Item Madness Mafia 2.0 - Game Over!

Item Madness Mafia 2.0 - Game Over!


Game Over!

Welp, the Mafia just couldn’t help themselves. They needed one more person dead, and sealed the deal during the night.

@jdthebud is dead. He was the Trickster.

Mafia wins!

Congratulations @Kitty, @Glitter and @Tyler! I still can’t get over how heccing fast you guys found the Thief…

The Players

@Dedenne as Robin Hood
Kitty as the Thief
Glitter as the Fabricator
@EvilChameleon as Santa
jdthebud as the Trickster
@Magipika as the Keymaster
@Ho-Oh as the Gunsmith
@Nidoking as the Forager
Tyler as the Cat Lady
@Lorelei as the Blacksmith


Surprise I guess xD




Ha, so both of my final votes were on mafia members. Do I know how to suss them out or what?




I see my fundamentally flawed intuition didn’t stop me from making the same exact mistake I made last time we did this setup.

I’m a certified idiot :sweat_smile:


Town didn’t play well (including me) but the setup heavily favored the mafia numbers wise. after Night 0 we are at 6 town and 3 scum, which is way too fast IMO. Should have only been 2 scum, or go with a day start. I know the Thief doesn’t attend meetings but it still was a bit unbalanced numbers wise.

@Zoska what did I even do for my actions?


Now if only you knew how to actually get us lynched. :wink:


Also yeah, town made this game really easy for us - numbers aside.


You gave out vests, mostly. You gave a vest to GP, you gave a vest to Lise (Lorelei), but Kitty stole it. And you gave a snowball to Magi.


Also yeah, I realise that this game had too many mafia for the numbers playing. I was a little worried it’d be too hard for mafia to have two members while the town had two investigative roles (Robin Hood and Santa).

But it didn’t matter because they both got slaughtered :dyinglol:


It’s moreso that because of the fab/mafia combo, we could just vest whoever the hell we wanted and guarantee our kill, whilst I could scout who I wanted because who’s going to give up their role lmao; finding the Thief was amazing tbh


Regardless of whether they would have helped or not, I’m just bummed none of my keys ever reached their targets… my own key got stolen and then both of the other ones just landed on corpses >_>


I got like two of your keys