News / Events / Happenings - share it all here!

News / Events / Happenings - share it all here!


This is mainly for Social Media but also really really useful for other people too that don’t necessarily look at other sections. Things you can post here:

  1. Pokemon or video game related news. Big news? Have a source? Post it here! Make sure there isn’t a Zine article on it already, or Social Media hasn’t already posted it on Twitter/Facebook.

  2. A cool new event or topic on Safari Zone. Want to promote something such as art from a user? Post it here! Or even a useful giveaway, a new RP, a new tier added to the server - anything that can be considered share-worthy. If it’s big enough Discord may even announce it buuuuuuut we’ll see.

  3. Anything you think would be cool to share on Social Media. So maybe something like a new Pokemon theme song remake, that counts as cool and definitely share-worthy. Just give us a link to go with and we will follow it up.

If you have any questions send me a PM and only leave ‘cool stuff’ in this thread please. :slight_smile: The staff teams of Social Media, Zine and Discord will have the final say if anything is shared though but we appreciate your support.



Going to plug my 24 hour event coming up on our Dubtrack channel this Saturday!