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Launch articles


Hey everyone! It’s been a long slog but thanks to Dakota’s perseverance and bobandbill’s watchful eye, it looks like Zine is close to being released!

So with that in mind, obviously we want some neat content to go with our release, this is where you, the Safari Zone community, come in! Here at Safari Zine we will always be happy to host any content produced by members, whether you write for Zine or not. Therefore if you wish to produce any content for Zine and its release, contact either @Tyler or @bobandbill with your article suggestion/s (or even post in this section) and we can go from there! They can be ranging from silly articles, game reviews, competitive guides or even tips for rom hacking/game dev, so get your thinking caps on and we look forward to hearing from you soon :smiley:


I’d like to post:

  1. Pokemon ROM hack and fangame reviews
  2. ROM hacking tips
    I have played a lot of Pokemon ROM hacks, so the list goes from Red++ to Prism to Blazed Glazed to Drayano Gen 4 and 5 hacks. I haven’t played any Generation 6 or 7 hacks. As far as ROM hacking tips, some ideas I have are:
  • How to import/export Pokemon using Pokemon Game Editor for Gen 3
  • How to insert cries in Gen 3
  • How to insert moves using Pokemon Game Editor and Gen 3 Tools (G3T) for Gen 3


Sounds good to me! Let’s discuss the details. Disclaimer idk hacks myself.

  • Which ROM hacks were you thinking of reviewing, and how do you plan to structure the review?
  • With the hacking tips, would you go for shorter articles focused on the one tip, or maybe a few tips per article? (Or both?) I imagine if any of those tips are short or relatively simple it’d be fine to have multiple tips in the one article, while if something can have a fair bit of discussion to it, it having its own article makes sense.


I’d like to review:

  1. Red/Blue with Gen II Graphics & Music
  2. Polished Crystal
  3. Prism
  4. XY: Naturia
  5. Orange (GBC)
  6. Gaia
  7. Eclipse
  8. Blazed Glazed
  9. Nameless FireRed
  10. Theta Emerald EX
  11. CrystalDust
  12. Liquid Crystal
  13. Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma
  14. Extreme Red
  15. Sacred Gold & Storm Silver
  16. Blaze Black & Volt White
  17. Kanto Black
  18. Heart Red
  19. Light Platinum
  20. Rijon Adventures
  21. Moon Emerald
  22. FireRed Omega (Drayano)
  23. Emerald Complete National Dex Edition
  24. FireRed Advanced
  25. Emerald Advanced
  26. Sinnoh Quest

Borderline ROM Hacks:

  1. Leon’s Ultimate FireRed ROM Base


  1. Reborn
  2. Insurgence


  • Red++
  • Unova Red
  • Glazed
  • Flawless Platinum
  • Blaze Black 2 & Volt White 2
  • Mega Power
  • Phoenix Rising
  • Rejuvenation

I’ll need help structuring the review. I’m going to rate each hack out of 10 and give my opinions. Also, I’ll include any known bugs. Maybe include gameplay as an element. I can look at my old Nintendo Power and Game Informer magazines for structure ideas.

I’d say one article per tip. The processes will be relatively lengthy.

How many should I review, and how many tutorials should I include?

How about:

  1. Polished Crystal
  2. Prism
  3. Orange
  4. Gaia
  5. Blazed Glazed
  6. CrystalDust
  7. Liquid Crystal
  8. USGS
  9. Light Platinum
  10. Heart Red


  • rating
  • general review
  • concept
  • gameplay
  • graphics
  • plot
  • difficulty
  • bugs


As many as you want, haha. Mind you if other people were interested in doing their own reviews or tutorials I’d be fine with that too - the more the merrier. You do have quite the list already.

I think you touch on all the main things reviews generally have with your structure, and a separate discussion on bugs within the review makes sense given the nature of fan games/rom hacks. I’d perhaps go with the norm and stick rating at the bottom, and follow ‘bugs’ with a short conclusion.