Mafia Announcement Thread

Mafia Announcement Thread


Got a game coming up and want to make sure everyone knows about it? Post here with a title and a brief description of it or its premise and let us know. Bonus points if you can give an ETA so we, and other GMs, know when to expect it.



Ever wonder what a game of Mafia would be like without the night phase? Well, give this a spin and maybe you’ll find out!
The Mafia consists of a lynch mob that has a list of players they need to lynch to win the game, but do not actually know who they must lynch. Because it’s a nightless mafia, actions can be turned in during the day phase and they’ll be enacted at the start of the next phase.
Additionally, as a “Role Madness” game, everyone will have some kind of unique role that is mostly (so Town doesn’t get screwed by there being an EpicMafia baker on the lynch mob’s side) independent of their status as town or mafia. Thanks to how the game works, certain roles (Doctor, for example) will not appear.


The Nightmare before Christmas Mafia
ETA: Halloween


Game of Thrones Mafia

CSS/Roles and everything is set up, just waiting for some freetime and hype :fufu:


Undead Mafia
We’ve had games with Cultists and Cyborgs, but I haven’t seen a game with Zombies. So I’m making that happen :zoomeyes:

I might change the name, tho. Current name sounds boring af.


Yee you need a new name :zoomeyes:

Game of Thrones Mafia going up after or during the last few phases of GPs game. Also possibly planning a Halloween game of Treestumps heh heh heh


hai im here for mafia


I’m going to be having a Town of Salem game in the next few days :eyes: I’m eager to see how this set up will work out with the usual mafia players here, so I can’t wait to put up the thread!


Couldn’t wait so she did it early :zoomeyes:

Hehe I’m excite!

@Specifice anything planned? :stuck_out_tongue:


you’re banned from it now :zoomeyes:






@Dedenne I’m off for three days, so I’ll finally get to really planning it lol. All I’ve got are characters rn, have to peruse the roles.


DCYOM3 soon too


Just an update, DCYOM will be posted once Zombies or Experimafia finish.