Not gonna lie

Not gonna lie


non-US people are kinda lucky that they don’t have in-store distributions, as far as I’m aware

I used to think they weren’t a big deal until my schedule got increasingly busy and full and I’m finding it really difficult to set aside time to go to my local GameStop/Target/Best Buy just for codes. x.x

it’s terrible


IIRC, the UK still has in-store distributions with their Gamestop equivalent.

Seriously though, why not go back to the wifi distributions? They worked perfectly fine in Gen 4 and 5!


us people are lucky they have stores


Tbh I haven’t been to a gamestop or anything in like 6 years. I really cba to go there just for an event pokemon even if I want it. It’s just uneeded bumps in my schedule.


I can’t even recall the last time that TPCi did a distribution over the Nintendo Network, really. 6th gen, maybe?