October 2018 Tournament: Halloween Hauntings

October 2018 Tournament: Halloween Hauntings


It’s the spookiest month of the year, so naturally we’re going to be getting thematic with our October tournament. This month’s tournament will see the creepiest, crawliest, scariest and nastiest Pokemon facing off as you vie for supremacy.

Which is a fancy way of saying this months tournament will be following OU rules, but will have a restricted list of Pokemon you are allowed to use. Specifically, your team must be constructed only using Ghost, Dark, Poison, Fairy, Grass, Bug or Fire types. You are also required to have at least one Ghost Pokemon and one Pokemon that knows a move containing the word “Trick” in its name (these can be the same Pokemon).

Unlike previous monthly tournaments that have been elimination brackets, Halloween Hauntings is a round robin tournament without a set bracket schedule. You simply need to battle every other competitor and post replays of your battles here by the end of the month. All battles will be best out of three (first to win twice).



Out of curiosity, given what Rotom’s base form is, are Wash, Fan, and Fridge Rotoms allowed or banned?


Only the base form, heat and mow are legal.


I’m game!


I built my team, backed it up, and won’t be as busy in the coming week so I should be able to play too


Im in!




I’m in too


Is this still live cause if so I’m in



Alright guys, you have until the 31st of October to get all your battles done. Good luck!


I’ll get with you guys to schedule my battles within the next few days. Dealing with a major hurricane right now and may lose power for over a week. will update!


Ok I’m back from the hurricane! When is everyone free to battle?


@Wrath-o-Los @Dedenne @Conos @Kostas @Pantera when can you guys battle?


You only have like two weeks left, get a move on guys.


I made my team so I’m free anytime, just dm me on discord :slight_smile:


Yeah my team is ready too. Just dm me on discord to schedule it. I’m probably free every night in my time except tonight since i have an exam tomorrow morning


Im ready too, just dm me on discord.


ok! I’ll start DMing you guys when I am free(or you can DM me whenever and I can hop on if I am around). I have to work tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday but will be free Saturday night, most of Sunday, and most of Monday morning.


I beat Canas with my scary ghost chandelier

http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/safarizone-gen7ou-2066 Win
http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/safarizone-gen7ou-2067 Lose
http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/safarizone-gen7ou-2068 Win


I won against Fawful 2-0, ggs!