One Night Ultimate Werewolf

One Night Ultimate Werewolf


Doesn’t this mean everyone who voted and made it a tie will also die?

Edit: Or is that just the people voted for?


Nah, just those who were voted for, the other situation would be ridiculous xD



That makes sense :dyinglol:


I’m not sure what it is exactly that’s making me anxious about this whole situation, maybe it’s just a bit of an echo chamber because I’m just feeding on my own ideas and doubts… I’m thinking we might have to put some votes on Zoska at the same time if the pair goes the other way…

I’m just so confused at this point. It doesn’t look like we’re getting our last two claims at this point, so I’ll [Vote] Zoska and hope that I’m not just committing one really big mistake trying to balance such a tie vote. We’ve only got half of them in at this point, too.

internal screaming


Hm. I might swap over too. [vote] Zoska


No, I meant add Zoska to the tie vote if possible, we still have five people left and none of them seem to have any stances on any of this… Aldo is still my main suspect but Zoska might be baiting with that last statement. Zero trust allowed. [Vote] Aldo

We’re at 2 votes for Spaget, 2 for Aldo, and 1 for Zoska. I mean to add one more and make it a three way, since at this point none of them can be trusted ._.


Hello. Troublemaker here, I actually switched Aldo and Spaget. I’ve been busy as hell, I would’ve post sooner otherwise. (I tried to yesterday).

[VOTE] Aldo



Well that seals it for me.

[vote] Aldo


Also it’s been over 48 hours so the vote should close any moment now. Looks like we’ve won, great job guys.


Well shit, I guess that makes Aldo your Werewolf :dyinglol:


Unless Shiny was the Robber and switched with him, but she’s not gonna claim that. I wanted to wait for the Robber to claim, but it’s too late to keep waiting.


Well heck, that solves a lot of problems :wobbhide:

So wait, what reason would Aldo have had then for not speaking up if he didn’t actually know he was the Werewolf? Is it looking like maybe he was the Tanner, and then Shiny stole the Tanner from him and made him Robber, and then Spaget and Aldo switched and Spaget’s now the Robber and Aldo’s the Werewolf? That would explain Zoska’s Seer read and everybody else’s behavior, although really, it’s just one big mess…

Or actually, maybe Aldo thought he was Villager all along, but just never bothered to claim… I don’t want to think about this anymore.


@Specifice @Magipika @Shiny @Ho-Oh @Kitty @Zoska @Aldo @jdthebud @Johnny @Tyler

2 hours left to vote y’all <3


[Vote] Aldo

The troublemaker strikes again!


Okay, wait a second, I just had some really bad doubts and I think there’s a very small but unlikely chance that we might’ve gotten played. I really want to believe Johnny here, but there’s like a small nagging doubt that I have about this. I know that the Troublemaker hasn’t been claimed yet, but almost literally everyone has claimed so the remaining roles are practically guaranteed to be Werewolf, Troublemaker, Robber, and… something else? I don’t know, that’s not important.

This switch of Aldo and Spaget is just… too convenient. I’m not going to doubt it entirely, but I want to tie vote for both Spaget and Aldo and vote them both out still. Why? I realized just now that if Johnny was the other Werewolf (which I’m not saying he is, necessarily) that this would mean that this safe claim, while confirming Spaget as the original Werewolf, would convince us to vote for the only other suspect we have, but entirely. When potentially, if they were partners, then he just saved Spaget’s butt and we just played ourselves.

I’m going to [Vote] Specifice and put us at 3 for Spaget (Zoska, Aldo, me?) and 4 for Aldo (Spaget, Ho-Oh, Johnny, jd). I don’t think Aaron, Shiny, or Kitty have voted. I’m going to have to ask you to abstain as well @jdthebud, it’s for the security of the Town. Or you @Ho-Oh, just one of you so that we get a tie vote again. Again, this might just be overthinking but you can never be too safe.


Magi overthinking? Surely not!

[Vote] Aldo


Listen, Town has nothing to lose from lynching more than one person, at least when we’re pretty sure that neither of them is the Tanner. And we were pretty set on lynching Aldo before the switch, so I don’t see why that should make us worry. At least humor me, because not preparing for the alternative might just screw us all.

oh, whatever.



Aldo was the Tanner

Starting Roles

Specifice as Werewolf
Magipika as Villager
Shiny as Robber
Ho-Oh as Doppelganger
Kitty as Insomniac
Zoska as Seer
Aldo as Tanner
jdthebud as Minion
Johnny as Werewolf
Tyler as Drunk

Role #1 was the Villager
Role #2 was the Villager
Role #3 was the Troublemaker


  1. Doppelganger - Ho-Oh targeted Specifice , and became the Werewolf.

  2. Werewolf - Specifice, Johnny, and Ho-Oh knows that they are the werewolves.

  3. Minion - jdthebud knows that Specifice, Johnny, and Ho-Oh are the werewolves.

  4. Seer - Zoska checks Specifice.

    • Specifice is the Werewolf.
  5. Robber - Shiny swaps roles with jdthebud.

    • jdthebud is now the Robber; Shiny is now the Minion.
  6. Troublemaker - There was no Troublemaker in the round.

  7. Drunk - Tyler swaps roles with Role #3.

    • Tyler is now the Troublemaker.
  8. Insomniac - Kitty was still the Insomniac.

Ending Roles

Specifice as Werewolf
Magipika as Villager
Shiny as Minion
Ho-Oh as Werewolf
Kitty as Insomniac
Zoska as Seer
Aldo as Tanner
jdthebud as Robber
Johnny as Werewolf
Tyler as Troublemaker


@Specifice @Magipika @Shiny @Ho-Oh @Kitty @Zoska @Aldo @jdthebud @Johnny @Tyler


Nice one XD


This game is going to end up giving me permanent crippling trust issues :dyinglol: