Movie Nights [Postponed till 2019]

Movie Nights [Postponed till 2019]


Hosted by Dedenne

Through the power of we are now able to stream almost any movie available online to anyone within a select room, meaning we can all watch movies together! This will be a completely free showing for members of SZ and is publicly hosted on This will allow us to basically join a room and watch a movie on 3/4 of the screen have a text-chat on the other 1/4.

How to Join
You will need to join and make an account. Then you can join the Safari Zone Movie Night Group here. I will posts all events there, in this thread and on discord. All Movie Nights are scheduled beforehand, and we will poll which movie we will watch beforehand as well. The link to join will become available at least ten minutes before the Movie Night will start. Remember, you must have joined the Safari Zone Movie Night Group to watch along with us, and be sure to RSVP beforehand!

Next Movie Night
Saturday, October 20th @8pm EST

Current Schedule
Ghost in the Shell (1995)
Perfect Blue (1997) (Rated R)
Spirited Away

Past Movie Nights
Your Name Dubbed
Saturday, May 26th @10pm EST | 161 Views | 19 Watchers Max
My Neighbor Totoro Dubbed
Saturday, June 16th @8pm EST | 223 Views | 28 Watchers Max
Princess Monoke
Monday , July 2nd @8pm EST | 19 Views | 12 Watchers Max | Private
Pokemon The Movie 3: Spell of the Unown
Monday , July 28th @8pm EST| 12 Views | 5 Watchers Max | Private
A Silent Voice
Friday, August 10th @9pm EST | 18 Views | 7 Watchers Max | Private
Avengers: Infinity War Part: 1
Saturday, September 15th | 23 Views | 12 Watchers Max | Private

Current Poll
No Poll is running at this time.

Nominations are currently closed.

All SZ Forum and Discord Rules apply, no spamming, no illegal or nsfw content, no soliciting, no advertising and be nice! Minor offenses will receive a verbal warning in chat, and upon continuance kicking or banning from the room may follow.

Open Room
The Safari Zone Movie Nights Group uses an Open Room that allows members of to join us in watching films. This is mainly because as Pokemon lovers, and lovers of film, we want to provide a place where people can join us outside of Safari Zone. A private room, though helpful in keeping out trolls, excludes those who may wish to join us who geniunely are on the platform to join groups and meet other film and pokemon lovers.

Just as our Discord Server and Forum is open to anyone to join as is our room. As such, trolls can come by and post images that may contain content against Safari Zone rules. Though this content is deleted as soon as possible, all Movie Nights are rated PG-13 and viewer discretion is advised.

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Aww… that’s like 4 AM over here :S …
I mean lately, I’ve been sleeping during the day for a reason, but I don’t think I’ll be able to keep that schedule much longer.

That aside, it looks like you thought about pretty much all the details, Dedenne.
The idea sounds really fun, so at least I’ll try to be awake for the next movie night :slight_smile:


Definitely interested! I’ve never seen Your Name but I heard great things about it. 10 PM EST is fine for me, I think - it’s a little on the late side but who are we kidding, I’m usually up then anyway

Put in my nomination for #2 also, it’s something we almost decided to watch together once :slight_smile:


Voting is now open for Movie Night #2:

  • A Silent Voice
  • The Garden of Words
  • My Neighbor Totoro
  • Appleseed
  • The Girl Who Lept Through Time
  • Princess Monoke

0 voters

I elminated the options myself because in the last week 4 of the 5 movies above got at least 2 nominations with Totoro and A Silent Voice getting 3. Princess Monoke was added because of it’s high ratings despite it’s one nomination. Feel free to continue to nominate your favorite movies in the next form when it’s posted!

RSVP to Movie Night #1 by May 24th:

RSVP’s by dm

Current RSVP





HeyHey’s Just so everyone knows Movie Night is this Saturday! I think almost everyone interested got back to me with a RSVP and if you didn’t you can do so now~ If you really aren’t sure and may or may not show up that’s ok to, just stop in if you get a chance hehe.

So far we got about 6ish people coming total, 1 of which is a maybe. I’ll send out a final announcement the day of on Discord and will @all RSVPS 10 minutes before, (once the room is made) with a link and everything. Look forward to watching with you all~



Sorry about the wait, the next Movie Night will be My Neighbor Totoro (Dubbed), Saturday, June 16th @8pm EST, check out the OP for more information. As usual I will ping all members on discord 10 minutes before. Try to RSVP to me by June 14th if possible, if not no worries!


Voting is now open for Movie Night #3:

  • A Silent Voice
  • Princess Monoke
  • The Girl Who Lept Through Time
  • The Garden of Words
  • Spirited Away

0 voters


Nominations are Open for Movie Night #4:


Alright, since there is a tie between Princess Monoke and The Girl Who Lept Through Time I’ll be rolling a die.

Princess Monoke will be side #1
TGWLTT will be side #2

@discobot roll 1d2

Edit: We will be watching Princess Monoke, check the OP for details!


:game_die: 1


Movie Night #4 Voting

There are 4 options this time around, this movie will take place in late July.

  • Pokemon the Movie 3
  • Pokemon Heroes
  • The Secret World of Arrietty
  • A Silent Voice

0 voters


The next Movie Night will be Pokemon the Movie 3 (Dubbed) on Saturday July 28th @8pm EST, thank you all for voting!


The next Movie Night will be A Silent Voice (due to popular demad) dubbed on Friday, August 10th @9pm EST!


i dare you people to watch something that isn’t anime


Hey everyone, I’ve been going over some scenarios on how to change things up a bit with Movie Nights since we’ve obviously got a nice anime theme going, so for the next night I was wondering:

Which would you prefer?

  • A Movie that is not Anime or Based on Anime
  • An Adult Movie Night

0 voters

So basically, a more mainstream movie that was once shown in theatres or any movie that is rated R, including anime movies and such.


Alright that is a pretty solid vote so here it is:

Nominations for Movie Night #6:


New Movie Night is up! By popular demand we will be watching Avengers: Infinity War Part: 1. See the OP for details!


I forgot to post here, but I did update the thread. The next movie night is Halloween themed, and we will be watching Coraline! This is the first time I’m watching it and I hope to see old and perhaps new fans there!