Mysterious Moves (Article idea)

Mysterious Moves (Article idea)


Mysterious Moves is an article that shows off a move, gives some examples of users and how it could be used competitively, while at the same time exploring fallacies that could restrict it. It would be divided into parts like this. Due to the nature of things, it would primarily explore status-oriented moves, as they tend to cover a wide and bizarre array of tactics that are generally skimped over.

  • The Introduction - The introduction explains what the move does, and the effects of its Z-boost. Any issues the move has would be discussed (i.e. being based on acting first but primarily on slow pokemon and lacking priority), but at the same time positives would be explored as well.

  • Notable Users - Explores what pokemon would use the move the best, while at the same time exploring some issues that could make it more challenging to use in certain situations.

  • Common Targets - What the move is primarily going to help deal with. While some examples may be fairly niche, to be fair most of these moves will be niche to begin with.

  • Closure - A short statement talking about whether the move is any good or not, or worth trying out to see if it’s any fun for you personally.


I like the idea here, sounds like these could be useful and fun reads. I’ve no complaints about your proposed structure too, seems pretty sensible. I presume one move per article, correct?

Did you have any attacks you wanted to cover first?


Of all the things in Zine, besides breaking news I’d be most interested with this. I love a good breakdown of the inner mechanics of pokemon as well as a breakdown of broader subjects like regions/pokedex’s, pokemon themselves etc. For popular moves most people would read the article, and competitive folk all around would probably love it I would think.


You never see people talk about individual moves and uses so I think this is a good way to inform people about things they often don’t pay much mind to.


I actually have the first move’s article set up for a (text-only) example I can send in if needed, though at the same time I’d prefer not to publish it unless the idea is accepted, lol

But yeah, the idea is that I’d cover one move per article (and any clones of it, such as Switcheroo being a dark-type clone of Trick). I’m willing to accept suggestions, though I do have ideas on what I want to tackle first. Generally though, I’d say my preference for “moves to pick” are uncommon/situational ones that have an interesting niche and tend to get overlooked, which means I’m less likely to do, say, Trick or Kinesis over something like any of the non-Trick Room “room moves” like Wonder Room, kinda as a means of putting a spotlight on something more unusual.

Of course, seeing as Trick is my favorite move and all the interesting utility that has, I’m not going to say that popular meta moves or actual garbage is off the table of my articles, either.


Sounds good to me. I’ll +1 this series; ideally we’ll just need one other person on Zine staff to also give their approval first, but I feel that’ll happen. =)

In the meantime, could you please PM me with a:

  • desired username [can’t be changed],
  • nickname [can be changed/set as display author name; can be same as username], and
  • email

That’s needed to create an account on Zine for you so you can draft directly on Zine’s WordPress.


Do you intend for this series to focus on singles or doubles? Because doubles tends to be overlooked but there’s some really funky stuff that can happen there with their status moves.


I mostly intend to cover both aspects, and in fact the first article I plan on releasing is a doubles-focused move (which pretty much means all the singles coverage is “oh hey, if you really need a stat boost you can do a Z-Move with it”)

I also actually just got my username/nickname/email thing set up I believe, given I was accidentally ignored during the initial “post Zine’s first articles” thing lol (but we got that fixed today)


In case I wasn’t super clear it’s a +1 from me also.