One Night Ultimate Werewolf

One Night Ultimate Werewolf


oh haha thought you were a new voter, carry on


I’m equally as confused lmao, but the phase is gonna end any minute now


“I thought you were a new voter”…

The fact that you won’t even lie about who you visited after all this pressure is a bit of a giveaway at this point xD


Well the only reason you’re not voting for me is because you know Tyler aint a werewolf.


You think I would’ve guessed that no one else visited me? If I wasn’t the Insomniac I would’ve waited until everyone confirmed their actions before claiming that I was still my role.


Please end our suffering @Salzorrah :frowning:

Hopefully Tyler is the wolf somehow.


[Vote] Someone that isn’t me also known as Ho-oh


If you want the werewolves to lose you should vote for me



Tyler was the Villager

Starting Roles

Specifice as Troublemaker
Magipika as Minion
Shiny as Werewolf
Ho-Oh as Villager
Kitty as Tanner
Zoska as Seer
Aldo as Drunk
jdthebud as Robber
Johnny as Insomniac
Tyler as Villager

Role #1 was the Villager
Role #2 was the Werewolf
Role #3 was the Doppelganger


  1. Doppelganger - There was no Doppelganger in the round.

  2. Werewolf - Shiny was the only werewolf, she checked Role #2.

    • Role #2 was the Werewolf.
  3. Minion - Magipika knows that Shiny is the only werewolf.

  4. Seer - Zoska checks Magipika.

    • Magipika is the Minion.
  5. Robber - jdthebud swaps roles with Kitty.

    • Kitty is now the Robber; jdthebud is now the Tanner.
  6. Troublemaker - Specifice swaps Ho-Oh and Tyler.

    • Ho-Oh is now the Villager; Tyler is now the Villager.
  7. Drunk - Aldo swaps roles with Role #3.

    • Aldo is now the Doppelganger.
  8. Insomniac - Johnny was still the Insomniac.

Ending Roles

Specifice as Troublemaker
Magipika as Minion
Shiny as Werewolf
Ho-Oh as Villager
Kitty as Robber
Zoska as Seer
Aldo as Doppelganger
jdthebud as Tanner
Johnny as Insomniac
Tyler as Villager


@Specifice @Magipika @Shiny @Ho-Oh @Kitty @Zoska @Aldo @jdthebud @Johnny @Tyler


Noice :3c Also, thanks for not ratting me out, Magi :dyinglol:


I still can’t believe how Town screwed that one up.



In my thoughts I didn’t suspect Shiny once… :frowning:


How the fuck did I act sus lol, you practically confirmed me Town and then all went on this chase lmfao




My overlord Shiny got away untouched :fufu:

Somehow despite blatantly lying twice, my suggestions about being Doppleganger Robber ended up getting up being taken seriously when you were considering everything… Although I don’t think Kitty was really acting that suspicious (despite the fact that she might’ve assumed there was a chance that she was still the Tanner), my bluff ended up accidentally clearing her name because you assumed I switched places with her xD

I was really worried that jd actually did visit Shiny and was just acting a little off on accident, but luckily you guys got the vote off of him as he turned out as Tanner regardless. That was a real worrisome round for a moment, I wanted to try to throw you off by competing for the Robber claim but I didn’t account for Zoska visiting me as the Seer and being CC’d so early, and then I tried to pretend there were no Werewolves for a little bit and was as cryptic as possible even though I was ignored for being a confirmed minion. Fortunately enough misinformation went around that it didn’t matter though, good game Town (And Tanner :zoomeyes:)


Best minion ever


Unfortunately no one interacted with Shiny, and Tyler seeming to claim Insomniac really hurt town and put us on a wild goose chase.

I knew Tyler wasn’t werewolf and I have no idea why everyone voted for him. If I had actually been on town’s side then I would have put far more effort into actually try to sniff out the werewolf, but I didn’t suspect Shiny at all, and fortunately for her, the last villager was in the middle, so no one CC’d. She was a bit unfortunate that she picked the other werewolf card when looking in the middle, but it ended up working out just fine for here.

I tried to salvage it by getting votes on me if only to make the Werewolf lose but…no dice. It seems clear to me that the Minion might have voted for me if Tyler had indeed been a werewolf, which was only further proof.

Anyway, on to the next game please @Salzorrah :smiley:



Round 3

Send in your NAs if you have em!

@Specifice @Magipika @Shiny @Ho-Oh @Kitty @Zoska @Aldo @jdthebud @Johnny @Tyler



Round 3

You have about 24-48 hours to vote!

@Specifice @Magipika @Shiny @Ho-Oh @Kitty @Zoska @Aldo @jdthebud @Johnny @Tyler


Well I got nothing to report. I’m a villager today.