New section and mod hype

New section and mod hype


We have a new Category! Welcome to Gaming & Technology! Discuss all things tech and video games here in our shiny new section:

With this change comes a little shakeup in staff - @Incineroar and @Zach will not longer be moderating Chill Out but instead will front the new section along with @Juno. What this does mean that at my side, @Dedenne will be let loose as Chill Out’s new Moderator and therefore my partner in crime


Very excited to see a robust video game section again. If anyone is up to the task, it’s certainly you three.


I’m pretty excited for the changes myself, so I’m hoping you’ll all be happy too. Hopefully I’ll be posting more frequently but with a work stint it’s not easy. Super excited to dive in though!


Hi I’m new

Also chill out is about to explode in like

5 minutes.


I just tell y’all to turn it off and on again. /shrug


Bout time y’all :+1:
Been waiting for this section for a long time. :smiley: