Item Madness Mafia - Game Over

Item Madness Mafia - Game Over


And after finally waking up from a nap, the GM could finally put an end to this heccin’ game.

@Sawsbuck is dead. He was the Blacksmith.

Game Over!

Mafia wins!

Congratulations @Specifice, @Desinishon and @jdthebud! You stopped yourselves and the rest of the town dying to the famine. I need to find a way to ban that bs fabricator strategy, I stg

The Players

Sawsbuck as the Blacksmith
Dedenne as the Snowman
Johnny as Robin Hood
Magipika as the Baker
Wrath-o-Las as the Gunsmith
Specifice as the Cat Lady
Desinishon as the Saboteur
jdthebud as the Fabricator
Glitter as the First Aider
Tyler as the Anarchist
EvilChameleon as the Trickster
DishonoredElder as the Cutler

I like how I went from hosting the longest game to one of the shortest. This was some good shit.



:fufu: :fufu: :fufu: :fufu: :fufu:


I didn’t even send in an action because I knew it was a total waste of time doing so /shrug


Told you we could end it fast with a triple kill.


This game was a total clusterfuck disaster


Nah, it was alright. I knew it was gonna be fast with guns and bombs and knives floating about. The town kinda gave the win to mafia the second day phase :dyinglol:

I’m planning on making a second game with this setup at some point.


After I blew up GP and Dedenne died, all of the remaining Mafia and Anarchist got in my head and I got so confused by the end of the game. I thought it was bound to be Spaget that gave me the gun because nobody else has ever trusted me enough given my rough (and continuing to be so) history, but I didn’t think the Saboteur would have visited me either. Wouldn’t have mattered anyways, I guess it turns out even a roleclaim couldn’t save us. Well played Mafia, and quick game :eyes:


that kind of attitude being why town went on a total trip to Disasterville, why play if you’re going to just get upset lol

Even I as the Anarchist was trying to help lmfao…

…instead Dedenn’s awful logic was grasped with both hands and used against me


Honestly the mafia just walked away with this one lmao
The dead chat was almost entirely just lamenting how doomed we were.


Almost but not 100%.


Light theme for Discord. :zoomeyes:



My logic was all I had to go on, but either way, had anyone actually not went with Spaget’s mafia abstain attempt, the town would have had a chance. Forcing Aaron to roleclaim would have been lovely. It’s really bad when you have a confirmed townie being ignored.

Either way, I was plundered and the moment Magi started STARVING THE TOWN FOR FUN we knew there would be mass death


N0 message from the neighbourhood baker:



What? I never abstained.


u wot m8


GG ez


Oh, I thought you meant from giving out cats, I don’t even remember that


Your mind was otherwise focused on planning my DEATH


I mean, everyone who talks the most and reveals us >w>


Gunsmith here, all I’ll say is that I was right in who to throw guns in the sense they were town.