Most forgettable Pokemon

Most forgettable Pokemon


title. What is the most forgettable Pokemon to you?


Corsola. I remember it but often times I forget it exists. Or any of the bland fish pokemon besides Luvdisc


Smeargle definitely gets forgotten a lot. I hardly see it anywhere.


I can’t forget smeargle because of the Pichu brothers<3


Hmm, if there’s a forgettable Pokemon out there then I’ve probably already forgotten it… I had to go through a Pokedex in order to find my answer to this and even then it’s so hard to find something without any defining features, reasons to love/hate it, or such a low rarity that it’s been bored into your head.

I’d have to go with either Relicanth, because apparently its based on some obscure fish, or Furfrou, because it’s a… dog… thing? Helps that I don’t know a lot about these Pokemon to begin with, and that they’re that weird middle ground that’s just kind of “there”.


this fucker

seriously who thinks of this guy like ever
not me

(like half of johto is forgettable af tbh despite being pretty good designs mostly)


Omg donphan’s mini game though in Pokemon Stadium 2!!

Also Sudowoodo is a forgettable fucker


I couldn’t even remember Donphan at first, but Sudowoodo is a peculiar beauty, for some reason I can’t forget them because they sound so ridiculous…

I also found Relicanth’s just as forgettable cousins Gorebyss and Huntail in the process, what’s with all of these weird fish Pokemon ;p


It’s hard to say, given how many easily forgettable species there are out there that all seem to be water type.

It’d probably go to Qwilfish for me, given it’s uncommon, not really all that good, and not even memetically forgettable like Lumineon is. Slugma/Macargo are also notable offenders for me.


Lol Basculin somehow exists I guess.

Remoraid being a close second and Qwilfsh third.


I always forget Maractus exists


I’m gonna take the low hanging fruit and say I don’t remember.


Dang I was on point when I said most fish pokemon are forgotten/forgettable. I guess because when you can choose a fire breathing dragon or an electric lion who is going to want a fish?


To be fair, water is the most plentiful type in the game (with Normal taking 2nd place), and given Sturgeon’s Law, only a few select pokemon are inclined to make their mark on a person in some way (be it the metagame, appearance, lore, etc.). Because of this, looooots of water types are prone to falling through the cracks and being forgotten in turn.


u fuckin wot m8

Relicanth is the most under-appreciated Pokémon ever and deserves way more love angryhyperzoomeyes

also basculin who?


Relicath is iconic and anyone that played Gen 3 and had to get one along with a wailord to put on their party for the Regis knows the true pain of the 10% chance being more like .0001% chance.


I often forget that Qwilfish exists, if it wasn’t for PMD Explorers Miracle Sea I wouldn’t known that Pokemon.


Klang is kinda forgettable tbh


Don’t you dare klinklang is iconic


Chimecho I think deserves more love too.