Mastermind Mafia

Mastermind Mafia

Mastermind Mafia
The city was once peaceful and calm, until the mafiosos came to take control over it. The city’s only choice was to call their best to fight the mafia and stop them from destroying their beloved city. With the mafia on one side and the town on another, and a mysterious individual who’s infiltrated inside the mafia who wishes to destroy both the town and the mafia, a war will now begin to determine who’ll be coming out victorious.

Detective: Can select a player each night. They'll learn their role in the following day.

Tracker: Can select a player each night. They'll learn who that player visited in the following day.

Doctor: Can select a player each night. They'll protect that player from any kill attempts.

Bomb: If a player attempts to kill this player, they will die too.

Snowman: Can select a player each night. The selected player will earn a snowball, which they can throw at another player during the day. The snowball will roleblock that player.

Sleepwalker: Sees themselves as a Villager. Each night, they randomly visit a player without knowing they are.

Villager: They have no powers, but help the town with whatever they can do.

Ninja: If the Ninja performs the kill, they'll avoid getting tracked by Tracker and killed by Bomb.

Tailor: Can select a player each night and an outfit. The outfit will be any role that they chose. When investigated by the Detective or when killed, the player will show up as the role that the Tailor chose.

Mafia Goon: They have no powers, but still count as a member of the mafia.

Mastermind: If Mastermind is alive, mafia meetings are anonymous. They win if alive when mafia wins, but mafia does not win if mastermind is alive.
• All Mafia Hub and SZ rules apply
• Do not PM share of discuss this game outside of specified chats or this thread. Do not PM share.
• Day phase is 48 hours, night is 24. You may not post here during the night phase.
• If you are dead, you’re dead. You may post one death post containing no game information and then you are barred from the thread.
• Lynch format is [Vote] Username.
Shawn as the GM




o sure b :slight_smile:


Looks fun!




I’m in. :eyes:




Mastermind is lit





This game has been closed as per the owner’s request, effective immediately.