Item Madness Mafia - Game Over

Item Madness Mafia - Game Over



If Dedenne wasn’t hiding info about not getting anything yesterday, then I see what you mean about the odds of his vest being sabotaged in some way if indeed the Blacksmith tried to protect him last night.

We can confirm that there is a Cat Lady on Team Mafia as of last night despite nobody announcing a cat yesterday, but I’m not sure which of the Fabricator, Saboteur, or Thief remain. I’d imagine they’d send the Fabricator rather than chance sending a Saboteur to break the vest at random if they had both, although given the idea of the game I’d put high odds they have a Fabricator anyways. So if you got anything tonight, it’s probably real? Although maybe not for much longer if you let people know you have it.

The Anarchist should have made a move last night, but they’ve only got two kills to go so keep in mind they might be a pretty big threat too :eyes:


From the description it looks like Saboteur can only mess with guns. With Dedenne being the only confirmed Townie and so sure of his own death I’m thinking the Blacksmith did try to save him, so it’s most likely there was a Fabricator visiting him that same night…I would think any items from last night are real, but we really can’t be sure.

The Anarchist is absolutely a big threat. The fact that the bomb hasn’t been passed around yet makes me think it was given to a player that doesn’t talk a lot. I can think of a couple people, but given that Dishonored didn’t comment last Day phase makes me think that they might’ve given it to him for an easy second kill. >_>

By the way, have we confirmed or disproved the presence of the Creepy Girl? I can’t remember if that role was cut or not.


All I can say is that I wasn’t visited /shrug


I didn’t know the Saboteur only works with guns, so that’s actually pretty helpful… and no, if there’s an Anarchist then that confirms there’s no Creepy Girl, because there’s only one Third Party present.

In this case, the only Mafia roles we’re uncertain of are Thief vs. Saboteur, since I think we’re assuming Mafia overrode a fresh vest, but I guess we should keep in mind that Thief doesn’t do Mafia meetings either. There’s 5 Town left and we know we have an Enchantress for sure, but otherwise all I’ve got are a few hunches. I will say that Saws has been posting a lot more than unusual, if you want to compare that to Aaron’s ‘increase’ it’s kind of sus…

Still waiting on reports from Desi, Fawful, and jd, DE’s probably got the bomb and I’ll assume Aaron didn’t get anything worthy of note either. And actually, since you already announced your vest Fawful I’d like to know if you still have it today. We’ll see what comes of that…


@Magikia Not sure what report you’re looking for but I got no items last night. Which isn’t that surprising, since it looks like several people gave items to Dedenne, so there probably aren’t many items around from last night.


I got something previous night and this night too. I didn’t claim previous item since everyone didn’t wanted to claim any item since it’ll only help mafia.

I can claim the previous item and help to conform another item but since no one claimed that certain item I think that was either given to johnny or person who holds that item didn’t claim or that Item giver didn’t used NA on N0.

You got visited by cat?

I think you’re right about Bomb being on DE since he is inactive and easy kill for anarchist.


Yeah I got a caaaaat, but I took it in and raised it as my own and now it’ll go and bite off some Mafia faces :fufu: Also, there’s nine of us left, and that means that if you’re Town then there’s a 50-50 chance that a random person you pick is bad xD

Right now, I don’t know about you but I think that Saws might be the most primary suspect to me, mainly because he posted more than once and relatively on-time when the game started, and by the same logic that you guys were suspicious of Aaron, I’m even more suspicious of him.

I’m not sure exactly who else is that suspicious, all we know is everyone got a whole lot of coal in their stockings. (I’m just rolling with the Christmas analogy, shh) I’m inclined to trust Spaget right now, and maybe Desi, but also it could be that Fawful claimed his vest because he knew that he didn’t have to worry about making himself an anti-target on Day One as GP warned? It sounds like everyone else except Desi got nothing too, but that’s all it sounds like, so I’m going to [Vote] Sawsbuck for now.

Right now, I think if you claimed a new item then it would just help Mafia narrow down what roles are left, and I don’t think we want that just yet… although, if you think it might help us make some sort of decision in this day phase before anything can get modified, then go ahead. Since I kind of already hinted at it, if we’re practically completely sure that the Fabricator was busy last night, then I think I might be able to test something on a hunch, and if you got something as well Desi then that’s hopefully real as well.



One person had slept in too much to even realise someone dropped an explosive gift at his door. It detonated, sending him on a sharp trip to heaven.

@DishonoredElder is dead. He was the Cutler.


I mean, we all saw that coming, let’s be real. At least we know that there are no Knives running around…

With regards to @Sawsbuck, I’m not necessarily as sus as Magi and therefore going to vote, but yes right now I’m a bit worried there’s a lack of response and the like, because you’re trying to just have as little opportunity as possible for people to catch you out, or pay attention to you? Open to suggestions as to why this might not be the case, but keeping an eye on what you (or don’t, perhaps) do.


Idk what else there is for me to do or say tbh
Unless you want me to roleclaim


So, yeah, can we get rid of Bombs McGee?


Not much of a defense there.

This is really bad, if we can’t figure out who the Anarchist is today then they’ll probably be able to get their Night Action off tonight and win the game… We know for sure Magi is clear from the flavor text, so I’m looking more at the people who have commented more than they have before (I mean, a bomb threat will do that, but it’s still likely I think.) Sawsbuck is definitely one of those, so I’m gonna put my vote there.

[Lynch] Sawsbuck


Screw it, let’s do this.

[Lynch] Sawsbuck


I do have my own doubts about EC, but honestly we’re in a bad spot in general. I figure I’ll wait for a bit, then cast my vote; I’m not overly sure if what we’re doing is the right thing, but then again that’s moreso because we barely have an idea on who the Anarchist might be.

Speaking of activity, I feel like the Anarchist may be a bit more active in order to not accidentally reveal himself from his hot potato bomb, but that’s just me.


Hmm, if people are trusting me right now because of the cat, then it may just be a matter of time before I die. Actually though, with DE dead that leaves us with 3 Maf, 1 TP and 4 Town, and a 4 / 7 chance of me picking a bad guy at random. And I’d love to fire off this shiny new toy I got before I go…


I mean it doesn’t matter who’s “trusting” you at the moment, the fact you’ve essentially gone ahead and confirmed that marks you lol, I mean with you doing that however, you would’ve known that so that either means Maf because well what does it matter if you reveal that info, can’t get killed by the people you work with or this item will guarantee your survival.

So what is your shiny item? No point keeping it hidden if you think you’re going to die so fast.

[Vote] Sawsbuck btw, hopefully enough will cause him to cave


Hi I’m the blacksmith you fucks
I vested Wrath N0 and I tried to vest Dedenne N1

I have a gun and a knife and I will use them…

[lynch]EC for that reasonless vote
Or maybe I will just shoot him and we can go after someone else who is sus



Whenever Zoska is on /shrug