One Night Ultimate Werewolf

One Night Ultimate Werewolf


Fuck me that’s why I wanted to switch to Zoska and hoped Johnny would claim Seer. I had a very good feeling he was after he posted :frowning:


I also wanted to take the heat off Specifice so I was limited in what y’all would reasonably believe lol


GG Aldo


Johnny :((((


After I started having doubts about Spaget mid-game I got so tired thinking about alternative scenarios that I didn’t know what to believe anymore, but in none of them did I ever even consider Aldo to be the Tanner. Very well played, you’ve fried my brain xD


Pika scares me off with too many words I cba and just vote on a whim


Ngl, y’all are crazy.

I was honestly hoping Magi’s plan worked, since Town would also win iirc if you got Spaget lynched, but Johnny voting Aldo sealed the deal for a solo Tanner win.

I’ve never expected the Tanner would win this round. I was betting on the Werewolves so much just because they were so many.

Also, I screwed up a bit, I forgot to send Chura her Insomniac report, good thing she didn’t change.


Zoska did fuck us over ngl.


Aldo gambled and it paid off. There’s not much we can do against that. This is why foul like roles are considered bastard roles everywhere


Btw, while I still have all your attention, do you guys want to continue the game until Round 5? I’m def sure I’m ending the game there, but I just wanted to know if y’all still interested.


Yep I want this everyday forever.


I didn’t even want to claim what happened with JD because I felt like that’d get me fucked over


Along with the fact that jd would fuck over Johnny, Ho-Oh, and Spaget :eyes:

You not claiming was honestly a decent play. I kinda wish the others latched onto you and vote you :thinking:


These quickie one-day rounds make bluffing much more viable, and figuring out anything is so much more difficult but they’re fun little brain-imploding challenges, I’d love to go for another round :fufu:

In retrospect, I was appealing for both Ho-Oh and jd to let Spaget get lynched but both of them were on Spaget’s side, and none of the situations I planned for looked anything like this at all, the rabbit hole goes so much deeper than I ever would have imagined :zoomeyes:


Gasp how dare Sal, I’m always so nice to you :(((


I’m also realizing now that I was the only actual Villager in this game, and only four people in this whole round actually had the Town’s interests in mind. >:o There were three Werewolves, a Tanner, someone who thought they were Minion and knew the Werewolves and one who knew they were but didn’t know. It’s a wonder we even got close to winning, but being a Villager and telling nearly every power role that they might be lying in huge walls of text, when I started the game with a bluff of my own, did not exactly make my case stronger…



Not gonna lie, my first Mafia alignment was fun af lol

It’s too bad we couldn’t figure out a way to get the heat back on Zoska, but Magi was too damn perceptive. :dyinglol:

But thanks anyway, Minions and wolves <3


I tried to confuse Magipika as much as I could for you! :slight_smile:

It worked so well we hit the Tanner…


We did our best, haha, nice teamwork!


Heccin hecc