Item Madness Mafia - Game Over

Item Madness Mafia - Game Over


Active people are ones doing bulk of scum hunting while inactive ones are just to cash in on the win. There is a chance of hitting mafia but I think it’s extremely low as compared to us. But I think everyone is pretty active here. So this mini game of passing the bomb until it explode is inevitable.

I think fab and saboteur are much likely to be in game since this game is based around items.


Guys, there’s a list of potential roles for each alignment at the top, that’s why I brought it up. The four potential Mafia roles are Saboteur, Fabricator, Thief, and Cat Lady, and there’s three Mafia in the game. That means one of those four is not in the game, and the rest are. There’s instructions for a reason "-.-

I’m lowkey tempted to keep the bomb just to troll you guys, but I’m not sure how you’d feel about that xD


@Magipika, are you claiming Anarchist???


No, I just don’t know if I plan on passing it, why would an Anarchist want to keep the bomb :thonk:

Pfft, you guys are no fun, I’ll just [Pass Bomb] Dedenne to let you know there might not actually be any reasoning behind these bomb passes after all, stop looking so hard >_>


Just seemed weird that you would want to keep it…


[Pass Bomb] Tyler

I’m having issues posting in the thread. I typed up two responses but I’m hoping this one will go through.


By the way it seems that some people didn’t use thier actions last night going off the flavor text. It looks like Johnny got an item, though.

This game is going to be a bit weird and potentially swingy with all the items floating around. Hopefully we get rid of the Anarchist soon.


Just so I don’t die

[Pass Bomb] Dedenne



[Pass Bomb] Specifice


Other than that…we’ve basically nothing to go on in which I can add further comment than is already there, to be honest. Guns/Vests given out are most likely to be fabbed, the Anarchist is an arsehole and as it stands it seems no one has received anything other than EC and his lovely bomb.


[Pass Bomb] Magipika

This is stressful


You know, I thought there wouldn’t be much to go off of with the bomb but, am I the only one noticing it’s going to Magipika a lot?


If it was, what can you really discern from that? That we’ve potentially several Anarchists?

Or that we might have one blending in with them?


Seems like a fair possibility that we could have an anarchist blending in there yes.
Or, less likely, could be mafia coordinating to get an easy kill on a perceived threat.
Or, it could be neither. I just think it’s worth noting that the bomb is passing onto Magi a lot and that it could potentially mean something.


Or, it could b- OH GOD CATCH

[Pass Bomb] Glitter

This thread is just a game of hot potato now xD

Perceived threat to myself maybe


adds games with passable bombs to list of mafia games never to join again


I kind of love it and it’s going to be in every future game I host :fufu:



One medic held onto the bomb longer than was safe to. The sky was filled with burnt and shredded pieces of bandages after the explosion.

@Glitter is dead. He was the First Aider.


Gdi Magi you just had to give it to GP didn’t you.


Glitter had 3 hours, so everyone should take note to be active during the freaking day phase bois. Sleeping can’t be helped obviously, but personally I would have given it to someone a bit more suspiciously inactive.