Item Madness Mafia - Game Over

Item Madness Mafia - Game Over


Yeesh, that’s our one healing role isn’t it? Granted, it only helps knife attacks, but still…


Oh shit, yeah, completely forgot about this :dyinglol:

The crystal ball in GP’s hands breaks and surrounds Dedenne, revealing him as the Snowman.


Right, there has been a lack of voting, so I’m going to fire one off…

[Vote] DishonoredElder


You bitch


Blame GP


You bitch


I’m going to freaking die

[vote] Tyler

Yeah, I was gonna roleblock you tonight but let’s see how you come up


You don’t roleblock, you give people the tools to roleblock angryhyperzoomeyes


yeah yeah yeah I would have understood that tonight



Why the vote sis?

Not sure Magi’s Bomb choice was entirely random, hmmm…”perceived threat”, GP flipping as Town…

I’ll reserve judgement on votes for now, although after your vote Dedenne I wish that Bomb would’ve stayed on you >:(


To see how fast you’d respond which was pretty fast. I’m open to changing it but you got the original bomb from EC. I’m assuming if EC was mafia he wouldn’t have the anarchist give it to him. Giving it to you would be fine but you gave it to saws, who isn’t very active and could have had any role. I gave it back to you to test it, you responded quickly again to give it back.

You’re not inactive per se, but you’re picking and choosing when to respond and both times you were threatened you somehow got on almost immediately. A bit suspicious.

I agree on Magi though, but still you seem quite suspicious to me.


Lol yeah, you give snowballs to people who can then use them to roleblock another.

So are we assuming he’s the Anarchist since it seems like he’s been actively watching the thread? We can’t be sure unless he got visited by the Santa.


I thought he’d pass it, welp >_>

He called me a perceived threat and I thought it was funny, but I don’t think he really expected it in that way… Maybe I should’ve just held onto it after all. The pass wasn’t random, but he said something an hour before and I thought he was still there, not much I can do about that now. Somebody had to die, but I didn’t have any reads yet because nobody’s saying anything ._.

Although I do want to point out that GP’s suspicion was directed outwards, for it being passed to me, and not at me. So it was less of a play and more of a really bad move.

If you hadn’t been crystal balled, I honestly would’ve found you sus for trying to find so much reasoning behind random passes, but besides that I still don’t really know what to say. Maybe we have a Fabricator, Saboteur, and Thief because nobody said they got a cat? There’s too many possible Town roles for me to tell what’s going on anymore.


I’m assuming he’s either the anarchist or a member of the mafia who is @ed in their server when a threat appears, aka a bomb being passed to them and then a person voting for them.


Mafia are pinged for that kind of thing? I mean, I’m a bit hesitant to call people out on activity alone, especially since I watch the thread all time time (although that’s just because I’m addicted) but I guess I’ll admit he seems to be communicating… a little bit more than normal? Maybe it’s just coincidence but I mean I guess there’s a slight difference.


Lol shut up, I’m picking when to post? I work all day I don’t have the luxury of being able to watch the thread, I’m quick to throw it because I can’t afford to chance waiting several hours between one post and the next and not explode


Yeah but as Aaron said, he doesn’t watch the thread all the time. And no mafia aren’t pinged by the gm, they’re pinged by their fellow mafia members.

Also just because you’re quick to throw it doesn’t explain how you got on at exactly the times when you were under threat Aaron. And no time before that it seems.


[vote] No One


I’m gonna kick myself if this turns out to be another mislynch with him lmao but I’m going to…

[Lynch] EC

The presence of a bomb can force someone to appear more often, so I’m willing to give Tyler the benefit of the doubt for now. However, I wouldn’t put it past the Anarchist to give themselves the bomb at the start to throw off any suspicion.


Ehhhh, I don’t know, the EC proposition could be true but I think I’ve made enough bad choices, so I’ll leave it up to the others to decide who to believe.

[Abstain] Vote : >