One Night Ultimate Werewolf

One Night Ultimate Werewolf


Same here, as far as I know.


I should have switched Spaget and Kitty last night, but I’m not sure what the outcome of that would be.


Im supposed to be the insomniac but Gunner didnt say anything about my role being changed this night.



I was hoping that faking the Troublemaker role would draw people into giving up what their real role was, but that clearly didn’t help with anything. If you don’t get people to reveal early, they’re just going to wait until everybody claims and then make a safe claim.

I was suspicious because was also told I was a Villager, but two people already claimed Villager within the first hour which seemed way too fast for me. Especially since, as you know from last round, Villager claims are often the safest ones to make because CC’s don’t mean anything until you’ve got at least four. Unless it’s pure chance, I feel like one of the Villager claims has to be false, but I don’t know which one; or even better, at least one of us is probably something different than we started at any rate and we don’t even know. I haven’t got anything left to contribute, if the bluff didn’t yield anything then I can’t help anymore until we figure out if there’s any Robber, Drunk, or actual Troublemaker that did anything.


Slightly dodgy, just exactly what are you if you’re not Troublemaker hmmm

I am a little Drunk today, FYI.


He said he was also a Villager. :eyes:


Well, well, well…

So, fun story. I’m the neighbourhood Seer, yet again. And this is gonna be super important. I need to know if an OG Robber or OG Troublemaker visited Spaget, because if not then she’s lying about being a Villager, or at least lying about starting as a Villager.

She’s our goddamn Werewolf.

[Vote] Specifice


That’s good news, thanks for your aid, Zoska. You’ve clearly saved us from going around loops.

[Vote] Specifice


Well, so much for good old detective work…

Soft [Vote] Specifice


I don’t think there’s more to discuss besides voting. Just making sure I post more than once for once ~


Well, unless someone has visited me, I should just be the villager again. Seems a little too convenient that you’d be Seer twice out of three games, considering it’s a single role lol because I’m no wolf unless someone switched me, which doesn’t seem to be the case. It’s possible you’re the lone Werewolf in play this time and checked the center deck to see which role was safe to claim as, “Seer.”


Yeah, it’s unlikely, but it’s not impossible. And in all honesty, I had no idea how the Werewolf role worked until reading your message because I’m terrible at reading OPs. You on the other hand seem to be pretty familiar with what to specifically do as a Werewolf. :fufu:


Yeah, I’ll admit I considered that possibility when Zoska claimed Seer as well, but the thing is we can’t prove either just yet and not enough people are talking for us to definitively tell what’s going on. The only reason we haven’t seen this used seriously was because I was revealed early Round 1, and Shiny only saw a Werewolf card Round 2. Although, if you take it that way, we can’t really trust anyone’s claims :thonk:

Although that’s not saying Zos couldn’t be Seer twice in a row Spaget, that’s just chance : P

I’m actually going to [Unvote] Specifice though for the time being because we need some more evidence people; if I’m jumping around it’s because Johnny, Shiny, and Nica (who by the way I saw typing 12 hours ago and then back out, hmmm…) have yet to claim. Also, are you sober, Aaron?

Man I don’t know what to do, we’ve got two Villager claims, a still-Insomniac and a possibly still-Drunk, a Seer-Villager combo of which one has to be lying (or weird stuff is happening) and someone who’s posting but not claiming. And three left. Robber and Troublemaker are some of the most helpful roles for lie detecting, and if we’re lacking both then that’s a pretty big setback. Please claim…


“pretty familiar” even though I’ve mever had Mafia role ever ;_;

All I did was check the roles, because I figured if you’re targeting me then you have to be gunning for a wolf win, and you certainly don’t seem Tanner to me either.


I got doppleganger and I chose Kitty (but useful because unlike yesterday I can confirm I ended the night as that lol).

Fyi for the typing - SZ auto saved my “SUS AF” comment and I kept trying to delete it and I was getting annoyed.


Interesting. Seems like Spec is werewolf unless there was a switch somewhere…


I’ve got nothin


Fwiw I think Zoska may be pulling a fast one on us. The fact that she was Seer twice… it’s very convenient.

I dunno I think if Specifice WAS scum she would be less active. I have a feeling Zoska might be Tanner, hoping Seer is in the middle and waiting to see if she’ll be lynched.

Also jdthebud you’re not claiming?


I don’t know about the Tanner thing, if she were Tanner then she’d hope for the opposite and that a CC would counter her anyways. That doesn’t seem to be the case, but she’s not really jumping to get herself lynched as much as Spaget.


What we think we know
Kitty’s the Insomniac and so is Ho-Oh…
jd, Spaget and I all claimed Villager but…
Zoska claimed Seer and that Spaget is a Werewolf.
Aldo and Shiny are ?, and Johnny’s AWOL.

I feel like one of those last two has to be a Tanner, or at least much more likely, or a Werewolf playing dumb at this point; and I can’t tell whether to take Zoska or Spaget on good faith or not. I think maybe we should just lynch them both with equal votes since I don’t think Zoska’s the Tanner, and then there’s a good chance we might at least get one of them? We don’t have any leads so Town’s unlikely to win anyways unless we get at least one Werewolf, Tanner might just have to be collateral at this point.


If there’s a tie for votes, doesn’t everyone who participated in the vote die at that point?? Plus, if Tanner gets caught in the crossfire, we lose anyway. Idk what to think of the last three people you mentioned since they didn’t give much to go on, though there’s still a day left.