National PRIDE

National PRIDE


Americans need not reply

Do you have any pride for your country? Is it somewhere you’d be okay with still living in 10-15 years from now? What would you like to change, what would you recommend?


I thought it was about gay pride or something lol.

I mean, I’m proud of being born in a nice relatively stable country with a generally progressive point of view. But that’s it. All I know, if mom and dad didn’t decide to come back 6 months earlier from Europe, maybe I’d be German/Czech/wherever they were thinking on establishing in.

I kinda like aspects of it: the sports, the food, the music, the ideals, most of their people; but don’t enjoy others: Uruguayans are unorganized by nature and it doesn’t fit by me, we’re predominantly stubborn, and people like to complain about everything (we’ve even got an idiom for that, gataflorism, basically a synonym for nonconformism).

Being kinda proud of your country’s achievements, or feeling that melancholy for the culture, the place you came to be is OK. But then you’ve got the patriotic nuts that worship flags and other national symbols and that’s my limit.




Might sound extreme to some people, but I find this country to be so deeply messed up that I can’t even bother to think how to improve this country. Not anymore, at least.

My best friend and I used to sit down and talk about it, but to even begin to improve things, there needs to be a gigantic, collective understanding, which is something that is simply not going to happen.


Hello fellow white straight land owning male american over here just going to budge my opinion in here.

I don’t think there’s going to be many Americans (at least here) with an overwhelming amount of pride in our country, and I for one don’t have much in it at the moment. I never really did because I’ve always seen nationalism and patriotism as a way of blinding yourself to the truths of your own country, eventhough this isn’t the case in all circumstances.

In 10-15 years, I think I’ll still be here, only because of my family being here and I’m HOPING my country doesn’t go to complete shit (if you’re a young american you better be registered to vote). I live in NY so the democrats have a lot of power here, and a lot of reform comes from here, so we are quite separated from what goes on at the national level. But, that won’t stop me from being continuously interested in what goes on at the national level as I am very far left when it comes to social policy.

I would recommend my country to:

  • End the war on drugs, and make it a taxable product where you require either a license of some sort to purchase it, or there has to be a computer system to track who has bought it. This needs a lot of thought behind it, but in order to get the people that are addicted the help they need we need to know who they are without fear that they will be arrested for doing so. If not this Drug Courts are a great alternative and Medicinal Marijuana should be legalized at the federal level.
  • Gay Marriage is legalized nationwide right now, the federal government needs to enforce this in every state that they must give people marriage licenses/certificates despite the laws of the state.
  • We need to decrease our military spending, provide Medicare for all on some level, increase surveillance on members of our law enforcement so there will be limited controversy as to what happens on both sides.
  • Gun Control, don’t ban guns, but we need laws to limit who can buy what and what is and isn’t legal. No reason anyone needs an automatic or semi-automatic rifle or bump stocks
  • Better steps for giving dreamers citizenship, and fixing our mess of an immigration policy.

That’s all for now but that’s the least I think we need.


i would like to leave


hello I am also an American with zero national pride or patriotic feelings


Take us away from this awful place -.-"


americans be like

yeah we wanna whine about how shit our country is

no we don’t want to change that, we’re good with just whining


Hi I’m probably the only one here who is proud of his country and would never leave it besides our economy or other problems


We better do something, at leasttttt vote. I mean really I will be beyond disappointed if all the young people who have been outraged don’t go out for 15 minutes to vote.


yeah @God a lot of us really do want to see changes in this country, there’s just also not a whole lot we can realistically do about it either

we’re not whining just for the sake of it and not secretly sitting here going “this is fine, I don’t actually care”


Wow @God . How’s the weather up on your high horse there? Here’s a quote.

Patriotism is when love of your own people comes first; nationalism, when hate for people other than your own comes first.” - Charles de Gaulle

Sounds like you fit the second half.


I for one still love my country, and the people who inhabit it with me. It’s beautiful and varied and wonderful in many ways. That’s not to say I don’t have a laundry list of things I want fixed of course.

I could make a list about how I want gun control (Thought in a complete different way than everyone else.) and gay marriage rights (even though the concept of marriage is dead to me) and environmental laws and more anti-corporate laws and blah blah blah…

They’re all dwarfed by my biggest want for the country.

The death of partisanship and political parties.

I mean has no one read our first president’s farewell address?! Poor Washington is probably rolling in his grave non stop!

Without the Republicans or Democrats we could actually live in a nice country, damn it! I mean we do live in a nice country but a better one!

In closing, America is flawed but still rocks blah blah, we’re the foundation of the modern world yadda yadda, saved Europe multiple times etc etc go us.


I mean I’ll just close the thread if we’re going to start getting personal.


Owned the libs