Item Madness Mafia - Game Over

Item Madness Mafia - Game Over


Bitch I’m not dead.

[Pass Bomb] Sawsbuck


Weirdly enough, I didn’t get anything.
A bit unfortunate it was Johnny that died because there’s very little to be gained from him dying (from a town perspective anyway) since he’s high profile enough for pretty much anyone to gun for him.


I didn’t get anything either, but that’s the Golden Rule, I suppose. I think it goes without saying that unless you’re the Mechanic, be extremely careful with how you handle guns since there may be a Fabricator and/or a Saboteur in this game. I guess we’ve also at least confirmed the TP is an Anarchist and not the Creepy Girl.

I’m a little surprised so many people would give out stuff on N0, but given there’s thirteen potential roles left not all of them might be lethal items so I guess that’s fair. I’m not really sure where to start since there’s so many possibilities though, so I’ll just watch and wait.



I got a “vest,” in quotations because it may or may not be from a fabricator. Part of me feels they’d be passing out guns instead in hopes of a backfire on night phase over a fake NK block, but that’s just me.


Oof, I didn’t get anything. It seems like our best bet of learning roles is through the crystal ball and Santa, although we do need to watch out in case there’s a fabbed one.


Don’t out vests it just tells the mafia who not to aim for.


I received nothing last night.

Why would a bomb be given to EC though? Obviously he can pass it but if he didn’t that’s a waste of taking out someone less likely to get mislynched. :thinking:


Why wouldn’t it? The odds that someone who’s “less likely” to get mislynched doesn’t pass the bomb are even lower, and it’s practically given that no person here would want the bomb when it blows up, regardless of alignment. I don’t think there’s anything to be gotten from that.

The bomb’s probably going to end up blowing up on someone who forgets to check the thread frequently or has a different time zone. There’s a lot more strategy to be had with a role like the Creepy Girl, rather than the Anarchist.


Strategy or luck. ._."


That makes sense, but that begs the question why not just give it to someone inactive, and why would Aaron chance giving it to saws who is usually inactive rather than someone else?


I feel like that sentence almost answers itself, but are you saying it’d be better for us to try and bounce it around those present until one of us dies? It was bound to end up on someone ‘more inactive’ because then the passer doesn’t have to stress as much about it ending up on them.

All Anarchist has to do is blow up three people or be final two, and once the bomb is passed once it’s basically out of their hands, so does it really matter who they give it to?


[pass bomb] EC


It’s a good thing that’s not the proper syntax.




Okay good, you fixed it. Well done.

[Pass Bomb] jdthebud


What’s unfortunate it that there’s little to be gleaned from bomb passing since nobody wants to blow up and die.


Bomb is OP.


Whoever came up with the idea for that role is a cock


What a nice present, EC.

[Pass Bomb] Magipika

Is the Saboteur in this game? If so, I feel like we shouldn’t claim any guns when they can target any good ones.