Nomnik's Inktober Stories

Nomnik's Inktober Stories


Ian Frantically Ran through the Labyrinth of Metallic Corridors, Sweat Flying off his Brow.
Ian’s Tympole Iggie poked her Head out of his Vest Pocket, Nodding. It made a Tiny Noise before Ducking back into the Pocket for Safety.
“Alrighty then…” Ian Continued to Navigate the Maze, but stopped when a Thunderous Roar Echoed through the Corridors. It also Filled the Air with a Putrid Scent. “Awe Crap…” Ian Continued to Run, but Skidded to a Stop at a Dead End.
A Growl came from Directly Behind him, and Ian Slowly Turned to Face a Horrid Creature. It had a Body Shape Like a Plump Tyrunt, but Skin like a Koffing. Every Time it Exhaled, Noxious Purple Gas Fumed out of its Mouth. It Roared at Ian, Releasing a Burst of the Poisonous Gas into the Cramped Corridor.
“OH… OH GOD…” Ian Gagged as he Smelled the Smoke. It was Like a Mix of Rotten Eggs, a Rotting Carcass, and Smoke. Ian Looked for a Way to Escape, but the Hybrid Left no Exit. Ian Gulped. Suddenly, He Ran at the Creature, Leapfrogging over it. The Creature turned as Ian Fled, Roaring again. It Pursued Ian, Filling the Halls with it’s Fumes. Ian Skidded to a
Stop as he Spotted the Elevator on the right side of a T-Shaped Hallway. “AHA!” He made a Frantic Dash to it, the Stomps of his Opponent Close Behind. He smacked the Button to Open the Elevator Repeatedly.
“COMEONCOMEON!!” The Doors Opened just as The Hybrid Came around the Corner, and Ian Jumped in. He Smashed the “Up” Button Multiple Times, the Creature Closing in. Just as the Doors were about to Shut, The Beast Shoved it’s head in, Snapping at Ian. Ian Screamed as he Kicked the Creature in the Face, forcing it out. The Doors Closed, and The Elevator Went up. “I won’t fail… I Have to Stop them…”


As the Elevator came to a Stop, Ian Gathered all his Willpower. He wondered if you could Really Make it through all of the Floors… The Doors Opened Slowly, and Ian walked out.

“Keep an Eye out Iggie…” Iggie Poked Her head out of the vest again, squeaking as to say OK.

As Ian Navigated the Maze, a Faint Songlike Howl that came from no apparent Location. Ian halted, and looked around. The Howl Continued, and Ian began to feel… Calmer… Ian’s Tense Muscles Relaxed as he listened to the Howl. Suddenly, a Ghostly Serpentine shape Slithered past him in the Corner of his Eye. Ian Snapped out his Tranquil State, turning to where he saw the Shape. The Howl Continued, but Ian Tried to Keep it out of his head.

“WHATEVER YOU ARE, STOP IT!” He Yelled. He Struggled to Keep the Howl from Affecting him. It got Louder and louder, and Ian had to work harder and harder to keep it out. Eventually, the noise seemed to come from right near Ian’s Ear. Ian slammed his fist onto the Source of the Hypnotic Song. The Creature flew off his shoulder and hit the ground. When He turned to see the Singer, it was what appeared to be a Fusion of a Milotic and a Haunter.

“Okay that’s just… no…” The Creature Hissed at him, and leapt onto his face, clawing viciously. Ian screamed, Trying to get it off. He Had to Rip it Straight off his face, leaving him with many Bleeding Scratches. Ian Threw it down and Kicked it away before turning and making a run for it. He once again spotted an Elevator, and ran to it. The Hybrid Sung it’s Siren-esque song once more, but Ian Had to Block it Out. He opened the Doors, jumped in, and headed for the Next floor. “I can’t Imagine what they Cooked up Next…” Ian said, Panting as the Elevator Rose to Deliver Ian to Yet Another Challenge.