Item Madness Mafia - Game Over

Item Madness Mafia - Game Over



Tbh you’re probably inno but whatever


I said “fire off” for a reason, Aaron.

I can’t help but feel that every time people don’t argue with me, it’s because I’m being an idiot and just helping the Mafia win. The issue with your claim is that everyone already knows about those two potential vests, but they’re also the most likely to have happened, so it might be real. Although if you got that gun N0, I can’t help but get the feeling that that gun’s going to blow up in your face if you’re telling the truth, I can’t imagine someone would give out the real gun on N0 much less to you unless they wanted you dead, pfft.

If you’re claiming Blacksmith, then that narrows it down to six unknowns for me, and there are people who I’m starting to find suspicious. [Abstain] then until I get my thoughts together.


Even if it wasn’t fabbed, I’d be dead anyways just not until tomorrow /shrug


Or, I could save you the trouble of killing yourself and take the shot myself.


Oh man, we could take out three innocent people at once here. Let’s do it.

[Unvote] Sawsbuck
[Vote] Magipika


Anybody could say that, but that’s the good and the bad part as playing unreadable every time. If shooting you is shooting Town, then that’s a done game right there if Saws self-kills.

Oh, and speaking of, @Sawsbuck don’t shoot just yet then because I’m fairly certain my gun is at least more likely not to kill me, for now.


I got vest on N0 and knife last night. So that means my vest is fake and if saws got gun on N0, it’s real.
Idk about my knife too now since DE was cutler and always inactive. But saws got knife too? Either saws is bluffing or DE really gave knife? 'cause I 100% got message that I received the knife. Since saws said he vested Dedenne last night so mafia might have fake vested him during kill. So saws is lying about knife?

My only town read is magi. All of others are barely posting and even if they post anything it’s always some repetitive shit or any question of sort.
The only one beside magi who is posting and hopefully giving some substance is rabi.

Man scared much…

Idk who to vote but if i have to my top scum read is rabi, I think it’s 50% chance of hitting mafia so odds are looking good for us.


I received the knife and gun both on N0


Man, I couldn’t tell you what’s happening anymore. There’s so many potential roles, it could’ve also been Santa or Trickster but I don’t think DE was handing out knives. All I know is half the people left are out to kill Town and a lot of people seemed on board with killing Saws. And with all of these N0 item claims and vest claims there’s got a really high chance of a Blacksmith in the game so the lack of information on anybody else is more disturbing than anything. He was backed into a corner and claimed, so unless there’s anything more you guys want out of him this is probably a bad idea.

Speaking of bad ideas, even if you thought Aaron was a threat I already fired the gun elsewhere so we’ll see if I’m just screwing us or not in a matter of time. My impatience got the best of me, and even though probability is supposedly in my favor, I’m terrible at gambling so cross your fingers.


Then I think my knife is real? But DE was inactive. Idk anymore does that means Santa isn’t in the game and other item giver is in play.

But since you got it last night your gun might be good magi since Dedenne die regardless of saws vesting him. Let’s hope you hit a mafia.


I’m going to vote in case I miss the vote before phase ends. If I return and we have some info or something from magi’s shot I may change it.


My top scum read is Rabi with no reason at all to back yourself up.

Yet again, Desi speaks in riddles. Gotcha. Also you say people aren’t posting much etc and calling them out for it, whennnnnn you’ve done the same yourself lad. Your knife is most definitely fabbed because DE has contributed 0 to the game so I imagine they were inactive from the get go…

Which thankfully narrows it down in terms of whether to use or not use items, Saws’ claim…Hm…I can see it being true, you know. Vesting Dedenne to try and prevent the NK etc, I’ll take my vote off you for now and pursue elsewhere.

[Unvote] Sawsbuck
[Vote] Desi

Give me one valid reason why you’re Town and why you’ve decided I’m too scum read.


Give me one game where I played with you and you were this active. Just look at you, how fast you clapped back and how you’re just after one vote haha. I was anticipating something like this.

I would like to agree with Ded’s constant push that something was amiss with you. Beside at my defense for these lines.

I gave a list of potential town/mafia roles being in the game which is right beside 1 PR confusion Santa/or other item giver. I gave my reads who I find is odd or town while the people you’re comparing me with have done none. My vest claiming from N0 helped to confirm saws at some extent though with no cc it was still OK.

What have you done? Given him last push from the plank with your last vote being on him. And That last post with “scared much” is also quoted at you since it felt to me you’re way too scared of what potential item magi had that can harm you. I know I’m town and I’ve contributed and tried my best so I’ve nothing to be scared of since on I’m genuine. You my friend, on other hand looked like a little over the edge.

All these things from my perspective makes me think you’re either mafia or tp.

You can reply me if you want but I may not get back at you since I gtg do some stuff. But my read and my vote stays strong on you.



Magi tried his best to fire his gun. But after a few times of pulling the trigger, the gun blows up in his face. The smell of burnt toast fills the air.

@Magipika is dead. He was the Baker.

The countdown to the famine has begun. Anyone who doesn’t have bread in 3 days will die of starvation.


I mean, he’s not wrong. Even Dedenne found you sus in the beginning, given your quickness to post to responses/phase changes. I’ll agree that Sawsbuck seems a little more genuine now with an actual defense, although his not caring if he shoots a Townie is a little iffy imo. More likely than not, you’re the Anarchist.

[Unvote] Sawsbuck
[Lynch] Tyler


Again I’m still seeing no real backbone behind these reads other than “you’re posting real quick when in your time zone” which to me reads that you’re both scum with a sorry way of trying to start a bandwagon. I mean on based on your logic alone, you’re suss for responding to me so quick Desi and Spaget you’re suss for jumping onto his vote afterwards, even you’re not actually sure yourself, you’re just trying to pin something onto someone to get a vote going and therefore take the heat off you two. Another point: you seemed prettt confident that Magi’s gun was legit, almost like you wanted him to fire it and kill himself.

All Desi has done is state the somewhat obvious, so it’s more words than information right now and also claims that I’m scared of Magi having a gun. I mean yes I was a little scared in that I’d rather not be shot and therefore not have scum be shot, but I knew it was the gun anyway.
Also if we’re going to bring meta into it, Desi you’re RARELY active and only start posting walks of text when you’re under pressure and have a convoluted plan to try and weasel out of a lynch…so…

Also I’ll happily link the several games we’ve been in where I’ve been hugely active.

As a TL;DR for everyone else - Desi’s reason for voting is “you post during your time zones which happens to be when I’m active and therefore you’re clearly in the defensive, oh also based on wonky memory you’re normally inactive in most of the games we’ve played”

In effect: nothing substantial and a quick palming off into another player aka a scum play, followed up by his mafia partner Spaget bolstering that vote.

And I swear to god if I get another “omg you replied to me in an hour YOU’RE SCUM” then god help you trying to actually catch scum XD


I’ve been reading Desi as town the whole game, so

[Lynch] Tyler


Night Two

With death inevitably approaching from all sides, the town made a hasty vote against someone who they thought had to be responsible for some of the killings. They strung him up for his crimes.

@Tyler is dead. He was the Anarchist.

The Players

Dedenne as the Snowman
Johnny as Robin Hood
Magipika as the Baker
Glitter as the First Aider
Tyler as the Anarchist
DishonoredElder as the Cutler

@Sawsbuck @Wrath-o-Los @Specifice @Desinishon @jdthebud @EvilChameleon


Suspicions breads paranoia, and risks baguette mistakes, but at yeast my half-baked theories only burnt me to a crisp :’)


How to hand a game to Mafia, featuring: this Town