be the Minion or the Tanner trying to draw attention and get himself lynched. Can’t even tell.

So what’s that leave us at? Well you can see the possible roles for yourself with my new and updated chart xD


  • Magipika, jdthebud, Ho-Oh: Might just be straight-up lying Villagers.
  • Spaget: Actually switched from Robber to Werewolf but isn’t saying.
  • Zoska: Might have become a Werewolf after becoming the Drunk, kinda sus…
  • Aldo/Kitty: Might be Minion - Werewolf pair instead of Seer - Minion?
  • Aaron: Trying to play Tanner, or feigning Tanner as a Werewolf? Talking minimally.

Anywhere from none of these to some of these might be real, and since discussion has been minimal, it’s anybody’s guess. Until we have the ability to discern any of these, we might just have to spread out the votes. Zoska’s the biggest behavioral lead I have so I’m going to [Vote] Zoska until you can explain why you were so uncertain about all that stuff.


I get your logic.

[vote] Zoska


Actually Specifice is sus too. Can we lynch both of 'em?


Well I’m pretty sure neither of them are feigning Tanner, and these Town roles which have the potential to switch to other roles with their own knowledge just seem like iffy situations. We can give them the opportunity to defend themselves, but as far as I’m aware Town has nothing to lose from lynching multiple people if we hit a Werewolf. Heck, we could even go as far as to all lynch all of each other out of mistrust in a massive tie vote, but since nobody’s choosing to weigh in I say go ahead.


You seem quite certain on things when we’ve had quite a murky game, I’m not sure as a result of the wall of text is Town analysis or a huge buffer put on by a potential Werewolf…especially as you’ve gone for a nice safe role to claim, which I unfortunately for you happen to be as well, so…

[Vote] Magipika


Going to spread things far and wide:
[unvote] Zoska
[vote] Specifice