Item Madness Mafia 2.0 - Game Over!

Item Madness Mafia 2.0 - Game Over!


There’s no case to be made. We know nothing.


Wouldn’t it better to not rush ? We already lost three townies. For all i know random votes are the fastest way for us to lose more townie therefore loose the game.
And this is certain that any of us trying to “lead” the town would become a target by the mafia.
As for now the mafia has the upper hand on us.
Nidoking who got a gun died which is one less gun for the mafia to steal if there’s a thief. But atm we have no idea if Ho-Oh (GM) gave another gun during the night she died. And i believe if she did no one would speak up knowing how Nidoking died.
As we saw after Night-1 the mafia will definitely target the one who tries to speak up, lead or whoever would have an impact on the game cause of their words. We can assume for now that Magipika, Kitty and myself might be targets for the next night. Imo i’d be suspicious of random votes, doing nothing might be a bad idea but this is better than reducing our townies.
We do not have enough informations to do anything and it seems that at this point in the game none of us will have the courage to reveal any.
I’m not gonna lie but this is worse than a bad looking game for the town.
I’d explain my thoughts on this game better but i’m really bad at this and don’t really know how to go with this.

  • Also thank you Magipika for not bullying me, i was pretty worried to be a target so i might aswell join in the fun :heart: (obviously gonna die with that) -


Ok here’s the deal, we are clearly in LYLO, since even if we abstain, with 7 currently alive, there’s a 4/3 ratio, and all mafia has to do is kill successfully to win.


The thing about EC is that he prides himself on playing the same way (at least out loud) whether he be Mafia or Town. So if he’s not acting out of character, by not giving anything away, then I’d say it’s more “the chances” of him being Mafia are 1:1, at least from my standpoint. If they’re already voting though, isn’t it too late to avoid a no lynch? From what I was told it’s just picked randomly from the tie.

On that note, the only “case to be made” I would have wanted would have been why you’re trying to start a random lynch on Day One given the situation. I think we do need to take action though, because if the Thief has managed to get their hands on a gun somehow, then we’ll be dead next phase even if we all abstain. I really don’t want another “I wasn’t mafia lol owned” situation though, but so far I’m leaning this way.

I would have thought the gun Nidoking got was fabricated, but I don’t think that matters anymore.


Guns won’t matter unless they are used this phase, since we are already at LYLO in theory, unless a random vest happens.

Trouble is, claiming won’t help that much because there are so many unused roles.


So what you’re saying is that we need to actually random votes to have somewhat of a chance to win.
But we can’t go blind with this. Yet there’s nothing to do in order to have any clue.


Question: Does anyone feel like Magi is shooting for an easy lynch right now? Curious what others think of him pushing hard(ish) on EC.


At this point it seems llike everyone is “pushing” a vote on anyone. Ec himself voted randomly. Can’t really make anything out of this.
Kitty noted that way earlier saying that neither EC, JC or I were talking much.


No, I’m not saying that we need to do random votes to win. I said that’s the opposite of what we need to win, but if we take the course of inaction, there’s a high chance that the Thief will get the item they need to win, or if Nica gave out a gun then it’ll be sabotaged or overridden by the time we try to use it. With the Gunsmith dead, the only real, reliable weapon Town has is its vote, and any other random items Town may be able to get.

To GP: I’ve seen EC play in the past, and I’ve also seen him mislynched a lot. However, I also know that he is no rookie when it comes to Mafia, and even if he is choosing to speak minimally, he would certainly know what MYLO or LYLO is. Simple counting shows we can’t afford a mislynch, and if the Mafia were to get away with a random lynch then we’d almost certainly lose, so I don’t know why he’d propose one so early in the phase. Just because he’s not acting out of character doesn’t mean that the odds are he’s actually Town; it just means we have as little of a read on him as we always do.


well considering we only have like 9-10 hours left in the day, we need to pick someone to lynch. I’m against lynching Tyler since that’s a purely blind lynch though.


Might as well place my vote now, as I won’t be able to do it in the last stretch overnight. I think I’ve made my rationale fairly clear, and that he chose to respond to JD but ignore further allegations is enough evidence for me. Unless you have any better ideas, devil’s advocate, I’m willing to listen to other arguments, but I imagine there’s a chance they may end up directed at me.

[Vote] EvilChameleon

Curious what Kitty and Aaron’s opinions are on the situation, aside from our lack of information.


I’m satisfied with Magi’s response to that and find his logic sound. Gonna follow him on this one.

[Vote] EvilChameleon


Actually i was about to post that ec made an oopsie with suggesting a random lynch earlier today but I fell asleep again so glad u all managed to work that out too

Also ye i did note that ec lorelei and jd werent talking much glad to see u guys talk now i have slightly better reads of you guys thank

Lorelei and jd obv know the shit of this situation rn so i have some foundation on reading them as town;

Tbh last day phase nothing went right and going “i wasnt mafia lol owned” attitude only hurt the town. Rn sharing info is better than shitposting and believe me i would not say that willingly (i live for shitposting ok)

That said, willing to believe magi as i think we’re on the same thoughts on ec rn and im against lynching others without reason on d2. So far its one lead and should it be a maf slip then great.

vote ec


I really don’t like to take this course of action. It wouldn’t be the first time i see town being too silent and mafia taking advantage of this to lead it to its own demise.
If i were to put it :
We could see that as Ho-oh being the only real townie that tried to lead the town as where Magi, Kitty, Jd, Glitter could be mafia, taking out Ho-oh then leading the town towards killing each other while pointing finger at each others in order to appear more “real” would be a good strategy. But at this point of the game it’s easier for them to work together. With EC acting like a moron (don’t take this personally but you’re not acting in a way someone would defend you) it’s easy for anyone to vote for him.
But as Magi said doing nothing would just put us in a worse spot if not loosing the game. I really don’t like to go back on my words like this and with so little information on roles this is even harder. It seems like a lot of roles were inactive during this game. Especially the mafia.
I really don’t like to do this but if this fail we might lose the game.
Ugh this is annoying i can’t really say anything.

Vote Glitter

You might ask why but i cannot answer.
With the little info i have that’s most obvious choice for me but this is not going to end good.


Interesting that intead of perhaps perusing into the game more, you’ve decided DESPITE saying we’re LYLO potentially to just cast a vote on me.

Anyway again the issue is that really all we have to go on for reads are:

  • EC & jd casting out seemingly random votes despite our LYLO situation.

[Vote]EvilChameleon and we’ll see how that goes.


Also forgot to mention but yes GM could have gave a gun before she died. Killing action are the last priority.


Right, time for drastic measures to save this game. Probably too late though.

[UNVOTE] Tyler
[VOTE] Glitter


. tenor_1

You’re a tad bit late.


Night Two

Accusations were thrown around as paranoia grew. Eventually, the town had enough of the large man in a red suit climbing down their chimneys.

@EvilChameleon is dead. He was Santa.

You have 24 hours to make your Night Actions.

The Players

Dedenne as Robin Hood
EvilChameleon as Santa
Ho-Oh as the Gunsmith
Nidoking as the Forager